At The End Of The Road

Tuesday, December 5th, 2006

Layla informs Vincent of their future, Blair goes after Marty, Evangeline delivers her closing argument, Vicki confronts Marty and Starr plans to talk to Cole...

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Is it really over for Layla & Vincent?

Adriana arrives at Rex's, asking if he's changed his mind about telling Todd about Tommy. Rex states that Michael and Marcie are now Tommy's parents and that's how it'll remain. Adriana changes the subject, tells Rex that she ordered a new machine to help her with the clothing designs. As Rex tries to kiss Adriana, Layla calls, asks Adriana to meet her at Serenity Springs. Layla doesn't want to be alone with Vincent

Vincent goes to Layla, asks her if she's really afraid of him, and Layla says, "Yes yes, I am." Vincent says he knows she won't take him back but wants to be her friend. Just as Layla says they can't be friends, Rex and Adriana show up, ask if she's okay. Vincent feels ambushed! He states that he didn't plan to run into Layla, that it just happened. Vincent walks away


Starr returns to school, tells Langston that she's so far behind. As Starr sees Cole, Langston comments that Starr's still hung up on him. Starr expresses that Cole looks terrible, that she wants to go talk to him. Langston goes to Cole, tells him not to mess with Starr's head.


Starr and Cole make idle chitchat until Starr asks what he really wants. Cole surprises Starr by saying, "You." He clarifies that he wants Starr in his life, but says he didn't think she wanted him because of the instant message she sent him. Starr confesses that Langston was the one who sent that IM. Starr brings up the rape, and Cole questions why Blair is so upset with Marty. Starr chalks it up to Blair being overprotective of Todd. Cole moves in closer, tells Starr he needs her forgiveness.

Marcie approaches them, asks if she's interrupting something. Starr says they were just talking, and Cole heads off to class. Marcie tries to make Starr feel good, asks if Starr would like to baby-sit Tommy sometime. Although Starr is surprised that Marcie would trust her, she says she'd love to. As Starr is walking away, Marcie stops her, tells Starr if she ever needs to talk she's there for her.

In John room, Natalie tells him not to worry, that Spencer will pay for killing John's father. John says he wants to get out of the hospital, that he wants to get his life back. He asks Natalie to move in a little closer, then says, "I came back for you." John says that he thinks he's loved Natalie for a longtime. Natalie is so comforted by John's love. She shows John the engagement ring that John's mom gave to her, tells him that he should have it. When asked how he feels knowing that Natalie knew he was going to propose, John says he thinks it's a mistake, that he didn't want it to be this way. He goes on to say that he's a mess. "Look at me" As a tear slides down Natalie's cheek, John says he's sorry Natalie tells John that she'll stand by him, that he'll get everything that he ever wanted.

Outside the courtroom, Blair tells Todd that if Spencer gets off, Marty will be to blame! Suddenly, Marty walks in, and Blair runs over and shoves her to the ground! Todd leads Blair back inside the courtroom while Bo escorts Marty in, too.

Evangeline and her selected psychiatrist discuss the case. Michael shows up, tells Evangeline that Spencer definitely has the knowledge to fake his insanity!

While Blair rants to Todd and Vicki about not being sorry for pushing Marty, Blair's headache returns. Todd takes her to get some water.

Vicki approaches Marty, asks her if she's really just there to help Spencer or if she's only doing it to get back at Todd. Marty explains that Patrick died, that she came back to Llanview to be around family and friends. Marty insists that she's not getting involved in Spencer's case as a way to hurt Todd. Suddenly, court is called to order!


Evangeline questions her selected psychiatrist, and he states that Spencer Truman was intentionally provoked by his own lawyer, that Spencer is faking his insanity! Spencer's lawyer cross-examines the doctor, shooting holes in his theory, making him admit that he couldn't possibly know for sure that Spencer is faking it. The defense rests, and the judge makes a shocking statement "Spencer Truman is fit to stand trial!"

The prosecution and defense both state their final arguments, giving their impression of Spencer and his crimes, leaving the jury to deliberate on Spencer's fate

Next on One Life to Live: The jury deliberates on Spencer's verdict, Marty pays Spencer a visit, Jack finally accepts Todd as his father again and Starr & Cole overhear talk of Marty

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