He Had A Really Good Reason...

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

Natalie goes to Rex for help, Todd is manipulated by Blair, and Gigi and Schuyler come together...

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Before Gigi leaves to stop by work, she encourages Rex that their couples therapy tonight will help them - and that she doesn't want anything messing them up again. Once Gigi is gone, Natalie arrives, shows Rex the latest headline about Jared then says, "I need you to find my husband before the police do!" Rex asks if Natalie thinks that Jared committed the murders, and she admits that she's not sure what to make of anything that Jared has told her. Rex starts jotting down details, as Natalie recants everything that's gone on. "If he did kill those people," Natalie says. "He had a really good reason." Rex agrees to help then looks at a matchbox that Natalie found in her and Jared's bedroom, one she didn't show John. He informs that The Lakeside is hours from here, and though Rex says he can't go tonight, Natalie desperately begs for his help - and Rex finally agrees! Rex wants to call Gigi but knows she could get in trouble by knowing about their trip - since they're withholding evidence. "I'll handle Gigi," Rex's sighs.


Kim and Stacy go to Rodi's and hand Schuyler concert tickets - for Gigi's favorite 90's band - and suggest he ask her to go then take her home and bag her! Schuyler reminds the girls that Gigi and Rex are together then walks away, as Stacy and Kim give up and head to a table… Later, Gigi arrives and talks to Schuyler about her and Rex - until she sees the concert tickets, the ones she tried so hard to get! Schuyler offers the tickets to Gigi and Rex, but Gigi says they can't make it - since her and Rex are going to couples counseling, with the hopes of strengthening their relationship. Schuyler is happy for her, but when Gigi gets a call from Rex saying he can't make couples therapy, because something huge came up for work and he needs to leave town tonight, she can't imagine what could be more important than fixing their relationship. Gigi rants to Schuyler, who tries to defend Rex, but ends up taking her mind off her problems by suggesting they go to the concert together! "Sold," Gigi says.


At a table, Kim tells Stacy that she's almost broke, and needs a job, but Stacy reminds her that there's not a demand for strippers in Llanview. When Kim sees the headline about the murder at the Buchanan Lodge, she says, "That's what I'm talking about!" Kim looks through the Buchanan men, listed on page twelve, and 'scratches' Clint out as a candidate but eyes Kevin, who isn't too old and is hot! Hearing Kevin, and Joey, live in London, Kim puts an X through their picture, as she does through Jared's. Suddenly, Stacy grabs the paper from her and says, "I think I found you Mr. Right Buchanan!" Stacy suggests that Kim go after Bo! Kim likes the idea and puts a heart around Bo's photo, along with a dollar sign next to it!


In London, when Kevin catches Matthew trying to leave the Buchanan Compound, Matthew asks his brother to help him escape, but Kevin only promises to try to get his cell phone back.


From the living room, Bo calls John, while Nora calls Rachel then Nora relays to Bo that Shaun woke up and says that the good doctor did fix things after all. Though Nora wonders if it changes anything for them, Bo says, "There's no going back." Just as Bo wonders if they should tell Matthew about Shaun, which Nora thinks not, Matthew and Kevin come in - and Matthew demands to know what they're keeping from him now. Nora and Bo change the subject to Matthew's new school, but when Matthew hears that they want him to get settled there today, he snaps, "I'm not going anywhere!" Kevin helps Nora and Bo by telling Matthew what a great school he'll be attending then offers to take him there. Matthew agrees but doesn't want Bo and Nora to come with them! After Kevin and Matthew leave, Nora wants to stay in London, but Bo thinks it'd be best if they gave Matthew some space and headed back to Llanview. Nora hates the lies they've had to tell and cries, "I can't stand how much he hates us." Bo takes Nora in his arms.


At the school, Matthew tries to get lippy with the headmistress, who takes him in to meet his new roommate. After Kevin leaves, Matthew is introduced to his American roommate, Tom.


Back in Llanview, Rachel and Tea run into each other at the hospital and trade barbs. Once they realize that something is wrong with the other, the women revert to their old friendship and Rachel informs Tea about the situation with her and Greg, to which Tea warns her to tell Shaun about her feelings for Greg now. Tea then tells Rachel about her situation with Todd, Blair and Ross - and finally admits that she's been keeping Todd's child from him!


At the mansion, Blair begs Todd not to leave and the two discuss the issues surrounding Tea and her marriage to Ross, to which Todd wonders if Blair made sure their divorce papers were never filed! Just then, Starr appears with Hope and wonders if Blair remembers anything more - but Blair denies it saying, "I'm not going to make myself crazy trying to remember." Over talk of Dorian and her latest stunt, Starr suggests they get behind her, for a good cause, then heads to get Hope a bottle. While holding Hope, Todd talks about family, and Blair apologizes for keeping the kids from him during their divorce. As Todd says he couldn't imagine going through life not knowing his kids existed, Blair becomes nervous and says, "There's something I need to tell you." Blair begins to admit that when she said she couldn't remember - but Starr returns. They all continue their talk about family, and Todd says, "Good thing I didn't have a kid with Tea." After Starr takes Hope away, Todd wonders what Blair was going to tell him, and Blair claims that she found out Tea and Ross' divorce wasn't finalized before his wedding, as did Tea, then says, "I just wish that I could remember…" Blair acts as though she's lightheaded then asks Todd to help her to her bedroom. Todd agrees then catches Blair as she acts faint!


Next on One Life to Live:

Trouble lurks around Jessica.

Rachel hears more about Tea's secret.

Blair continues on her quest.

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