He's Bad News

Monday, October 30th, 2006

Cris gives Natalie a warning, Cole asks if he can kiss Starr, Spencer claims to be the only one to save Kelly's life and Vincent gets a response from 'Hugh' after talking about his kiss with Natalie

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David Fumero

Natalie tells Cris that Vincent admitted to her that he had a hand in Cris's fight going bad. Cris wants Natalie to go with him to the police, but she won't. Cris asks why Natalie is protecting Vincent, asks if something is going on with her and Vincent. Natalie says of course not, says that Vincent is trying to change! Cris is furious that she's helping Vincent and not him. Cris gets serious, says he hopes Natalie isn't getting involved with Vincent like she did with Paul Cramer after thinking Cris was dead. Natalie assures Cris that nothing is going to happen between her and Vincent. Before Cris goes, he tells Natalie that she's going to go with him to the station in the morning to tell Bo what she knows!

Evangeline goes to a nurse, says that she thinks Hugh is trying to tell her something.

The man under the bandages calls out for Natalie.

Vincent shows up to see Hugh, and Evangeline gives him a hard time. After Vincent shows no signs of leaving, Evangeline tells him that Hugh is acting strange. They go in to see Hugh. The man mumbles something. They call the nurse in again, and she gives the patient a sedative. Vincent apologizes to Evangeline for everything, says that he told Natalie the same thing tonight. Evangeline questions if Natalie gave Vincent hell, says that if she did he deserved it! Vincent says he plans to help Cris, but Evangeline says to leave him alone. Evangeline leaves

Vincent sits next to Hugh's bedside. He tells Hugh he was right, that he messed up with Layla. He goes on to say that he told Natalie about fixing Cris's fight, says he had a weak moment after kissing her. The man in the hospital bed grabs Vincent's hand! Vincent jokes about Hugh's grip. He tells him that, for the record, Natalie kissed him. Vincent leaves, and the man in the bed opens and closes his hand.

Out in the hall, Evangeline sees Vincent, tells him that she can't shake the feeling that Hugh was trying to tell her something. Vincent agrees, says that he had the same feeling.

Blair and Todd ask Starr if she's okay after seeing that slideshow. Cole expresses that Starr is too tough to let Britney bother her. Starr and Cole get invited to a party, but Cole needs to get home. When Todd offers to take Cole home, Starr says they'll take a cab. Todd tells Cole to have her home in an hour!

Starr is surprised that Cole still wants to be with her after seeing the slideshow. Cole tells her he likes her, but asks If it was true what they said about Todd, if he really did rape someone. Starr explains that her dad made a mistake in college, that he would never do that again. When Starr goes to get her jacket, Cole watches her go with a strange look clouding his eyes When they arrive at Starr's, Cole apologizes for bring about Todd's past. He asks if he can kiss her and Starr nods. They kiss

At home, Todd worries about Starr having to endure pain because of his past. Blair tries to cheer him up as she talks of their past good memories. They share a passionate kiss

Bo tells Clint, Vicki and Dorian that Spencer wants to come and save the baby. Vicki wants to tell Kelly about Spencer's offer to help, but Dorian insists on telling Kelly. Bo says if Kelly wants Spencer to help her, he'll make it happen.

After Dorian, Clint and Vicki go in to see Kelly, Michael tells them to leave, says that he needs to deliver the baby. They tell Kelly about Spencer, and Kelly thinks that Spencer can save her baby but asks Kevin to decide.

Kevin prays for Duke's help, asks him what he should do. Kevin calls Bo, asks to talk to Spencer. Bo hands the phone to Spencer. Kevin tells Spencer he's not letting him near Kelly or the baby. Clint says Kevin did the right thing. He goes to Kelly, tells her Spencer won't be helping them. Michael gives Kelly an emergency C-section.

Bo and Paige question what Spencer did to Kelly. Spencer taunts Bo with what happened to Duke, to Kelly. When Bo asks for Spencer to give him his phone, Spencer crushes it, says the phone is dead just like Kelly's baby.

Michael informs Kelly and Kevin that he has the baby, that it's a boy. After Michael goes silent, Kelly and Kevin look to him in fear. Kelly asks if her baby is alive

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