Not Who He Appears To Be...

Monday, July 13th, 2009

Cris demands answers from Fish, Rex lies to Gigi, and Roxy confronts Stacy...

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Still at the diner, Kyle warns Cris that Fish isn't the guy he makes out to be. Though Cris wants to know the details as to what Fish is lying about, Kyle doesn't get into it but tells Cris he should warn Layla not to get involved with Oliver Fish.


When Layla and Fish arrive home, they wonder what to do until Cris comes home then kiss! Things move to the kitchen, where Fish sets Layla on the counter and continues kissing her until he stops and says, "I can't do this." Fish starts talking about how he respects her too much to go all the way on the first date, but Layla says, "Fish, it's okay," then kisses him again!


Later, Cris arrives home and finds Fish and Layla making out on the couch! After Layla heads to her bedroom, embarrassed, Cris tells Fish about running into Kyle then asks for an explanation about what Kyle meant by Fish not being who he seems to be. Fish talks about how he hasn't been friends with Kyle since college then claims he's just jealous because he wants Layla! When Layla comes back into the room, Cris makes his exit, and Layla is disappointed that the night had to end. Reminding her of her first day as John's assistant tomorrow, Layla kisses Fish goodnight - just as Cris walks back into the room.


Roxy barges into the loft, finds some lace panties hanging on a wine bottle then is shocked when Stacy announces that she and Rex are now lovers! Though Roxy tries to put some 'special ice cream' she brought for Rex in the fridge, Stacy snatches it away and says, "You came here to find something, didn't you?" Over talk of the blood, and the nurse who attacked Roxy, Stacy acts as though she has no idea what she's talking about - but wants to know if Roxy knows if someone else found out that the stem cells weren't hers! Roxy denies anyone else but them and Kyle knowing then claims the real donor is now burning in hell! Before leaving, Roxy warns Stacy that she'll never have a place in Rex's heart!


At the carriage house, Gigi asks Rex if he slept with Stacy, and just as Rex is about to tell Gigi the truth Shane arrives home - and is shocked to hear the truth about his parent's breakup! Shane feels awful for believing the things Stacy said to him then cries, "I'm so sorry, Mom," as he falls into Gigi's arms. Shane wants them to be a family again, and Rex promises they will be, but they have to trick Stacy into giving them back the extra stem cells first. Though they don't want to pretend that Shane has had a relapse, Shane wants to do it! Once Shane is in bed, Rex calls Stacy to say that he's staying at Gigi's tonight, on the couch, because Shane has a cold then hangs up. Gigi pushes Rex to finish their earlier conversation, to which Rex lies and says he didn't sleep with Stacy! Gigi is so relieved, she even sits down to share some ice cream when Shane reemerges.


Back at the loft, Stacy paces around with a glass of wine in her hand.


Somewhere, the nurse who attacked Roxy tells her boss that she took the stem cells from Roxanne and gave them to Stacy and says, "Everything's just the way you wanted it to be." Though the nurse can't understand why he would want that awful Stacy to have the stem cells, she figures that he must have his reasons. The nurse talks about how great his recovery is going, how surprised his family is going to be to see him then looks at a picture of Rex and Shane on his nightstand!


Roxy finds Kyle at the diner and blames him for sending the nurse after her! After Kyle denies it, Roxy thinks of Rex's father and says he's still haunting her from the grave! Roxy brings up Kyle's cop friend, Salmon, causing Kyle to correct her by snapping, "Fish," then storming off - and Roxy reminds herself that she has her own fish to fry.


Markko and Langston head upstairs at the mansion, leaving his father to ask Dorian, "What do you have to say for yourself?" Dorian replies, "Cake, anyone?" then tries to calm down the Riveras, who wonder what Markko and Langston are really doing upstairs!


Upstairs, Markko wonders if they should make good on their threat to make love with their parents downstairs - and Langston can't resist! However, neither can go through with it, and Markko explains how he had to make his father see that he wasn't going to give Langston up. Wanting to pass time, they play a competitive game of Wii.


Back downstairs, suddenly, everyone hears screaming, "Yes, Yes," and loud thuds coming from upstairs, causing Mr. Rivera to try to go upstairs - but Moe, Charlie and Shaun block the way, trying to get him to calm down. Meanwhile, Dorian, Noelle and Viki try to reassure Mrs. Rivera. Just then, Markko and Langston come downstairs, and Markko begs his father to respect him, and allow him to live his life. Though Mr. Rivera's idea of working things out is giving Markko an option, to stop seeing Langston or move out, Markko snaps, "Then throw me out, I'm staying right here!"


After Markko's parents storm out, Dorian thanks everyone for showing up tonight then protests when Langston offers for Markko to live at the mansion. Just as Langston wonders where Markko will go, Viki invites him to stay with her and Charlie at Llanfair.

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