Body of Evidence!

Monday, October 19th, 2009

John and Natalie find something shocking, Tea dares Todd to prove he doesn't love her and Blair has a new plan...

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Stumbling into the Buchanan Lodge, Natalie screams after falling to the floor - and sees blood on her hands! As Natalie screams, John appears, and they both see the dead body on the floor - it's Pamela Stuart! John remembers that Jared claimed to be her son a while back, calls the station to notify the crime scene unit then searches the house.


Later, John hears something, motions for Natalie to stay quiet then goes to the door and screams, "Drop it!" It's Clint, who received a call from security, and when he finds out that John mistook him for Jared, Clint says, "One of you better start explaining!"The crime scene unit arrives and takes Pamela's body away, and Clint leads Natalie away as well.


After everyone is gone, John finds Jared's wallet!


Viki and Charlie arrive at the station, and Brody and Jessica shock them by admitting that Jared was behind the stalking - and is now missing! As they explain what's been going on, and how Jared confessed to Natalie, Brody gets a call and informs Jessica, Charlie and Viki that Pamela Stuart was murdered at the Buchanan Lodge. Charlie thinks back and remembers how Jared used Pamela, as his mother, when he first came to Llanview.


Todd brings Marty to Blair's hospital room and says, "She's going to hypnotis you." Todd pushes Blair to remember the night she fell out of the window, and after Blair calls Marty a husband stealer, she asks Todd, "Am I doing this for me or you?" Todd goes out into the hallway, and Marty dims the lights and begins the hypnosis. With Marty's help, Blair remembers her argument with Tea and says, "That's Tea's secret… her child." Marty brings Blair around and suggests that they call Todd and tell him what Blair remembered, but Blair says, "No, I'm not telling Todd a damn thing."


In her room at The Palace, Tea finishes up a call with her child, promising to see them for parents' weekend - but looks at her engagement ring and explains that their father won't be able to make it. After Tea hangs up, Carlotta arrives, and Tea breaks down crying and explains her situation with Blair, Todd and Ross. Just as Carlotta urges her to open up, Todd knocks at the door, asking Tea to let him in.


After Carlotta leaves, Todd enters, and Tea asks, "How's Blair?" Todd snaps, "Like you care," then takes off his wedding band and tells Tea to do the same - but she refuses and claims they both still love each other! Todd laughs again, hands her his ring then leaves…


Back at the hospital, Blair explains why she doesn't want to tell Todd the truth - because he'll go back to Tea. Blair reminds Marty that their session is confidential, and if she breaks that oath, she'll never practice psychology again! Suddenly, Todd arrives and hears that Marty couldn't help Blair. "I guess I'll just have to live without those memories forever," Blair says, as Marty reluctantly leaves the room. Todd tucks Blair in then lies down on a nearby couch.


When Elijah visits Ross in jail, and admits that he's not any closer to finding out where his child is, Ross admits that it's probably for the best - since he hasn't been there for his kid anyway! However, Elijah reminds his brother that he's that child's uncle, and he's not giving up - they're going to find Ross' kid! As Ross explains his connection to Blair, Elijah accuses him of falling for Blair - and Ross replies, "Yeah, I guess I am." Elijah hopes Blair feels the same about him - because she's Ross' only chance of beating the charges.


While spending some time together at the diner, Star and Cole want nothing more than to 'be together', but they have nowhere to go to be alone - and decide to work on their homework and share dessert.


Layla walks in and goes into the kitchen. When she shows Cris his forgotten apartment keys, he asks her to place them in his pocket, since he's elbow-deep in flan. After Cris feeds Layla some flan, from the fresh batch he's made, he takes her in a passionate kiss! Layla pulls away, admits that she's wanted to kiss him, but says, "It can't happen again." Though Cris thinks it's too soon, after Fish, Layla explains, "It's my sister." Layla feels as though she's betraying Evangeline, and Cris understands, and even says he loved Vange too, but reminds Layla that Evangeline would have wanted him to move on. Layla questions if she would have approved of them together, but Carlotta walks in and interrupts. As Layla rushes out, Cris watches her go - and Layla stops to look back at him.

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