Caught With Blood In Her Hands!

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

Stacy is lured into Rex's trap, Tea snaps at Todd about being with Blair, and Clint and Bo's relationship is full of tension...

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Still at the hospital, after Michael says he wants to try another transplant with Shane, Rex calls Stacy an angel and says, "She saved Shane before, she can do it again!" When Michael wants to take Stacy to extract her stem cells, she rushes off, pretending she's sick, leaving Gigi to say, "She's going to feel a lot worse by the time we're done with her." Michael coaxes Stacy from the bathroom, and Stacy finally agrees to have her stem cells harvested tonight - after she goes home to pack an overnight bag. Rex promises Gigi and Shane that he'll follow Stacy when she goes to get the stash of stem cells. Before Stacy leaves, Rex tells Stacy that he doesn't want to lose her, leading Stacy to ask, "Do you love me?" Rex admits he does, hugs Stacy then Gigi thanks her sister for helping Shane.


After Stacy leaves, Rex gives Gigi a kiss then rushes after Stacy, leaving Gigi to say, "Go get our blood." Michael and Shane rejoin Gigi, who is ecstatic to hear that Shane's real tests came back - Shane is doing great!


Stacy arrives at a storage room and starts looking through a rack of coats - until she finds the extra bag of blood.


Outside the storage closet, Rex is stopped from entering by the same security guard who had him arrested for sneaking into the club a few weeks prior! Rex is cuffed and taken away, as he screams for the guard to call Commissioner Buchanan!


Just as Stacy goes to leave the storage room, she comments on how the blood was chilled to perfection then goes to leave, calling Shane a brat along the way, but is stopped from doing so when Rex comes through the door!


When Tea finds Todd and Blair having sex inside the cabana, Blair laughs, as Todd dresses and goes to Tea to explain, who knees him in the groin! "You and me, done," Tea says, and Todd rushes after her, hoping to fix 'this'. Dressed and laughing in the doorway, Blair pretends to tidy up the pool patio while Todd explains to Tea that what she saw was out of context. He blames everything on Blair taking off her clothes, and him only trying to prove that he wasn't jealous of Chad, then says, "It meant nothing to me and certainly nothing to her." Tea wants clarification from Blair, who says, "It was just sex… hot, dirty sex, the kind of sex you can only have with someone you have a long history with…It's just that kind of sex…" Crying, Tea thanks Blair for being candid - and having given her all of the reasons for having to cut ties with Todd forever! "I never want to see you again," Tea says, as Todd calls her sweetheart then confesses that being with her has been some of the best times of his life. Though Todd claims Tea is the only one he wants, Tea urges him to admit there was never anything between them then Blair agrees with Tea and says if Todd had walked in on Tea in that position he would have tried to destroy her! As Todd tries to stop Tea from leaving, she pushes him in the pool then says to Blair, "He's all yours."


When Todd climbs out of the pool, he thanks Blair for what she's done then says, "I'm going to find Tea… She's actually worth it."


Destiny goes to The Palace to talk to Greg about Matthew, to ask how she would know if he really likes her, but is shocked to hear that Matthew's parents don't want him to have the surgery. Greg says there are risks involved with the surgery then stops Destiny from rushing to tell Nora and Bo what morons she thinks they are! Greg then drops another bomb and says he's leaving town, to help others who need him, but Destiny reminds him that she needs him too - and so does Matthew! "Shaun warned me not to get my hopes up about you," Destiny says. "I owe our brother an apology. I should've listened." Destiny hands Greg back the cell phone he gave her then leaves, and Greg stares at the picture of him and Destiny on her cell phone.


Over at the Buchanan mansion, Matthew is furious about his parents not allowing him to have the surgery - and Bo and Nora are stunned to hear that Matthew would rather be dead than in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. When Clint appears, and hears the news from Matthew, who then leaves the room, Clint suggests they should have given Matthew more say in their decision. "Don't tell me about my son," Bo says, leaving Clint to compare Bo and Matthew's relationship to Bo and Asa's - then Bo snaps, "You're not his father! You never will be!" Clint suggests Bo is afraid that he might look good in Matthew's eyes, and that Bo just resents him for taking his place in Nora's life! Nora tries to intercede, but Clint makes it clear that he's Matthew's uncle, and will soon be Nora's husband, tells Bo to get used to it then leaves to go find a new best man! Though Nora tells Bo that none of them meant what they said, Bo admits that he did - and says that they need to keep Matthew safe!


Destiny finds Matthew at the community center, playing the piano, and they try to figure out how to change his parents' minds. Crying, Destiny explains how her brother is leaving her then blames herself for getting Matthew's hopes up.


Next on One Life to Live:

Rex sees Stacy's true colors.

Marty rants at Todd.

Destiny is determined to help Matthew.

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