Stepping Down!

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Viki makes a decision, Markko makes a confession to Dorian, Stacy and Schuyler make a deal, and Dani changes things up for Todd and Tea....

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At Llanfair, Clint informs Viki that Natalie is with John - and that the reporters outside are there because she's the new mayor of Llanview! Viki doesn't appear happy then heads outside to make a statement…


Viki goes outside, and after she makes a few comments about Mitch, she thanks everyone for voting for her but claims she will not be able to lead the community as mayor. Viki goes through all of the losses her family is faced with, says it's unfair for her not to give her family her all, during their fight against Mitch, then steps down as mayor and heads back into the house…


Once inside, Clint supports Viki's decision but warns that Dorian will be overjoyed when she hears the news.


Still at the loft, as Kim and Stacy ask Schuyler to go along with their plan, he gets a call from Gigi, wondering if Stacy is going to drop her little bomb on Rex. Schuyler admits they're negotiating, leaving Gigi wondering what more Stacy could want. Once Schuyler hangs up, the girls try to convince him that if he stays quiet, he'll have a chance with Gigi - verses losing her if Rex and Gigi are free of Stacy's baby. Though Schuyler protests, and claims 'he's not that guy anymore who was strung out on drugs and out to deceive anyone he had to', Kim and Stacy finally convince him, for the love of Gigi, to stick to their plan. But Schuyler says on one condition… that they stay quiet about Gigi spending the night in his room. Stacy has a problem with it, but Kim snaps, "We'll take it, it's a deal!"


Dorian gathers Carlotta, Noelle and Moe at the diner, wanting to know who they voted for, but they tell her that she lost - and to live with it! After Dorian insults Carlotta, Moe and Noelle a bit, Carlotta admits that she voted for Viki!


Noelle finds Gigi at the counter, and after Shane heads into the kitchen with Moe, Noelle wonders why Gigi is so down - and asks if she has a thing for Schuyler! Gigi admits that she really cares for Schuyler, because he's been such a good friend to her, then tells Noelle that she can't tell Rex about spending the night at Schuyler's right now, because he's trying to come to terms with the fact that Mitch is his father, then claims that Schuyler's making sure that Stacy doesn't tell Rex either.


While cooking at home, Langston tries to assure Markko that he's not to blame for Dorian losing the election. Dorian arrives home and rants about letting those who trusted her down by losing the election. Markko can't stay quiet anymore and says, "I didn't vote for you, Dr. Lord. It's my fault you lost the election." After Langston reasons with Dorian about the loss, she urges her to follow her heart and go to David - and Amelia, who's just walked in, seconds that. Finally, Dorian realizes that they are right, apologizes to Markko, for giving him a hard time, then sets out, excitedly, to join David, the love of her life, in London! Later, after Dorian is packed and saying her goodbyes, Amelia gets a call, stops Dorian from leaving, and says Viki just stepped down! "What does that mean?" Dorian asks, to which Amelia replies, "It means it's not over."


Rex arrives in Bo's office, as Bo's finishing up a call about Mitch. "I cannot believe that Mitch Laurence is still alive," Bo says, to which Rex replies, "Try this, Mitch Laurence is my father." Rex admits that he always hoped his father was someone like Bo then talks about his baby's sonogram picture. Bo assures Rex that he's a great father, and Rex credits Bo for teaching him how to be one. Rex blurts out, "What if I want to see him?" but Bo warns that Mitch is too dangerous and says for Rex to focus on his family, then reminds him, "I'm your family - not Mitch Laurence!" At Bo's persistence, Rex promises not to contact Mitch.


Outside Bo's office, in the station, Kyle brings Fish a meal, and Fish asks a fellow officer if he has a problem with it - when the cop cracks a joke! However, the cop wasn't making a joke at all and assures Fish that 'all cops' aren't jerks. Kyle is happy that Fish called him his boyfriend, in public, then accepts an invitation to Thanksgiving dinner - and a public kiss from Fish!


Rex meets Gigi at the diner, and after he goes to see what Shane's up to in the kitchen, Gigi gets a call from Schuyler, letting her know that 'she's safe' - but he lies and says that Stacy didn't want anything in return for staying quiet about Gigi spending the night at Schuyler's!


Over in the Seattle hotel room, Todd blurts to Dani that Ross is not her dad - he is! Dani just thinks because Todd is dating her mom, he thinks he can act as though he's her dad, and Tea halts Todd from further explaining by vowing to tell Dani the truth. Dani thinks Tea is a liar and brings up how she said Ross was dangerous, forcing Tea to show Dani the marks on her neck! Dani refuses to believe that her father is 'some psycho', but Tea shows her the scratches on Ross' face, the ones she made while he was trying to strangle her, and asks, "Now do you believe me?" Dani asks Ross for the truth, who claims that he only hurt Tea because he was desperate - because she was going to take her away from him. Suddenly, Dani calls the police!


When the cops arrive, Dani, with Ross as her sidekick, claims that Tea and Todd are trying to kidnap her! Tea shows the cops her neck and pinpoints Ross as her attacker, but the cops force everyone to go to the station for further questioning! Dani cries when the cops cuff Ross, as Tea hands Todd the DNA test, saying, "Congratulations, it's a girl," before they are both cuffed and taken away as well!

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