Dear Kyle...

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

Cris reads a letter from Fish to Kyle, Rex demands answers from Roxy, and Stacy vows to fight for Rex...

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As Cris bangs on Kyle's door at the Angels Square Hotel, he sees a letter sticking out from underneath and goes to grab it - until Brody appears and asks, "Can I help you?" Cris introduces himself, brings up Layla then explains why he's trying to find out what Kyle meant about Fish using her. Brody wonders why Cris cares about Layla so much, but Cris claims he's just looking out for a friend. After Brody talks about joining the academy, he walks away - but not before suggesting that Layla seems more to Cris than just a friend. Cris tries to fight the urge to take the letter but can't help himself! As Cris reads the letter from Fish to Kyle, asking Kyle to back off - and saying that he's not 'that guy' anymore, Cris appears confused.


In her room, Langston and Starr sit with Hope, talking about how Markko is staying at Viki's. Over talk of how long it's been since Starr has 'been with' Cole, he appears and asks, "What's so funny?" After Langston hears that Cole is going to start his community service tomorrow, she leaves him with Hope and Starr, who thinks she can move into the apartment that John has set up for him! As Cole takes Hope, he explains that it'll be too dangerous, since he'll need to take on a new personality for the cops. After Hope is asleep, Cole promises they'll have the life they've always dreamed of then they passionately kiss. "I should go." Cole smiles then tries to say goodbye to Starr, who asks him to spend the night with her!


At Llanfair, Markko insists on helping clean up the meal he shared with Viki, Charlie and Jessica then thanks Viki when she says he can stay as long as he likes. Markko just hopes his mom can get through to his dad, and when his phone rings, he looks disappointed. When Langston arrives, after Jessica has left, Viki and Charlie give her and Markko some time alone…


Markko confides that he feels like an intruder at Llanfair, so Langston says she'll convince Dorian to allow him to stay with her - but Markko can't imagine getting any sleep being under the same roof with Langston. As they kiss, Viki briefly interrupts to grab Charlie's glasses, then the two wish they had their own place. Just as Markko is kissing Langston goodbye, his father appears in the doorway!


Brody heads into his room and finds Jessica waiting to help him study, but Brody wants to know how things went with Starr and Cole. After Jessica explains what happened, Brody says she'll always come first with him - before studying. Jessica thanks Brody then they slowly fall to his bed.


When Layla and Fish get home, she lashes out at him for blabbing to people at the station that she's his girlfriend - when she told him not to! Fish wonders if she's ashamed to be dating him and claims he's just proud of being with a girl like her - and has to fit in with the 'players' at the station or he won't survive there! Layla starts to sympathize and hugs Fish, who appears to have bigger issues than he's letting on. Layla suggests that they get intimate, takes off her shirt and makes an advance on Fish, who backs away nervously. When Fish tries to kiss her again, saying, "This will work," Layla wonders if he's really happy then seriously asks, "Are you gay?"


Still at the hospital, just as Rex assures Gigi that everything will be fine now, Gigi remembers that she has to work and rushes off - after Rex promises to be at the carriage house when she gets home.


Stacy enters the parking garage, with a crowbar in hand, and starts smashing Gigi's windshield! "Okay, you're next, Gigi," Stacy calmly says.


When Gigi approaches her car, she says, "Oh my God," then Stacy appears and asks, "Going somewhere?" Gigi reminds Stacy that she's no longer wanted there, but Stacy warns that she's not about to crawl away and give up Rex - especially after they had sex. Gigi calls Stacy a liar, and a tramp, but Stacy pushes on until Gigi punches her! After Gigi makes it clear that she'll never forgive Stacy for what she's done, and that she'll kill her if she comes near her family again, Stacy claims that she slept with Rex again, in the storage closet. As Stacy tempts Gigi to follow her downstairs to ask Rex, the two struggle -and Stacy falls down the stairs!


Roxy storms into the hospital, wondering why Rex didn't call her, but Rex screams, "Why did you risk my son's life?" Though Roxy tries to deny her part in Stacy's scheme, and rambles excuses as to why she got involved, Rex demands the truth about Shane's donor - and puts two and two together and says, "Oh my God… you didn't kill my father, you just hide him, in that nursing home… He was the man in the bed, he was the donor! My father saved my son." Roxy swears on Shane's life that she killed Rex's father, but Rex wants to know if he saved his son - and Roxy screams, "I saved his life! I took blood from his arm then I killed him!"


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Rex asks Roxy about his father.

Stacy gets exciting news!

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