Let The Truth Be Known!

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

Jessica finds out that Natalie tried to kill Mitch, John fixes the evidence to protect Natalie, and Viki worries that Charlie has hit the bottle again...

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Brody and Jessica enter the diner, and briefly talk to Charlie, who's rushing out, leaving Brody wondering, "What was with that… that look between you and Charlie." Jessica admits that Charlie is drinking again, and that she promised she wouldn't tell her mom, and hopes that he was sincere in saying that he only drank that once. Jessica can tell something is bothering Brody, but he can't talk about official business - because it could implicate Jessica's family. Jessica guesses that Mitch didn't try to kill himself - but that Natalie tried to kill him! When Brody admits that he suspects John is covering for Natalie, Jessica wonders what John and Natalie are going to do now that Mitch has survived. Brody doesn't know what he's going to do about his suspicions but heads to the hospital to relieve Mitch's guard.


Outside of the diner, Charlie pours some booze in his coffee then listens to a message from Viki.


After Viki finds the empty bottle of booze at Llanfair, she goes back inside and has to inform Natalie that Mitch is still alive. Natalie hates it that Mitch didn't die, leaving Viki to apologize that Mitch is still in their lives, but Natalie says, "It's not just that… It's much worse." Viki urges Natalie to tell her what's wrong, and as Natalie starts to explain, Charlie arrives home and halts their conversation then Natalie heads out to take care of some things.


Once alone, Viki shows Charlie the empty bottle she found then asks, "Does this belong to you?" Just as Charlie denies that he's been drinking again, even after Viki asks for the truth, Jessica appears and overhears his lie. Viki apologizes to Charlie, says she just jumped to conclusions then leaves - and Jessica confronts Charlie, who claims the bottle was from the one time he drank. Charlie vows he would never hurt Viki by drinking again after that.


Amelia and Kyle prepare Nick for his release, and after Kyle heads out to get the papers, Amelia says, "You got it bad for him, don't you?" Though Amelia warns for Nick to get over Kyle, Nick asks, "Like you got over your ex?" Amelia insists she got over 'her' then leaves in a rush. Nick then tries to make arrangements to stay with family, upon his release, but hits a snag.


John arrives in Mitch's hospital room, puts on some gloves, thinks back to all he did to protect Natalie then takes out his letter opener - and puts it in Mitch's hand! Just as John bags the letter opener, Mitch wakes up and asks if John is there to welcome him back. However, when John informs Mitch that Natalie is free , and that he stabbed himself, Mitch begs to differ - and vows to bring Natalie down for her crime. John warns that it'll be Mitch's word against his then says, "And mine wins."


Outside of Mitch's room, while guarding Mitch, a nurse tries to ask Fish out on a date then leaves after he informs her he's taken. Kyle appears and the two make plans for the holidays - and to meet in a half hour after Fish's shift ends.


Brody arrives at Mitch's room, sends Fish off then heads inside. When Mitch says he wants to make a statement, John gives Brody the go-ahead and says, "Take his statement." Mitch claims that John is lying, that he didn't stab himself, and that John is only protecting the person who stabbed him. Just as Mitch is about to name his attacker, Natalie appears, and Mitch finishes, "The person who stabbed me is John McBain."


When Kyle rejoins Nick, and hears that he has nowhere to go, he suggests he call Amelia - so Nick fakes a call to her! Nick relays that he can't stay with Amelia, and says he'll just get an aid, but Kyle insists that Nick stay with him - and assures him that Fish will understand.


Kyle goes out into the hallway and breaks the news to Fish, who tries to be supportive.


Cris and Layla bring their Christmas tree into their apartment, while stepping over a copy of The Sun - with Mitch's story as the headline. As they set up the tree, Layla breaks the news that her mother is insisting she go home for Christmas, but when Cris offers to go with her, Layla wonders if he's ready to 'out' their relationship - with Evangeline there, in a coma upstairs! Cris and Layla decide to celebrate the holiday in the here and now and share a passionate kiss.


Over at Dorian's mansion, Cole, Starr, Markko and Langston watch a video preview of the movie "Nine," as Dorian arrives, happy to have been released! When she sees The Sun, Dorian's mood changes and she says, "The bastard lived." Talk turns to Amelia, and Nick's hate crime, then Dorian vows that no one is going to stop her from legalizing same sex marriages! Just as Dorian plans to wrangle up Amelia to do so, Madame Delphina appears and says she had a vision… if Dorian doesn't rip that marriage certificate up now, she'll die! Though Dorian believes in Delphina's visions, she refuses to back down. Suddenly, Amelia arrives and regretfully is forced to admit that Delphina was her girlfriend! Dorian is stunned that Delphina is a lesbian, but Amelia is furious to hear Delphina's latest prediction for Dorian, which Starr and Langston suggest she only said to get Amelia back! As Amelia and Delphina rehash their past, it becomes apparent that Delphina did lie about her vision of Dorian. With input from Starr, Cole, Langston and Markko, saying that you have to take risks when in love, Amelia and Delphina admit they're still in love. The women kiss, but Dorian refuses to allow Delphina to rip up her and Amelia's marriage license!

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