Careless Whispers

Wednesday, December 6th, 2006

Starr & Cole overhear talk of Marty, the jury deliberates on Spencer's verdict, Marty pays Spencer a visit and Jack finally accepts Todd as his father again...

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Spencer sits in his cell, appearing to be totally out of it. A lone tear slides down his face as he remembers back to delivering Margaret's baby.

At Rodie's, Adriana questions Rex whether or not they're doing the right thing by keeping Tommy's paternity a secret. Rex says that no one will ever find out that Tommy is Todd's son!

Dorian goes to the mansion where she finds Clint and Bo talking about Spencer. Clint states that if all goes well, Spencer Truman will be found guilty today! Vicki shows up, and Dorian makes a quick exit - not before she privately expresses to Clint that she's doing everything she can to make things up to Adriana, that she's really trying to change. Clint says he almost believes her. When Clint rejoins Vicki and Bo, Vicki expresses how much she wants Spencer to pay for all the harm he's done.

Adriana gets a call from someone who wants to invest in her company! Although Adriana is excited, she wonders how the caller found out about her new company Dorian stands behind her with a smile adorning her face! When Dorian approaches her, Adriana says she doesn't have time for her, that Rex is on the phone about the Truman case! Rex joins them, says that the jury is coming back into the courtroom. Dorian leaves

Todd sits in the courtroom, thinking back on his execution. Blair shows up, tells Todd she knows what he must be thinking, that not believing in him was the biggest mistake she's ever made. Blair goes to get Jack, and he runs into Todd's arms calling him Dad. Blair has mended the fence between Todd and his son Todd is overjoyed to have Jack back in his life. After Jack goes to school, Todd thanks Blair for helping get Jack to love him again.

John stirs in his sleep, thinking about his father's murder. When he wakes up, he tells Natalie that Spencer will get what's coming to him. The doctor comes in, and Natalie waits outside. When the doctor is done examining John, Natalie goes back in. John says he's glad his looks don't scare her away, and Natalie responds, "Never."

As Evangeline and Cris are leaving Rodie's to head to the courthouse, Evangeline runs into Marty, causing her to spill her drink all over Evangeline's clothes. Evangeline thinks Marty did it on purpose and walks away.

Nora goes to Marty, tells her how sorry she is about Patrick. They talk about everything going on in their lives, and Nora says that Marty will find love again. Before Nora leaves, she warns Marty to be careful around Spencer.

Michael brings Tommy to the school to see Marcie. When asked why Michael isn't at work, Michael says he wants to be there to see Spencer get the death sentence! Michael goes on to say he hopes this Marty woman doesn't make their lives worse by getting Spencer off! Cole and Starr stand in the hallway, overhearing Michael talk about Cole's mother.


Starr walks away and Cole follows. Starr rants that she can't believe that his mother would take Spencer's side! Cole defends his mom, says she's a great doctor. Starr tells Cole if Spencer gets off, it'll be his mom's fault! She storms off

Cole calls Marty, asking her about Spencer Truman. She tells Cole that she has to do her job, asks Cole if he trusts her. Cole says, "Always." He looks into the classroom, watching as Starr holds Tommy McBain.

While Starr is holding Tommy, she comments to Marcie and Michael that it's funny, that Tommy looks like Jack when he was little. Michael gets a call saying that the judge wants everyone back in the courthouse! Michael leaves

Bo goes to Spencer, tells him that the jury is moving along pretty fast, that usually a quick verdict means guilty! Spencer says he's not worried, that he'll get away with everything "I always do."

Evangeline and Cris visit John. Through tears, Evangeline tells John how happy she is that he's alive. After they share pleasantries, Evangeline gets a call She goes back in to tell everyone that the jury has been called back in.


Marty goes to the jail to find Spencer delusional, writing "Blair" and "Mother" on the wall in blood! As he smashes his head on a bench, Marty calls for help. A guard comes in and opens the cell.


With Spencer restrained, Bo instructs a cop to take Spencer to the courtroom. Bo screams that he's not buying Spencer's act! Bo informs Marty that she has no idea how dangerous Spencer can be!

When Spencer is brought in, Todd stands before him, says, "You go ahead, Spencer, play the crazy card all you want to" Blair takes Todd by the arm, asks him what he's up to.


In the hallway, Starr tells Cole that something is going on at the courthouse, that she's going to ditch school to find out! Just then, Marcie approaches the two, tells Starr that she's staying put!

John's doctor comes in, says that he has good news, that he needs to go in for a second skin graft now. John refuses, says he has to hear what happens at Spencer's trial!


When the judge comes in and dismisses the jury, Evangeline states that this could mean trouble

Next on One Life to Live: Jessica is haunted by Tess's past, the judge is left to decide Spencer's fate, Dorian goes with Blair to the neurologist, Todd puts a new plan in motion and John faces another surgery...

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