Consumed With Desperation...

Monday, August 14th, 2006

Rex and Dorian try putting the pieces together while Adriana fights for her life, Blair and Todd make a sacrifice, Jessica begins heading down the tough road to her recovery…

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John - Paul Lavoisier

Nash shows up at the loft to visit baby Brennan. Jessica tries hiding Tess's journal and her feelings from Nash, but gives in, tells him about the reemerging memories.

Rex goes to Dorian, asks her where Adriana is. Even though Dorian acts as though she knows Adriana's whereabouts, neither of them realizes she's in her stalker's car. Bruce! Adriana wakes up, bound and terrified. Rex implores Dorian to help him find Adriana, but Dorian threatens to call the police.

John points out to Natalie the hidden clues in Spencer's picture. Natalie shows John a mediocre test score, fearing that she won't pass the forensic class. John tries giving her some pointers.

Starr is happy to see her parents kiss, thinking it's normal. Spencer, on the other hand, is more than disturbed by the sight! Blair and Todd leave Starr's room.

Adriana remembers what Bruce said before she gave in to the effects of the drug. She desperately tries breaking free, but her hands are tied...Literally.

Blair and Todd don't know how they're going to pretend to be engaged, but know, for Starr's sake, they have to.

Nash suggests to Jessica if the memories become too much, maybe, she should let Tess come out and handle them. Jessica is furious at Nash's suggestion, forces him to leave the loft. However, he comes back, takes her to get the help she needs.

Antonio expresses his interest to Bo about returning to the Llanview Police Force, says there's something missing in his life. Surprisingly, Bo hands Antonio his old badge back just as Nash calls, letting him know that Jessica is in the hospital.

As Adriana struggles to break free of the ropes, Bruce opens the car door preventing her from escaping!

Todd leaves Blair with an angry Spencer who's demanding to know if she's leaving him to go back to Todd.

Rex tries convincing Dorian that he's not the bad guy, that he loves and needs to find her daughter. He even goes as far as accusing Dorian of making it look as if Adrianna had a stalker when she really didn't. They are both so wrong... Bruce tells Adrianna to calm down, but she infuriates him with a kick to the groin. Bruce regains control, securely tying Adrianna up as they take off.

The judge turns down John's request for a warrant to search Spencer's safe deposit box. Natalie tells him to get Blair's help.

Blair explains to Spencer her need to play along with Todd for Starr's sake. Spencer fears their reunion, but Blair manages to convince him otherwise... Or so she thinks. Spencer gets Starr's CT scan results back, tells Blair there's nothing wrong with her and Starr admits to her friend the same!

Bruce makes a mysterious call. Rex sets out to find Adriana, leaving Dorian in her office, answering her phone call from Bruce! He tells her there's been a change of plans. Is Dorian's plan about to backfire at her daughter's expense?

Next on One Life to Live: Starr plays the role of the amnesia victim to the fullest, Rex racks his brain on how to get Adriana back and Dorian realizes she may have cost her daughter her life.

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