Role-Playing, Here She Comes!

Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

Starr sets out on the biggest role-playing game of her life, Adrianna falls deeper into her mother’s web of deceit, Marcie gets what she’s after and Lindsay takes Nora for a ride…

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Kristen Alderson

Despite what the tests say, Blair wants answers as to why Starr has a memory lapse. Starr tells her friend she's faking the amnesia in order to get her parents back together. Spencer walks in the room, informing Starr of her test results, tells her, with a steady glare, they'll figure out, together, what's really going on.

Rex arrives at the police station, filling Natalie in on Adriana's disappearance and his suspicions of Dorian's involvement. Dorian admits out loud to herself that she put Bruce up to stalking her daughter. Adriana wakes up, asks Bruce what his plans are for her. He tells her not to worry. Adriana spits in his face, angering him! Bruce chloroforms Adrianna, then calls Dorian.

Marcie asks Lindsay for moral support when telling Michael about her run-in with Tommie's foster parents. Marcie shows Michael the pictures of Tommie's neglect, and, to her surprise, Michael is not mad at her for once again getting involved. Marcie gets a call from the social worker, a decision has been made regarding the baby...

Bo enlists Renee's help in getting the picture of Spencer back into his hotel suite.

John asks Blair to get the key to Spencer's safe deposit box, but she says she can't... However, Blair quickly changes her mind and tries to come up with a plan.

Spencer tells Starr that her parents have had serious problems, that they never got married. Starr plays along, blowing him off, says she's tired. Spencer sees John talking to Blair, demands to know what he wants with her. John plays the 'I'm here on police business' card.

Lindsay witnesses Nora and RJ having an awkward moment in the park. Lindsay is furious and doesn't hide it, accusing Nora of always trying to steal her men. Lindsay insists on taking Nora home, leaving RJ in the park.

Spencer finds Bo outside his hotel suite just as Renee emerges from his room, telling Bo everything has been taken care of! Renee says there was a leak, that she made Bo wait outside for Spencer. Bo tries making Spencer nervous about Lenny, and it works.

Natalie isn't Adriana's biggest fan. She tries convincing Rex that if Adriana really loved him, she never would've believed he could hurt her. Rex leaves to once again look for Adriana. Bruce explains to Dorian how everything played out, then blackmails her, saying if she doesn't give him a bonus he'll tell Adriana that Dorian set the whole thing up. Dorian has no idea that Bruce has Adriana! For all she knows, Adriana is on her way home.

At the hospital, Jessica tells Nash that nothing turned up from her session with Dr. Jamison, but Nash still has many questions. Antonio interrupts, giving Nash hell and Jessica tells Antonio to shut up!

Starr tells Blair that Dr. Spencer makes her uncomfortable, then asks her parents if they can all go back home to the penthouse once her testing is taken care of.

Marcie tells Michael that social services are taking Tommie away from his foster parents, but she fears for who he'll be placed with next. Michael says he wants Marcie and him to become Tommie's parents. Marcie finally gets what she's been after.

While Rex ponders on what direction to take in his search, Dorian begins to wonder why Adriana hasn't come home yet.

After Nash leaves, Jessie tells Antonio to not get mad at Nash. Antonio picks this moment to tell her about his intensions to become a cop again. She doesn't seem thrilled. It seems more of Tess's features are coming through with each passing day. Hmm...

Next on One Life to Live: Kevin tells Kelly not to leave, Todd asks Evangeline on a date, Jessica, Nash and Antonio have different views about their relationships.

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