Baby, It's Me...

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Jessica hears a voice from her past, Ross doesn't call Blair out on her lies and Tea allows Todd to think the worst of her...

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At Llanfair, Jessica receives a call saying, "Baby, it's me. Don't you recognize my voice, it's Nash," to which she gasps, "No, it can't be." As the voice begs, "I need you, it's so cold here," the line goes dead, and Viki and Charlie enter the kitchen to hear what happened. Viki calls John then tries to calm Jessica down, who explains Brody's trip to Michigan and the disturbing call from someone who sounded just like Nash. When John arrives, Jessica recounts what happened and wonders if Nash could really be alive, but Viki hushes the possibly - then John shocks them all by announcing that he had their phones bugged.


Tea arrives at La Boulaie and gets a call from Dani, just as she's heading up the stairs to Blair's bedroom. Dani wants to come home, but Tea refuses to allow it, and just when Dani wonders if Tea and her dad are fighting, Ross appears and demands to know who's on the phone! Dani begs for Tea to put her dad on the line, but Tea ends the call - then tries to fight off Ross, who wants to get his hands on his daughter's phone number! When Ross grabs her phone, Tea manages to smash him over the head, reclaim her phone and delete Dani's contact information!


Upstairs in her bedroom, Blair and Todd give in to a passionate kiss then Todd pulls away and admits he needs to stop going back and forth between her and Tea. However, when Blair says she understands, but doesn't want to be alone tonight, Todd goes back to her and they fall to the bed!


Suddenly, Tea storms into the bedroom, sees them then rants at Todd for jumping back in bed with Blair! Todd brings up Tea's scheme, the one Blair remembered, and Tea's almost relieved by the alternative story. Ross enters the room and says to Blair, "Don't tell me you're back with this loser." As Todd talks about knowing the truth, Tea pulls Ross close, says their secret is out and finally gets him to leave the mansion with her, after a bit more sparring. Blair comforts Todd, who admits he had wished she'd been lying about Tea and Ross. "She didn't deserve my love," Todd says. "Lesson learned."


Downstairs, Ross warns Tea that he played along with her - and that Todd doesn't know about Dani - but he wants her phone number! "I love our daughter," Ross says, but Tea replies, "You're going to have to do that from afar."


Over in London, Tom warns Matthew that Dani's a witch, but Matthew goes out into the hallway, apologizes then the two bond over their hatred for their parents - and how their parents practically kidnapped them and shipped them off to boarding school! After hearing Matthew's story, Dani says, "You need my mom. She's a lawyer, a real shark. She could help you." Though Dani tries to call her mom, she gets voicemail then warns Matthew that they better get back to their rooms - it's after curfew - but says they'll see each other around.


Back in Llanview, Fish arrives home to find Cris painting shirtless, and when Cris puts his shirt back on, Fish snaps at him, "Cris, don't worry, you're not really my type." Cris laughs it off then urges Fish to talk about 'his type', Kyle. Over a couple beers, Cris gives Fish some advice, reminds him that Kyle and Nick's wedding won't be real and suggests he fight for Kyle. With talk of Layla, Cris explains Layla's feelings of disloyalty to her sister and claims they can't be together. Just as they sit down to watch football, John calls Fish and says he's going to break the rules in regards to Fish's administrative leave…


Later, Layla arrives home, and over talk of Fish's issues with Kyle, it's clear that Cris and Layla are really talking about each other. Though Layla comments how bad she feels for Fish and Kyle, Cris says, "I feel worse for you and me."


Fish shows up at Llanfair with the proper equipment to replay the call made to Jessica's cell, and Viki admits, "If I didn't know better I'd think it was him." John wants to have voice comparative tests ran, and Jessica claims she still has a saved message from Nash on her phone - one he left before he died. After Fish promises not to 'hurt' the message, he gets to work on retrieving it, as Jessica cries to Viki about the voice of Nash saying he was cold. John dismisses Fish, with thanks, and promises to push to get him back as soon as possible - but warns not to allow 'the job' to take over his life. After Fish leaves, John gets an alert on the laptop that the voice from the recent call was an identical match to Nash's last voice message to Jessica!


When Nick arrives at Kyle's with a tuxedo, for their wedding, Kyle tries it on but admits, "I'm having second thoughts." Nick can accept that but wonders if Kyle's indecision is because of Fish. Kyle denies it and promises to go through with the wedding, but Nick says, "If you don't want to go through with this, just say the word." Kyle thanks Nick for 'the out' but says, "You're right, this could be fun." Kyle promises that 'they are good' then they make plans to meet up tomorrow. Nick leaves…


As Kyle sits and thinks back to his last conversation with Fish, Fish arrives at his door!

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