Temptations Linger...

Monday, May 11th, 2009

Cole is tempted to take a pill, Powell and Rebecca continue with their plan, and Langston and Dorian have it out...

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Across town at the drug store, as Markko is looking at the condoms behind the counter, his mother’s friend pops up – wondering if Markko is there for ‘supplies’ for the prom! Though Markko thinks she means condoms, the woman hands him some breath strips then, as an afterthought, says, “How could I be so stupid… You need rubbers, don’t you?” Embarrassed, Markko tries to leave, but the woman talks about the money that his mother spent on his new shoes – then hands him some shoe rubbers!


As Cole is leaving the Buchanan mansion, he runs into Matthew, who tries to joke about his condition. The guilt prevents Cole from sharing in Matthew’s jokes then Rachel appears, to which Cole fills them in on how he needed to talk to Bo about his baby. When Matthew goes inside, Rachel wonders how Cole is doing, after seeing Matthew in the wheelchair for the first time, but Cole gets a pleading call from Markko – needing help – and has to leave.


Rachel goes inside to see Matthew and listens as he talks about how he asked Destiny to go to the prom, but she refused his offer – because he wasn’t being a very good friend. Rachel then persuades Matthew to go to the prom – saying he’s bound to have a good time!


Inside the living room, Bo admits to Nora that he had an impulse to kiss her back in the car. Nora quickly wants to change the subject, as Bo wonders why they were feeling that way. Over talk of Clint, Bo and Nora agree to drop the conversation. As Bo and Nora hug to friendship, Clint appears and rants about always finding his girlfriend in the arms of his brother! Clint doesn’t want to be pushed away, admits he’s jealous then demands, “What’s going on between you and Nora?” Bo admits that he almost kissed Nora, the other day, causing Nora to snap, “But it didn’t happen!” Clint appreciates Bo’s honesty then rants at Nora about keeping the truth from him, causing Bo to blame Clint for this whole mess – because Clint is the one who decided to date his ex-wife! Suddenly, Rachel and Matthew appear to announce that it’s picture time – Matthew’s going to the prom!


When Cole arrives at the drug store, Markko explains his predicament then Cole agrees to buy the condoms for him. Cole admits that he’s trying to get better, even though he used Markko to take the drug test for him, then asks for Markko’s forgiveness. Markko is inspired by Cole’s admission then decides to go buy the condoms himself. As Markko walks away, Cole runs into a woman, accidentally knocks her bag out of her hand, then helps her pick up her belongings. Cole spots a bottle of prescription pills and holds them in his hand...


Just as Langston gleams to Starr that she’s planning to go all the way with Markko, Dorian enters the foyer of the mansion and brings up what Lola told her – about Operation Deflower! Langston marches into the living room and slaps Lola! Furious, Langston screams to Lola that she can’t have her boyfriend, that she’s sleeping with Markko tonight and that there’s nothing that Lola – or Dorian – can do about it! After Dorian offends Starr, calling her ‘a cautionary tale for teenage pregnancy’, Starr leaves Dorian and Langston alone. Though Dorian tries to sway Langston’s decision, Langston gives a mature scenario about how she and Markko are ready for the next step.


Ray arrives home and confronts Lola, after getting the scoop from Starr on the trouble that Lola caused. Ray encourages Lola to find another boy, someone really special to her, then leaves the room. Lola then goes to her computer and chats away on a webcam about getting even!


Later, Dorian goes upstairs and hands Langston a fancy little tin, containing condoms, then reluctantly says, “I trust you… I love you.” Once Dorian leaves, Starr returns, and Langston says that prom would be perfect – if she and Cole were going too.


At Todd’s, Jack sees Todd, Blair and Tea passed out and starts to call 911. However, Powell appears, in an EMT uniform, and says, “Put the phone down, Jack.” Powell explains that someone called and said ‘Jack’ needed help then asks, “Who do you think hurt your parents and their friend?” Though Jack thought McPain might have done it, he finally replies, “It was you.” Suddenly, Rebecca comes downstairs with Sam, and Jack screams, as Starr calls him, then listens while Powell warns, “You’re going to do exactly as I say…” Powell then allows Jack to take Starr’s call, where Jack lies to his sister, saying that Todd, Blair, he and Sam are heading out to the movies – and that she can stay out, with their father’s car, until they get back! When Starr wants to talk to Blair, Jack says that their father is helping her get into the car, which seems to appease a suspicious Starr, who finally hangs up. As Powell gets rid of the tainted envelopes, he explains that Rebecca is going to stay with him and Sam, while he takes Todd, Blair and Tea away! Powell promises Rebecca that he’ll be back – when it’s over!

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