Not Your Normal Frat Party!

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Todd, Blair, Marty and Tea find themselves at Powell’s mercy, John wants to get to Marty, and Markko can't wait to be alone with Langston...

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With Powell looking over him, Todd wakes up in the same room at the KAD Frat House where they raped Marty! Powell explains that he bought the KAD house and went through a lot of trouble to recreate this night – the night that Todd orchestrated Marty’s rape! “Who’s helpless now?” Powell asks Todd, who is strapped to the bed, then reminds him that that night, three men went after Marty – and now it’s his turn… Powell opens the door to show the three women who are going to attacked their prey – Todd! Blair, Tea and Marty are wheeled out, strapped to chairs, where Powell shows Marty a knife then confesses to all of the murders – of all of the people who hurt Marty: Janet, Wes, Blair, who survived, and Talia, who was at the wrong place at the wrong time.


Todd screams for Powell to let the women go then he taunts him by saying, “You want to kill me, get it over with!” “You’re going to die, but I’m not going to be the one to kill you,” Powell announces, with his arms stretched out. “They are!” One by one, Powell talks about the wrongs that Todd has done to Blair, Tea and Marty then demands that Todd tell them he is sorry! Todd turns the tables on Powell, and claims he’s doing this to ease his own guilt, but Powell ungags Marty and says, “Kill Todd.” When Marty claims, “This is not what I want,” Powell goes to Blair, who says, “Go to hell,” then he heads over to Tea and demands that they all take their power back and kill Todd! “Which one of you is going to be first?” Powell asks, to which Tea replies, “I will.”


John is still straitjacketed in the Sitwell Institute when he has an illusion to include his father’s friend, Pete, who pushes him to think of his father and asks, “What would he do?” John thinks it over, starts screaming as though he’s losing it then two orderlies come inside the padded cell with a syringe – but John hides behind the door then takes on both men! Wondering how he’s going to get out of the straitjacket, Pete reminds John of his favorite book, by Harry Houdini, then John manages to wiggle out of the straitjacket before his escape!


At prom, Starr thanks Cole for bringing her tonight then they look at Markko and Langston. Over talk of their first time, Cole and Starr agree that things were different back then – but now they can’t get the exhumation out of their heads. Suddenly, Langston and Markko appear. Though Markko wants to leave, Langston acts nervous – and Lola joins them accusing her of being scared! Lola is high as a kite, and the kids try to help her, but Lola refuses their help and warns Langston not to get knocked up! Starr urges Langston not to worry about Lola – or about being with Markko – then gives her a pep talk for the night ahead. Langston and Markko leave, Lola laughs from the bleachers and Cole and Starr share one last dance, where they talk about what it would have been like for Hope at their age. “Cole,” Starr says, “Do you think maybe we could…” to which Cole replies, “Yeah, we can.”


Over at the cemetery, as Bo and Michael lead up the exhumation, Marcie appears. Though Michael begs her to leave, Marcie insists on staying. When the coffin is brought up, Marcie promises Hope that she’s not going to leave her.


Hearing a guitar, Dorian goes to Ray’s bedroom and invites him – and his guitar – into her bedroom to pass the time. In her bedroom, with Ray playing the guitar, Dorian beats herself up for allowing Langston to go out and have sex. Ray assures her that Langston is wise beyond her years then compliments Dorian with a massage. After Ray challenges Dorian to ‘love him’, she stands and Ray scoops her up in his arms as they kiss!


Later, as Ray and Dorian are making love, Lola barges through the door, high, screaming about how everyone is having sex tonight! Once dressed, Ray tends to Lola, as Dorian goes to call Langston – but Lola stops her and laughs. “You don’t want to do that because right now Langston is having sex with Markko! He didn’t want me, so I fixed him!” Dorian demands, “What have you done to Langston and Markko?”


Langston and Markko arrive at The Palace, and after they get through their admitted nervousness, the get changed – and slowly get close. As things get intimate, Langston takes out the condoms that Dorian gave her then hands one to Markko.


Cole and Starr arrive at the cemetery and see that the exhumation is finished. Alone, knelling by the empty grave, they wonder what the truth will bring them.

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