Well, Hello Tess!

Monday, December 4th, 2006

Jessica is mistaken for Tess, Michael advises Blair to see a neurologist, Marty takes the stand at Spencer's trial and Michael informs John that Natalie knew about his marriage proposal...

Marty Saybrooke is brought into the courtroom to testify on Spencer's mentally stability. After she takes the stand, Spencer goes on a crazy tyrant! Although Todd protests against Marty testifying, the judge allows it. Evangeline objects, but the judge proceeds with having her sworn in. Spencer's attorney questions Marty who says that during a session with Spencer she found him to have had a psychotic breakdown, said to be caused by his arrest, by his betrayal by Blair, his mother. Marty states that Spencer is unfit to stand trial, causing Blair to make an outburst, "Marty Saybrook is lying through her teeth!" The judge calls for order in the court, then instructs the prosecution to cross-examine. Evangeline makes it clear to the court that it is possible that Spencer is faking his mental breakdown! The judge calls for a recess

As Blair screams that she wants to have a word with Marty, Marty walks away Blair puts a hand to her head, the stress causing the headache to return. She walks back into the courtroom and goes to Todd. He comments that she's looking pale, but Blair ignores him, says she wants Spencer to pay! Blair leaves


Nash opens the door to find that Jessica and Antonio left their honeymoon earlier and are now there to pick up Bree, claiming to have missed her too much. While Jessica is holding the baby, Bree begins to fuss. Jessica allows Nash to feed her, saying that she gets to see Bree all the time. Antonio makes a remark that they have no food at home. After suggesting to Jessica that they get a Rodie's burger, Antonio invites Nash!

When Michael questions John if he plans to ask Natalie to marry him, John says he wants to do it right - not from a hospital bed. Michael goes on to say that their mother gave Natalie the engagement ring, that Natalie knows about John's intentions. John changes the subject, asks Michael how bad he looks, says he wants to see his face. Although Michael tries to prepare John for what he'll see, John grabs the mirror, says, "It's not that bad, right? When can I get out of here?" Michael says due to infection, it may be awhile, and John says hopefully he'll be out in time to witness Spencer's execution. Michael puts the mirror away, tells John that he's in for a long road, that he has a lot of people who will be there for him. When Michael leaves, he finds Natalie in the hallway on her way in to see John

Natalie sits by John's bedside. When asked what happened at Spencer's trial, Natalie doesn't divulge what she knows. The last thing she wants is for John to be upset. However, John won't let it go, and Natalie is forced to tell John about Spencer's insanity plea.

At Rodie's, Vicki questions Kelly if she's sure she wants to move to London with Kevin. Kelly explains that she and Kevin need to make new memories in a new place, a new life. Marcie shows up, tells them that Spencer had a breakdown on the stand, that Marty Saybrooke backed up Spencer's insanity angle. Before they can get into it, Jessica, Antonio and Nash join them. When Jessica comments that she couldn't reach Natalie, Vicki puts her hands to her mouth ands says, "Oh, my, gosh, you don't know John McBain is alive!" Antonio excuses himself to calls the station, as Jessica says goodbye to Vicki and Kelly.

Just as Jessica goes and sits with Nash, a man comes up to her, says, "Hi Tess, it's me, Reg." Jessica looks troubled, tells the man she doesn't remember him, that her name is Jessica-not Tess. The man apologizes and goes back to the bar, thinking that 'Tess' was just trying to hide their affair Jessica tells Nash and Antonio that she remembers that Tess and the man spent a couple of nights together.

Blair goes to the hospital for her check-up, enraged at what Marty pulled in the courtroom. Worried about her blood pressure, Michael tells her to calm down. Michael orders some tests to see what's wrong with Blair.

In the courtroom, Todd approaches Spencer's lawyer, tells him that Spencer is going to fry!


Marty goes to Spencer's cell, trying to get him to open up about the things he's done in his past. Spencer walks in closer, says that she wouldn't believe the things he's done! Marty reminds Spencer that whatever he tells her will remain between doctor-patient confidentiality. Spencer calls Marty out, says that she only took on his case to punish Todd and Blair!

Next on One Life to Live: Layla informs Vincent of their future, Blair goes after Marty, an expert witness says Spencer is fit to stand trial, Evangeline delivers her closing argument, Vicki questions Marty and Starr plans to talk to Cole...

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