Let's Get It On!

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Todd and Blair fall back into old habits, Jessica apologizes to Starr and Cole, and Rex sets out to trap Stacy...

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While waiting for Carlotta, Cris runs into Tea at the hospital, and the two catch up, where Cris assures Tea that he doesn't hate her for the whole Vanessa ordeal. Over talk of Tea's KAD drama, and Kyle Lewis, Cris confides what Kyle told him about Fish, leaving Tea to wonder why Cris is so concerned about Layla getting her heart broken. Cris claims she's just a friend then turns talk to Tea and Todd - and Cris can't believe she's hooking up with Todd, again!


Todd barges into the cabana, finds Blair kissing the new swim instructor then asks, "What're you doing?" Todd dismisses Chad, tells him he's fired then kicks him out, leaving Blair to remind Todd that her love life isn't his business, as he's claimed to be over her!


The two continue to argue about Blair and the cabana boy, and Todd and Tea, until Blair asks, "Why are you with her? You care about Tea Delgado?" Though Todd wonders why she cares, Blair says, "I don't," and Todd replies, "I'm wondering which one of us is jealous now!" When Todd won't leave so Blair can change, Todd dares her to change in front of him - and she does! First Blair takes her top off, tosses it at Todd, taunting him, then removes her bikini bottoms - and Todd can't help himself and takes Blair in a passionate kiss!


Outside the cabana, when Tea appears, hollering for Todd, she hears moans coming from the cabana - and walks in on Todd and Blair having sex!


Inside the mansion, when Jessica arrives to see Starr and Cole, she promises she's not there to steal their baby but says she has something to say. After smiling at Hope, Jessica asks, "How do I apologize for what I did to you?" Starr is sympathetic, and tries to calm Cole, then explains to Jessica how initially she was furious at her but now knows how it feels to have her baby alive. "You and Chloe," Starr says. "She was Nash's daughter. You took her because you were in pain. I understand." Cole talks about how he started using drugs after thinking Hope had died, as Jessica cries, wishing she could undo the pain - and says how she'll be sorry for the rest of her life. Cole assures Jessica she's not to blame for his drug use then Starr finishes by wishing none of this had ever happened - and that she wishes Chloe was alive too - and Jessica feels the same. As Hope squeals, Starr picks her up and asks, "Do you want to hold her?" Jessica doesn't think it's a good idea, thanks them for listening then leaves


As John kisses Marty in her hotel room, Marty pulls back, reminding John that he's married, but John confides, "We're getting a divorce." As they kiss again, clothes start coming off, and they fall to the bed. John kisses and touches her, but Marty thinks of Todd doing the same - and pulls away! When John asks what's wrong, Marty says, "Todd," then apologizes, as Todd was the last person she was with. John reminds her that now she's here with him then promises that there's no rush - he's not going anywhere, and Marty lies down on John's chest. Later, John prepares to leave, promising to check in when he has Cole settled then kisses Marty goodbye, saying she's someone worth waiting for.


At the station, Fish gives Layla some tips on what it takes to be John's assistant, and when Layla wonders where John is, Fish says, "Something important must have come up." While waiting for John, Layla brings up their relationship, and how she doesn't want people to think she got the job because of Fish, then suggests they keep their connection a secret. Fish is relieved to hear that Layla doesn't want to breakup with him then agrees to keep work strictly professional. Just as Layla decides to sneak a kiss, Cris arrives outside the door, sees them then walks away.


Just as Stacy is about to drag Shane and Rex to the hospital, Gigi and Michael arrive at the carriage house. Though Gigi claims she flew in Michael from Seattle to look at Shane, Stacy accuses her of using Shane to one up Rex! Michael interrupts after looking over Shane, saying that he wants to bring Shane to the hospital for tests. After Rex and Stacy head out first, Shane is happy that Stacy bought their act, but Gigi reminds him, "Now we have to convince her you're dying." Shane reassures her by saying, "Piece of cake!"


Once at the hospital, Michael takes Shane for 'tests', as Stacy comforts Rex - with Gigi watching on. After Rex sends Stacy to get him coffee, he runs to give Gigi a kiss then says, "I'll be glad when this is over. We won't have to pretend anymore!" Stacy comes back in looking for her purse asking, "What're you pretending?" Rex covers, claiming he was telling Gigi that they are no longer together then says he's ready to try again at love - with Stacy! After Gigi goes out into the hallway, sarcastically saying she has to throw up, Stacy is surprised that Rex professed his feeling for her - and Rex assures Stacy that he has more surprises planned for their future too!


Out in the hallway, Gigi runs into Michael, who is happy to help trap Stacy - and is furious at what Stacy has done. They briefly talk about Marcie being pregnant then Michael goes to check on Shane, who is playing video games!


Later, Michael and Shane rejoin Gigi, Rex and Stacy, and Michael informs them all that Shane's Leukemia is back! As Shane cries, Rex says, "Thank God we have Stacy!" Rex goes to Stacy, thankful that she can help his son!

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Stacy is lured into Rex's trap!

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