A Rush Of Memories...

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Jessica finally has a breakthrough, John fights for the one he loves, and Rex and Gigi catch a break...

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Ford leads Jessica into his bedroom. She sits on his bed, wanting to forget about Cris. Ford plans to make Jessica forgot about Cris and Brody! He leans in for a kiss but Jessica stands up and walks away. Ford tries to charm her by showing her who he is through various things in his room. "I can care about you the way Cris can't and I will never hurt you the way Brody has," Ford promises with a kiss. Ford takes off his shirt but Jessica becomes nervous. "I will get over him, right?" she asks. Ford leads her back to the bed and says, "I'll make sure of it." Just as Ford and Jessica begin to have sex Jessica remembers Mitch standing over her and screams, "No!" Jessica jumps out of the bed and cries, "Get away from me, Mitch! You're a pervert, I'm your daughter!"


In his room Natalie and Brody briefly pull away from their kiss then continue to ravish each other. They fall to the bed and have sex! Afterwards, they agree they wanted to forget, they were drunk but having sex didn't kill the pain. "Okay," Natalie says. "That didn't work. Do you have any other ideas?" Brody laughs but agrees that they didn’t cheat on anyone. No one is waiting up for them. Once dressed, Brody asks, "Are you still moving to London?" She is but tries to reassure Brody about Jessica. Suddenly, Brody notices he's missing some of the medals on his uniform. Natalie and Brody say their goodbyes with a hug, neither wanting to give up on Jessica.


Jessica rushes into the Buchanan Mansion crying, "He was right… Mitch." She sees the medal from Brody's uniform and gasps, "Brody… I remember Brody." She remembers dancing with Brody at Rodi's. Suddenly, a flood of memories come rushing back. "Bree, oh my God, my little baby, Bree," Jessica cries.


John arrives at the airport looking for Natalie. He's informed that Natalie's flight just left. Kelly, Reed and Shaun appear and Kelly thinks Dorian sent John for her. John's clear he's there for personal reasons. Kelly grabs the photo of Natalie and wonders if she's missing! John admits he was going to stop her from going to London but it's too late. Kelly wants to help so John fills her in on his breakup with Marty and the letter Natalie left him. John starts to leave but Kelly warns, "You can't run from how this feels. I know, I've tried." John doesn't think Natalie wants him anymore but Kelly suggests he go to London and find out. Across the room Shaun keeps a close eye on Reed. They join John and Kelly and John warns Reed, "If you have any secrets you won't have, once she's done with you." After they leave, just as John finds out that Natalie missed her flight, she appears!


Brody hears a knock at his door. He finds Jessica, who says, "I remember."


Down in a New Mexican jail Rex demands a phone call but is refused. Gigi tries to get through to the cop by using the fact that the cop is a father, just like Rex. The cop hands Rex the phone, think he's going to call his son, but Rex calls Bo. Bo rambles about his wedding and assures Rex he'll be happy soon too. Rex doesn't have the heart to bring Bo into his troubles and wishes him luck with the wedding. Rex explains to Gigi that Bo's always been proud of him. He didn't want to let him down. Rex thinks this is the end, maybe they are better off not knowing who his parents are. Gigi doesn't think he'll be happy with that. Rex just wants to go home to be with her and Shane. They move in close for a kiss but are interrupted when Penny arrives!


Cris and Layla share their news with Carlotta at the diner. Bo and Nora arrive and hear the news as well. They talk about the prom with hopes that Matthew had a good time. Alone, Nora tries making wedding plans but Bo is distracted by the call from Rex and says, "Something's not right." Nora assures Bo if Rex needs him he'll call him back. Later Cris admits to his mom that it wasn't until she told him to choose that he knew he loved only Layla. Carlotta is happy for him but wonders how Jessica will take the news. Layla truly feels sorry for Jessica. Talk turns to Layla's mother and Carlotta suggests they break the news to her soon. Before someone else does. They decide to go to Maryland to tell her in person. Layla thinks about Evangeline and Jessica, hoping she gets her memory back. Layla wants her to be as happy with Brody as she is with Cris.


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Gigi and Rex take a peek inside the box.

Natalie hears a shocking declaration from John.

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