Feelings Of The Past?

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Layla finds a letter, Schuyler gets the upper hand and Rex is devastated...

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When Cris and Layla enter their apartment, Cris assures her that there's no reason for her to feel threaten in regards to Jessica. Cris tries to seduce her, but Layla promises instead to join him in the shower after she throws his paint-splattered clothes in the wash. Layla finds an old love letter to Jessica, from Cris, and when he reappears, she asks, "Why are you carrying this around with you?" Cris explains how Jessica gave him some of their old mementos, but when Layla goes to throw it away, he stops her. After they argue, Cris rips the letter, throws it away then rushes off. Layla retrieves the letter and pieces it together.


Starr spies Cole and Hannah inside diner… Inside, Cole gives Hannah another pep talk about Ford. Just as Hannah wonders if she should trash Ford's life like he's doing to hers, Starr approaches and wonders what they're talking about. Hannah quickly excuses herself, apologizes for monopolizing Cole's time then leaves. As Cole wonders what is wrong, Starr thinks back to Langston's secret then asks Cole if there's ever a good reason to keep a secret from someone you love. Cole thinks she's talking about what the delivery girl said then admits he was in Hannah's room, because she overdosed... Across the room, Clint asks Jessica about her day, and she thinks back to spending time with Cris. When Clint badgers her about Cris, Jessica brings up his marriage to Kim, who's old enough to be her sister! Clint regrets keeping Kim from Jessica, but she agrees to be happy for him, if Kim makes him happy. Jessica acts as though she's over Cris then tells Clint she's going out with Brody. Clint is happy and asks Jessica to keep him posted, even though Jessica warns that Brody might not be the right guy for her. Jessica refuses a ride and after Clint leaves, Cris arrives and Jessica asks him for a ride home.


Langston appears at Ford's office and informs him that Starr knows about their affair. When Ford hears Hannah has been blabbing her mouth to Markko, he admits they had sex but he stopped it because Hannah was in over her head. "It was over the second I thought I had a chance with you," Ford says then wonders if Langston's planning on breaking up with Markko. "Starr thinks I should break up with you," Langston says, but just as Ford rants that it's not Starr's business, Hannah arrives. Hiding in the office, Langston listens as Ford let's Hannah down easy and sticks up for Langston. However, when he rejoins her, he suggests Langston not break up with Markko. Ford doesn't want to hurt her anymore. Langston snaps, "Are you breaking up with me?" Ford denies it, kisses her then suggests they keep things on the down low until after the semester.


Back at the diner, as Cole is explaining to Starr about Hannah and Ford, Hannah returns and sees Cole and Starr kissing. Hannah leaves, upset, and Cole apologizes to Starr, agreeing never to keep anything from her again. Cole knows Starr would never keep secrets from him, which causes Starr to say, "I need to tell you something."


David arrives at the Buchanan Mansion and makes it clear he's there to see Kim. Kim warns she's the lady of the manor, but David calls her an amateur gold-digger, unlike him who's a pro. Kim claims Clint is exactly the guy she's been looking for, the one who's going to help her raise Sierra. David orders Kim to divorce Clint, tonight, but Kim refuses. David brings up all of the evil things she's done but Kim's not threatened until he shows her a piece of paper, which brings out her paranoia.


In the Statesville infirmary, Allison demands that Schuyler give Mitch the antidote, but Schuyler replies, "No… He means nothing to me." Allison aims the gun at Sierra until Schuyler agrees to give Mitch the antidote, only after he gets Sierra and the gun. As he begins to empty the syringe, Allison hands over Sierra, but Schuyler throws the syringe under Mitch's bed and says, "Die!"


Outside the infirmary, after Fish informs Bo and Brody that he's Sierra's father, Bo refuses to let Fish do anything rash. Suddenly, Schuyler, who's holding Sierra, appears, and Bo and Brody rush inside, where Brody finds the antidote. Allison is detained, as Fish watches Schuyler tell Sierra, "Daddy's here." Though Schuyler wants to leave with Sierra, Fish stops him and says, "She's not your daughter."


Still at the loft, Rex wonders who his parents are, and Roxy cries, "I don’t know." Roxy goes over the details again, and Natalie thinks Allison might be lying. Over talk of getting a DNA test, Roxy admits, "But I think Allison is telling the truth." Roxy cries about the baby she never got to say goodbye to and apologizes for being a terrible mother to Rex and Natalie. Natalie knows Roxy loves them and Rex loves Roxy too, but he's upset. "You're just as much my mother as Natalie is my sister," Rex says then all three of them embrace. Once Roxy leaves, Rex breaks down.


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Schuyler is forced to face facts.

David has Kim right where he wants her.

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