Staring Down The Barrel Of Clint's Fury!

Monday, December 21st, 2009

Clint places his fury on Bo and Nora, Mitch gets to Dorian through her family, and Nick plans to get between Kyle and Fish...

Staring Down The Barrel Of Clint's Fury! image

Just as Bo and Nora are leaving the Buchanan mansion, Clint appears holding a shotgun and talks about how in his position, Asa would have blown off the head of the man who was stealing his wife! Though Bo and Nora try to reason with him, Clint can't forget how his brother and wife have deceived him. After Clint puts the gun down, saying he wouldn't think of hurting the rest of his family by shooting them, he warns that they will get theirs - and Nora will cheat on Bo, like she did in the past. "Pa warned us," Clint says to Bo. "History repeats itself if you don't pay attention." Clint calls Nora a few derogatory names, but she only reminds him that she and Bo love him - and never cheated on him, but Clint isn't interested and asks for a minute alone with his brother. "Nora, congratulations," Clint says. "Not only did you destroy a marriage, you destroyed a family."


After Bo follows Clint into the living room, alone, he says, "I don't know what else to say," causing Clint to punch him to the floor! Bo reminds Clint that they all made mistakes - and that he should have never let Nora go - and Clint should've never went after her. "You're not, Pa," Bo tells him, bashes Clint for quoting Asa left and right then reminds him that Asa took women from him as well. Before Clint kicks Bo out, he says, "You're dead to me. I no longer have a brother." After Bo leaves, Clint looks at Asa's picture and says, "It wasn't loaded, Pa."


Outside, Bo sees Nora waiting, who sees his black eye, then the two leave the mansion for good.


Upstairs at the Angels Square Hotel, in Kyle's room, Roxy gives Nick attitude, as Kyle helps him get settled in. Just as Roxy wonders what Fish thinks about this arrangement, Fish appears - and Roxy pulls Kyle out into the hall to warn him that Nick is going to come between him and Fish. After Roxy stomps off, Kyle rejoins Nick and Fish, who points out that there's only one bed. "Where are you going to sleep?" Fish asks Kyle, who says he plans to sleep on the floor. It's apparent Fish isn't happy about Nick's presence, who is obviously overreacting the pain of his injuries in order to get a rise out of Fish! Nick heads into the bathroom, making some comments about the soap Kyle uses, and Fish hates it that Nick knows things about Kyle that he doesn't. Kyle agrees he's disappointed that they won't have any alone time then kisses Fish, as Nick peeks at them from the partially open bathroom door. As their kiss progresses, Nick falls out of the bathroom, and Kyle rushes to help him, as he limps to the bed. Fish has to leave for work then Kyle walks him out, kisses him goodbye and promises to get Nick better - fast.


Downstairs, Rex arrives at the Angels Square Hotel, looking for Roxy, and runs into Schuyler, and the two start staking claim on what'll become of Gigi's retreat - and why she really needed time to herself. After Rex says that Schuyler should have left town, and warns for him to stay away from Gigi, Schuyler reminds Rex that Gigi didn't want him to leave town. As Schuyler again brings up how Gigi left Rex, Roxy appears, overhears them then throws Schuyler out of the hotel! Once alone, Rex explains to his mother how he asked Gigi to leave and admits he may not know how to get his family back together for good. While Rex is making a call to check on Shane, Roxy calls up to Kyle's room, and when Nick answers, she thinks it's Kyle, rambles on about kicking Schuyler out then claims now they can throw Nick in Schuyler's room - so he doesn't come between Kyle and Fish! Roxy hangs up without a response then rejoins Rex to hand out more advice.


Back upstairs, when Kyle renters his room, saying he thought he heard the phone ring, Nick admits Roxy called - and wanted to know if they needed fresh linens!


Still in Mitch's hospital room, after Mitch demands that Dorian fire Bo, and threatens the Cramer girls if she doesn't, she tries to come up with excuses why she can't, especially because she wouldn't know who would take Bo's place, leaving Mitch to reply, "Look no further." Mitch warns that he'll pray for her family - and she better make the right choice! Dorian leaves and asks the guard to keep an extra eye on Mitch.


Just as Stacy leaves Schuyler a message to get up to Viki's cabin, Kim enters the loft, boasts about helping Clint then listens as Stacy talks about Mitch - and the blood she's storing in their fridge. Stacy then shows Kim a folder, containing her research on Mitch, then says she plans to use it in order to snag Rex for good. Stacy rubs her stomach then says, "I think it's time to meet your grandpa." Later, after Stacy leaves, Kim calls to check in on Clint, who is in a state over his brother and wife's deception, and suggests he come over to her loft!


When Stacy arrives in Mitch's room, he says, "I know who you are… I've been expecting you."


Noelle helps Gigi get settled at Viki's cabin and suggests she came there to figure out who she wants - Rex or Schuyler. After Noelle helps Gigi go through the pros and cons of Rex and Schuyler, Noelle says, "Deep down, I think you know who you want." Noelle promises to check in on her, as well as Rex and Shane, then leaves, saying, "You'll figure it out."


As Noelle leaves, Schuyler appears, and Gigi admits Rex asked her to leave, so she could figure out how she feels about Schuyler. Schuyler doesn't want to confuse her further, and turns to leave, but Gigi stops him and says, "Don't go." Schuyler comes inside, and Gigi explains her decision to leave Rex further. Knowing they always avoid their feelings, Gigi and Schuyler agree to talk them over - but end up in each others' arms, kissing!

Next on One Life to Live:

Bo and Nora face the fallout.

Rex finds Gigi with Schuyler.

Stacy becomes part of Mitch's plan.

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