Mel Hayes Returns...

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Dorian vows to end Mitch's life, Rex and Gigi ponder an agreement, and Stacy is in danger...

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When Dorian, who is in tears, faces Mel Hayes, who has appeared in her mansion, he reminds her, "I'm the only friend you've got left." As Dorian explains to Mel that she had no choice but to fire Bo, she begs for him to tell her what to do, to which Mel confesses, "This fight with Mitch Laurence is only the beginning. If you're no longer mayor, he'll leave you alone." Dorian refuses to step down then says, "I could kill him." Mel warns that the police wouldn't think too kindly of that idea then asks Dorian to dance with him. She doesn't think that's possible but cries in his arms when she can feel him there! Before he leaves, Mel tells Dorian to protect her soul and promises she'll never be alone. He'll always be in her heart.


The Cramer girls, and Todd's sons, arrive on Todd's doorstep and tell Todd what Dorian did - and that they're leaving the mansion. As everyone goes upstairs to unpack, Blair questions Todd about Tea and Dani and finds out they left for Tahiti. Starr interrupts to say she's going out, but Todd snaps that she has school in the morning! Blair urges Starr to go easy on Todd then instructs Addie, who's returned, to order some food for the boys. Once alone again, Todd fills Blair in how Tea's decision to leave went down, and Blair tells Todd that Tea loves him and she'll come back to him - she won't let Dani hate him forever. Though Blair informs Todd that Addie and the kids will be staying the night, she's a big girl, who has other plans. Todd wonders if Blair is seeing someone, but the pizza arrives and saves Blair from answering. Blair pulls out Elijah's card and smiles, while Todd goes to pay for the food. Jack persuades Blair to stay and play a game with him and Todd, leaving Addie to say, in reference to Todd, "She sure's had a lot of practice!" Before they start, Todd steps outside, looks at the sky and says, "Goodnight, Tea."Blair peeks outside, sees Todd looking at a picture of Tea then again looks at Elijah's business card.


Rex and Gigi take a seat at the diner, and he tells her he's been talking to a lawyer about getting full custody of Shane. Gigi is furious, and says Shane loves her, then accuses Rex of punishing her because he didn't get the answer he wanted. "Was this Stacy's idea?" Gigi asks then rambles on - until Rex admits he's not going to fight her for custody. After some more back and forth comments about their broken relationship, Rex urges her to stay at the carriage house with Shane - only if she promises not to have Schuyler spend the night when Shane's there. Gigi agrees to his terms - until Shane is comfortable with Schuyler being there. Rex assures her he'll find a place to live then hushes Gigi, who says, "I still care about you," and leaves.


Schuyler goes back to the rehab center and tells Rachel, "She picked me." Rachel takes a brief call from Tea, who says she's not returning to Llanview and explains her reasoning for leaving, then the women say goodbye, hoping to one day see each other again. Back to Schuyler, who is looking at apartments, Rachel listens as he talks about getting a place big enough - in case Shane and Gigi want to move in with him someday. When Rachel wants to know how he's going to afford a big place in the meantime, Schuyler says, "You're moving in with me." Before they can get into the idea, Gigi arrives, and Rachel leaves them alone. Gigi shares her and Rex's living arrangement with him. Though Schuyler is clearly disappointed, he puts on a brave face, tells Gigi about his and Rachel's plan to move in together then wonders if Rex will go back to the loft with Stacy. Gigi asks him 'not to go there'.


Mitch blocks the doorway, which prevents Stacy from escaping the loft, and stares at Stacy's belly, telling her, "You are the vessel, you are carrying my future. Let me help you." Stacy refuses to go with Mitch, who agrees to let the choice be up to her - follow him or be taken! Mitch explains how he got out of jail then stops Stacy from calling the cops, saying, "Lowell dropped the charges because I own him. You are mine until my grandson is born then I'll have no more use for you." Mitch is sure the baby will be a boy then grabs Stacy and tries to usher her out, saying, "This kid is mine!" but Stacy replies, "He's not your grandchild!" As Stacy starts to explain her miscarriage, the nurse wakens, and Mitch demands that she get up and help him!


As Mitch and his nurse grab Stacy, who's screaming for help, Rex barges through the door and yells, "What the hell is going on!" Stacy runs into Rex's arms, who warns he's calling the police - to report that Mitch has escaped! Mitch laughs, and tells Rex that Bo isn't the commissioner anymore, but Rex calls the station for himself, finds out the truth then listens as Stacy tells him what happened. Mitch claims he and his nurse only came to make sure Stacy was taking care of herself, but as Rex warns for Mitch to stay away - or else, Mitch says, "You're not going to kill me, Rex. I'm your father." Once they are gone, Rex promises Stacy that Mitch won't get their baby - because he's going to move back in and make sure Mitch doesn't hurt her again!


Later, at Dorian's, just as she vows to think of a way to get rid of Mitch, there's a voice whispering over her shoulder saying, "Honey, I'm home." It's Mitch!


Arriving home to their old house in Tahiti, Dani looks around and says, "It's the same." Over talk of memories of Ross, Dani cries, "I can't believe I'm never going to see him again," as Tea thinks back to making love to Todd. "Mom," Dani cries. "Thank you for bringing me home." Dani looks in a box of mementos then sneers, "He was a good swimmer. He would've been fine if that bastard hadn't shot him." Tea reminds Dani that she would've been killed if Todd hadn't done what he had to then takes Dani in her arms. Tea goes out to get another bag from the car, looks to the sky and says, "I miss you so much, Todd," as Dani holds a photo of Ross and says, "Daddy, I miss you so much." Tea soon rejoins Dani…


Outside, a man is lurking in the shadows… It's Ross!


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