Dorian Serves Crow For Dinner!

Friday, July 10th, 2009

Dorian hopes her plan works, Markko refuses to be kept from Langston, and Stacy tells Gigi she slept with Rex...

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Charlie and Viki go to the diner for dinner and are shocked to hear that Moe doesn't plan to go to Dorian's - like Dorian had said - and Noelle wants to know why Moe never mentioned this! With Shaun joining them, Viki, Charlie, Shaun and Moe relive everything that Dorian did to them, but Noelle reminds everyone about Markko and Langston. "Aren't they what this dinner is about?" Noelle asks. "I thought you all were better than this." When Viki ignores a call from Dorian, Noelle announces that she's going to Dorian's - for Markko's sake!


Dorian opens the door at the mansion to find Markko and his parents. As Dorian takes the Riveras into the living room, Langston breaks to the news to Markko that no one else is coming - and that they need to improvise! Now seated in the living room, as Dorian tries to apologize to Mr. Rivera, he questions where the other guests are - and Langston wonders if the Riveras would like a stronger drink, to step up from their sparkling water, to which Mr. Rivera suggests something 'virgin', perhaps - as he stares at Langston! Dorian leaves the room in frustration, and Markko and Langston briefly follow, to which Dorian promises them that everything will be okay.


When they rejoin Markko's parents, and are about to reveal the truth about their guests, Noelle blows in with Moe, Viki, Charlie and Shaun close behind - and Dorian mouths, "Thank you," to them. As Moe and Shaun go along with Dorian, claiming Moe was cooking and Shaun was watching the kids, Dorian asks Charlie and Viki if they brought the wine she couldn't find, leading Mr. Rivera to have a fit that Dorian would be so insensitive to ask an alcoholic to pick up booze! Dorian admits what she did to Charlie then gives him a sincere apology, but Mr. Rivera demands that Markko leave with them. However, Dorian screams, "Hold it right there!" Dorian admits that though she's done some terrible things, she is a giving person then warns Mr. Rivera to quite fighting with his son over her daughter before he loses him! Again, Mr. Rivera demands that Markko leave, but Markko refuses and says, "I'm making a choice, and I choose Langston. We made love because it was right for us." Though Markko respects his father's beliefs, Markko and Langston start to walk away, to which Markko announces that they are heading upstairs to have sex - and there's nothing his father can do to stop them!


While Gigi is getting them some wine, Rex gets a call from Schuyler wondering when he plans to tell Gigi that he slept with Stacy! Rex claims this is none of Schuyler's business, but Schuyler demands that Rex meet him at his apartment now! Rex hangs up and tells Gigi he has to leave on business, and she asks, "Are you sure that's what that was about?" Gigi thinks the call was from Stacy, but Rex assures her that he only has eyes for her, kisses her then leaves, promising he'll be back soon, so they can tell Shane everything.


After Rex leaves, Stacy arrives, and Gigi acts as though Rex still doesn't want anything to do with Gigi. However, Stacy notices Gigi's 'glow' and says, "If I didn't know any better, I'd say you got boink, and I bet I know from who!" As Stacy talks about how Gigi slept with Schuyler, she assures Gigi he's fair game then says, "You slept with my ex, and I slept with yours." As Stacy rubs it in Gigi's face, Gigi tries to act as though she doesn't care then nonchalantly throws Stacy out.


Alone, Gigi starts tearing up the carriage house in a fury!


Rex arrives at Schuyler's and listens as Schuyler rants about him doing Stacy on the dance floor, causing Rex to punch Schuyler! After Schuyler screams a bit, he warns Rex that it's only a matter of time before Stacy tells Gigi that Rex slept with her! Nervous, Rex finally admits he slept with Stacy then asks, "How dangerous is she?" Rex already knows the answer then warns Schuyler that he's back - and he'll take care of Gigi from now on!


Rex goes home, finds the carriage house a mess and hears that Stacy was there. "She said you had sex," Gigi says. "Did you?"


As Layla and Fish arrive at The Palace for dinner, Cris calls to see if she'll meet him for dinner at the diner. Layla quickly announces her date with Fish then says, "Thanks for thinking of me, good night, Cris." Once seated, Cris calls again to interrupt her date about them being out of orange juice then Layla hangs up and notices their waiter flirting with Fish! Layla points it out to Fish, who denies it, but Layla insists she can always tell when someone is gay. When Fish appears troubled, Layla says, "Just because the waiter's gay doesn't mean you're gay," leaving Fish to reply, "Let's get out of here." Layla agrees when Fish claims he just wants to finish their date back at home, in private.


Back at the diner, Kyle, who has overheard Cris' phone conversation with Layla, approaches Cris and the two talk about how Fish is dating Layla, to which Kyle says, "It's not going to work out, anyway." Cris wants to know what Kyle means, but Kyle assures Cris that he'll find out soon enough. "She could get hurt," Kyle says. "He's using her."

Next on One Life to Live:

Rex and Gigi set out on their plan.

Roxy confronts Stacy!

Cris demands answers from Fish!

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