The Past Comes Creeping Back...

Friday, May 15th, 2009

Jessica starts to remember her baby's birth, Brody and Jessica are unaware of a threat, and Todd, Tea, Blair and Marty continue to be tormented by Powell...

The Past Comes Creeping Back... image

Kyle is shocked when he goes to Todd’s and finds Rebecca answering the door! Rebecca explains that she and Todd are old friends, and that she’s watching his boys for a bit, then convinces Kyle to admit why he’s there – and Kyle confesses that Todd’s granddaughter is still alive! Not wanting her brother to get in trouble for knowing the secret, Rebecca vows to get him out of it, tells Kyle to watch the kids then leaves!


Brody follows Jessica home to Llanfair, and the two go upstairs to check on Chloe, who Jessica stares at – wishing she could protect her girls forever. Over talk of their relationship, Jessica admits, “I never thought that I’d feel this way again.” As Brody and Jessica share a kiss, Bree appears and asks, “Why were you kissing that man?” After introductions, though Bree wants Brody to go to Aunt Natalie’s wedding, Jessica makes up an excuse then takes Bree off to bed. Shortly after, Jessica returns and hears Brody telling a sleeping Chloe that they hit the lottery – by Chloe getting Jessica as her mother, and by Brody getting Jessica as his girlfriend. When Jessica goes to his side, Brody promises her that they’ll be together soon then says that some secrets are okay to keep. His statement causes Jessica to have a flashback to the night her baby was born – then Jessica gasps and stares at Chloe! Brody wonders what’s wrong, and Jessica blames all that’s going on with Hope’s exhumation for her anxiety then says that she doesn’t know what she would do if she ever lost her baby.


As Jessica walks Brody out, Rebecca sneaks into Chloe’s room and smiles down at the baby!


At the KAD Frat House, after Tea announces that she’ll kill Todd, Blair and Marty protest, but Tea claims that she’s going to put them all out of their misery – once and for all! Tea puts on a good show, and Powell explains how things are going to go down – Tea’s going to stab Todd, to give Marty, and even Blair, justice, he’s going to leave and Todd is going to die! Powell unties Tea but announces that she won’t be stabbing Todd – she’s going to shoot him! After Tea takes the gun from Powell, she aims it at Todd then turns the gun on Powell, who knew she could never kill Todd and says, “I put an empty clip in the gun!” As Powell points a loaded gun at Tea, Todd pleads with him to let the women go. “If you had to pick,” Powell asks Todd, “which one matters to you the most? Whoever you pick, lives, and the other two don’t.” When Todd can’t pick, Powell leaves Marty with Todd – and takes Blair and Tea away!


Alone with Todd, Marty looks around the room and starts remembering everything about the night that she was raped! Seeing Marty’s reaction, Todd asks, “Marty, what’s wrong?”


Powell takes Blair and Tea down to the basement, but when they refuse to enter a back room, Tea tries to run – and Powell shoots! Tea screams then falls down the stairs!


Still in Dorian’s bedroom, Lola laughs about Langston and Markko then says, “They wanted a night to remember… Langston and Markko and baby makes three!” After Ray demands the truth from Lola, and asks what drugs she’s taken, Lola reminds her father that he knows nothing about the truth then eludes Dorian’s pressure to tell them what she did to Langston and Markko. “Do condoms work when you poke holes into them?” Lola smirks.


Over at The Palace, after Langston hands Markko a condom, one she explains that Dorian gave her, they move to the bed and Langston opens the condom! Just then, Dorian calls Langston and Markko’s cell phones, but the kids don’t answer – until the room phone rings. Langston is shocked to hear Dorian say, “Those condoms I gave you, if you use them you could end up pregnant!” Though Dorian doesn’t give her an explanation, Langston promises not to use them, hangs up, then is relieved that Markko never wanted to use ‘Dorian’s condoms’ anyway – and that he brought his own! Langston and Markko make love!


Back at the mansion, Dorian assures Ray that she got to Langston in time. Ray warns Lola that they are going to talk later, when she’s not high, about why she does the things she does to people, but Lola wants to play confessional now and admits that she’s done something awful to hurt him. Suddenly, Lola thinks Dorian is her mother and screams, “Mama, you’re supposed to be dead! I killed you!” Lola explains how she found her mother in bed with another man then cries about how she didn’t know what to do – and how she could have saved her father – then cries, “I killed Mama and made you pay.” Ray is devastated but holds Lola and promises, “Everything is going to be all right.”

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Blair and Tea are in grave danger.

Jessica wonders what Natalie and Jared are hiding.

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