Two Personalities - A Man For Each Of Them.

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006

Jessica and Nash spend time together in the park, Antonio is on a mission to prevent further damage from happening, Todd has a proposal for Evangeline.

Two Personalities - A Man For Each Of Them. image

Forbes March and Bree Williamson

Nash arrives at the loft for his visit with Brennan, offering to take the baby to the park. Surprisingly, Jessica asks if she can come along. Nash is thrilled, but Jessica's mood abruptly changes, thinking Nash has an ulterior motive for coming to the loft. She then apologizes, claiming she's having a rough time of things. Jessica admits to Nash that she's not happy about Antonio's decision to rejoin the PD.

Todd brings Evangeline home from the hospital just as Vincent comes out of Layla's bedroom. Evangeline and Layla argue. Todd tries comforting Evangeline, telling her to let Layla live her own life, wanting Evangeline to enjoy having her sight back, to forget the small things. Then he shocks Evangeline by asking her to go on a date!

Kelly is pulled into the police station for having a taillight out. She's furious at the absurdity of it all, until Hugh tells her that he had her brought in. Kelly screams at Hugh for embarrassing her, says she was trying to leave town. However, that's why Hugh stopped her...

Bo tells Antonio that it's official. He has his old job back, and already Antonio is ready to work, wanting to investigate Jessica's victimizer, even though he's dead, and others like him. Antonio has a plan, and Bo tells him it better be done by the book.

Evangeline tells Todd that she wants to be with Christian, but then agrees to attend the Gala with Todd, as a thank you for finding the doctor who gave her her sight back. Todd suggests that Evangeline invite Layla and Vincent to come along, to give him a chance. She apologizes to Vincent and he accepts. Layla takes her to her bedroom to rest, while Todd questions Vincent about what business he's in, asks if he's ever crossed paths with Spencer. Vincent tells Todd he doesn't have any information on Spencer, but makes it clear that he owes Todd for getting Evangeline to back off on him and Layla.

Hugh doesn't want Kelly to leave, to be alone, without anyone taking care of her. Kevin overhears her saying she's leaving town, asks Kelly what's going on.

Jessica feels uncomfortable that Nash looks at her as Tess. Nash admits he'd like to know what it would be like to be with her, Jessica. She admits she's remembering all of Tess's memories of being with him, of making love to Nash! Although Jessica is having these feelings, claiming to only love Antonio, Nash wants to know where it leaves the two of them.

Hugh leaves Kelly with Kevin. She informs him she's leaving town for good. Kevin tells Kelly it's wrong for her to go, that her family's in Llanview, that the baby is all he has left of Duke. Kelly doesn't want people to talk, wishes the baby was Kevin's, but it's not. She needs to leave for her own sanity. Yet Kevin still asks her to stay. Kelly leaves...

Spencer enlists a jeweler in getting Blair's attention!

Antonio witnesses Nash and Jessica having a tender moment with the baby.

Next on One Life to Live: Jessica gives Nash Tess's journal, Evangeline tells Christian she's going to the Gala with Todd, a picture changes hands and Rex and Dorian express their concern for Adriana to Bo.

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