Struggling From Within...

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Starr helps Cole as he experiences withdrawal, John looks into his hunch regarding the killer, and Todd and Tea go head to head in court...

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Upstairs, as Jack barges through Starr’s bedroom door, she gets rid of him by acting as though she’s sick – then gets back to helping Cole, who is going through major withdrawals. Suddenly, Rachel calls and reminds Cole of his drug test today then Cole hangs up – in fear of Rachel finding out that he wasn’t really with his mother last night. Freaking out, Cole demands that Starr go to his mom’s room to get him some pills, but Starr talks Cole through the pain of his withdrawals and holds him close. Starr starts reminiscing about their past together, both good and bad, then leaves Cole to get something downstairs.


Downstairs, when Dorian can’t get a hold of Tea, she worries about the custody hearing, and Ray shows a big interest in helping to prevent Todd from getting the kids back! Jack appears and needs help with a project, which Ray takes charge of while Dorian heads out to find Tea. Once alone, Jack informs Ray that his father will be fighting for his kids today!


Nora comes downstairs at the mansion, just as Rachel hangs up with Cole. Noticing that Rachel appears deep in thought, Nora wonders if Cole’s been lying to her already. Rachel lashes out at her mother, feeling sorry for Cole – and wanting to help him! Suddenly, Clint and Matthew appear, and Clint scolds the women for fighting and asks them to ‘take it outside’! When Matthew asks what’s wrong, Rachel shares that she’s counseling Cole, and even though Nora wants her off of the case, Matthew is all for it and says, “He needs someone like you.”


In the living room, Bo and Fish look at the photo of Marty that was found in her room at The Palace, and Bo believes that John left it purposely - so they would know that the killer had been lurking around. After Bo admits that he believes in John, he instructs Fish to report to him only, not the mayor, in order to help John beat the charges.

Bo and Fish join Matthew, Nora, Clint and Rachel, and Bo gives Matthew a gift from David – his big brother – a lifetime supply of ‘Have A Seat’! Like a champ, Matthew laughs it off then heads to the van for school – for the first time since the accident. With Clint watching on, Bo puts his arm around Nora and assures her that he feels her pain.


Though Tea’s alarm goes off, and she wants to prepare for court, Todd seduces her back to bed. Later, over coffee, Tea is outraged to see Todd’s latest Sun headline about John. Just then, Dorian arrives at the door, and Tea tries to get rid of her, as Todd hides. As Dorian sees the breakfast cart, she thinks Tea spent the night with RJ and starts shouting out to her old friend – until Tea can finally get rid of her by saying she’ll call her with the good news from court later! Before Tea goes to take a shower, she tells Todd, “See you in court.”


Later, in court, Tea is shocked to see that they have a new judge assigned to the case and asks that they reconvene to a later date. However, after both Todd and Tea state their case, the judge begs them to leave their personal issues outside of the courtroom then grants Todd temporary custody of Starr, Jack and Sam! After Todd screams in victory, Tea whispers to him, “Did you sleep with the judge too?”


When Dorian arrives back home, she informs Ray that the custody hearing is a closed hearing. Shortly after, Tea and Todd appear, and Dorian’s biggest fears are revealed – that Todd won temporary custody! Starr enters the room, as Todd collects Sam and Jack, and Todd demands that she pack up – and says, “It’s time to move out!”


In a motel room in Rochester, John tells Marty he’s hoping they find the killer right there – in town! Over talk of Powell Lord, John informs that he’s in Rochester – at the Sitwell Institution. Though John tries to leave alone, Marty insists on going with him, saying that Powell can’t hurt her anymore!


John and Marty arrive at the Sitwell Institution to visit Powell and claim to be family – his cousins, Kevin and Jessica Buchanan! After Marty and John give a bogus reason why they haven’t visited Powell all of these years, the secretary asks for their ID’s – and John hands over some fake passports.


When the woman leaves to go check with security, a breaking news story pops up on her laptop screen about the search for a serial killer and his possible abductee - John and Marty!


Next on One Life to Live:

Bo and Nora grow closer through their son.

Starr leaves Cole at a very bad time.

John makes another discovery!

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