Heart Attack At Statesville...

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Someone is in the way of Allison's plan, the tables are turned on Mitch, and John worries about Natalie and Marty...

Heart Attack At Statesville... image

Schuyler arrives at Statesville to relieve Kyle from his shift. Once Kyle leaves, Schuyler goes to the drug cabinet…


Todd and Kelly slip a Statesville guard money in order to be allowed access to Mitch. Kelly immediately asks Mitch, "Did you kill my mother?" Mitch makes cracks at the Cramer girls' mental health, wonders how Kelly's has been then asks Kelly how Todd managed to land her, another Cramer woman. Todd snaps at Mitch, as Kelly explains their working relationship then demands, "What happened to my mom?" Just as Mitch prepares to tell Kelly who killed Melinda, he grabs his arm and falls to the floor! The guard calls for help, as Todd tells him to let Mitch die. "There's so much still left to do," Mitch gasps, holding his heart. Schuyler appears, goes into his cell and assures the guard, who warns that Mitch could hurt him, "He knows it's my job to save him, don't you, Mitch?" Mitch is put on a stretcher and taken to the infirmary then Kelly and Todd start looking through Mitch's cell. Kelly looks in Mitch's Bible and finds a note that reads: 3/26 = D-day. Realizing Mitch was faking the heart attack, they rush out.


Once in the infirmary, Schuyler drops some drugs in the garbage and whispers to Mitch, "Allison sent me." Mitch smiles and sits up. Schuyler bars the door and warns that Mitch isn't going anywhere, not until he gets his daughter back.


John, who's looking for Roxy, arrives at the Angels Square Hotel with a file on Allison. Marty appears, and John informs her that Allison is on the loose and that Natalie is leaving town. Marty says, "Good," then John runs over to ask Kyle, who's just arrived, to tell Roxy to call him. Kyle wonders if Roxy is in trouble then their attention turns to Marty, who appears to become dizzy. Marty assures them she's fine, and after Kyle leaves, John refuses to leave Marty alone, who ends up collapsing in his arms.


Upstairs in a room, Allison warns Roxy that Schuyler will follow her foolproof plan because Mitch has a message to deliver. Allison talks about Schuyler breaking Mitch out then Roxy thinks back to how Rex almost died because of Allison. Allison laughs and says, "I fooled you all, even the Messenger." Allison's big secret involves the baby Roxy gave birth to! Roxy demands to know the truth, so Allison whispers in her ear. "No, it can't be," Roxy cries hysterically, and after Allison goes to tend to Sierra, Roxy wonders if she's always known the truth and just hasn't wanted to admit it. Suddenly, Kyle enters his room and rushes to Roxy, wondering who tied her up. Allison reappears with her gun drawn and ties Kyle up alongside Roxy, as she chants that Schuyler will break Mitch out of prison and do as he's told because of the baby. Kyle sees Sierra!


As he's leaving the diner, Cole overhears Hannah accusing Ford of sleeping with Langston while he was sleeping with her. Cole glances back at Markko, who's still in the kitchen. When Ford calls Hannah a crazy tramp, Cole confronts him and has to stop Hannah from rushing to tell Markko about her claim against Langston and Ford. Just as Hannah tells Cole, "They were having sex in his office," Markko appears and asks, "What?" Ford quickly warns Cole and Markko that Hannah has been stalking him, and spreading lies to get back at him, then tells Hannah, "Get over it!" After Ford leaves, Hannah apologizes to Markko and warns him that once Ford sets his sights on someone, he uses them then throws them away. Hannah goes to the bathroom, and Markko is stunned about her accusations against Langston. Cole makes excuses for Hannah and tries to assure Markko that Hannah doesn't have any facts in regards to Langston and Ford. Markko storms off, and Hannah rejoins Cole and apologizes. He accepts her hug but reminds Hannah that Ford isn't worth it, and Langston would never cheat on Markko. "She loves him," Cole says.


Still in their apartment, Starr questions if Langston had sex with Ford. Though Langston denies it, she finally admits, "I slept with him, all right! Are you happy?" Starr is shocked, knowing Markko could've caught them, but listens as Langston explains how the affair began and has continued. Starr screams that Markko has been there for Langston, but Langston doesn't want to stop sleeping with Ford. Langston says she's young and doesn't know if Markko is the one, but Starr warns, "Cheating on Markko with Ford isn't going to solve your problems." Langston doesn't know how she feels about Ford, and doesn't want to break things off with Markko, but can't deny how connected she feels to both guys, in different ways. "You're going to have to choose because you can't have it both ways," Starr warns. As Starr threatens to tell Markko the truth, Markko arrives home and hears Langston say, "Promise me you won't tell him!"


Next on One Life to Live:

Schuyler injects Mitch with a drug and threatens to stop his heart.

Marty has a medical emergency.

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