No Strings Attached!

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Blair and Elijah comfort each other, Dani and Matthew admit something about their kiss, and Todd and Tea have a hard time saying goodbye...

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Still kissing in his hotel room, Blair and Elijah ravish each other. Elijah falls to the bed, and Blair straddles him, saying, "I'm calling the shots now." Both agree they need to forget about Tea and Todd then fall to the floor to help each other do so! As they stand up and bang off the walls of the room, Blair seductively asks, "Who are you Elijah Clarke?" and Elijah replies, "Who are you, Blair Cramer, besides Todd Manning's ex?" Blair takes the condom from Elijah and suggests, "Why don't you find out." The two savagely fall to the bed…


Over at the Manning Estate, Tea and Todd break from their kiss, but as Tea goes to leave, Todd says, "Please stay." Tea reminds him she needs to go, but Todd tells her how much he loves her - even though he wanted to hate her - then begs Tea to spend one last night with him. Tea agrees - only if Todd doesn't say it's the last time. Todd repeats her words then they make love! Afterwards, Todd expresses how much he loves Tea - and how much he wants to get to know their daughter - but worries that Tea will find someone new, someone Dani will approve of, but Tea denies it, and says she'll wait for him, but knows Todd will soon find himself in someone else's arms. Todd denies it and wishes things with Ross hadn't gone down the way they had and says, "Come back to me, please." Tea vows that everything she's doing will be so she can come back to him, with Dani, to be a family. Before Tea leaves, Todd promises never to forget her.


In the doorway of his hotel room, Matthew and Dani pull away from their kiss, and Matthew says, "I wish we were kissing hello instead of goodbye." Both admit they've never kissed anyone before, besides the time when Matthew was tricked at the dance before the accident. Admitting they both liked it, Dani suggests they try it again, but Matthew replies, "I don't think I should." Matthew doesn't want to hurt Destiny's feelings any further, by seeing them together as a couple, but Dani reminds him that she's leaving town - there's no chance that'll happen - so Matthew kisses her again. However, a bang from the room across the hall interrupts, and the two look through the opened door of Matthew's hotel room. Forgetting the noise, Matthew closes his door, and the two resume their kiss. Just then, Tea appears, asks if they said their goodbyes then watches as Matthew takes a picture of Dani, saying, "I'll never forget you, I promise."


Back in Elijah's room, Blair and Elijah have landed on the floor and continue with their sexapade! Suddenly, Renee comes to the door to say she's received complaints about the noise coming from his room. When she peeks in and sees the room in shambles, she snaps, "Oh my God! What's going on in there?" as Blair smiles from behind the half-opened door! Elijah gives her an excuse, about being on medication, but Renee isn't fooled and screams for 'them' to keep it down then rushes back down the hall, as Blair and Elijah get dressed and laugh. After asking each other if their sex helped them forget about Todd and Tea, each says no then they have sex again! Once they are done, with feathers from the pillows strewn everywhere, both agree they still may need a little more help getting Tea and Todd out of their heads. When Elijah asks Blair to indulge in a no strings attached relationship, she smiles brightly.


At their apartment, Markko makes a protein shake, and Cole accuses him of not trying to get healthy - but trying to get buff to compete with Ford, which Markko adamantly denies, as the blender sprays its contents all over the counter.


While doing homework at the diner, Starr catches Langston zoning out and accuses her of thinking about Ford. Langston denies it then begins typing some ideas for her musical for school. Cole and Markko join them, and when Starr is saddened that she can't be in Langston's musical, due to being a mom, Cole promises they'll make it all work. After a hot kiss from the ladies, Cole and Markko take off for the gym, leaving Starr to question Langston, again, about what's got her so distracted? Langston claims she's just stumped on what to base her musical on then listens as Starr talks about her life - and decides that she'll write about Starr! Starr is forced to halt Langston's spilling ideas and refuses to allow her to write about her, her baby, Cole and her rapist father! Starr starts talking about Langston's life, wondering how she would feel if she wrote about Langston having a great guy, Markko, but thinking about someone else, Ford! Langston gets the point.


Ford approaches Layla at the gym, wondering if she'd like to join him for a smoothie, but as Layla explains she has a boyfriend, Cris pops up from the weight bench and says, "That would be me." Ford admits he meant no disrespect, the three share introductions then Layla takes off to finish her class. Cris and Ford talk about Ford's past visit to Llanview then the guys decide to work out together.


As Ford and Cris compare muscles, Cole and Markko arrive, to which Cole says, "Don't look now, Hulk, but I think you have your work cut out for you." Markko begins working out, and Ford rushes over to help him when it's apparent he's having trouble. Markko brushes it off then questions Ford about his opinion of his piece on the mayor. As Ford bashes every aspect of the film, he's shocked to hear that it's an actual documentary and starts giving Markko tips about how to really make a documentary come together. After Ford leaves, Markko rants to Cole about how Ford didn't like his movie, even after he convinced him it was real, leaving Markko feeling like a failure. Cole reminds him that at least he did one thing right - he has Langston for a girlfriend, and Ford can never take her away from him.


Across the room, Destiny and Shaun spot each other, as they rant about striking out in the love department. When Destiny says she's happy that Matthew and Dani are only friends, Shaun warns her not to count on it - the same scenario happened between Rachel and Greg. Destiny and Shaun vow to find love in 2010!


Still at the diner, Langston continues to be distracted and never realizes that Ford has walked into the room.


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