Cole's Secret Is Out!

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Lola plans to get back at Markko and Langston, Viki knows Todd has feelings for Tea, and Todd uses John's situation to his advantage...

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When Dorian arrives home, she demands to know why the cops are there, to which Ray, Lola, Langston and Markko inform her that Talia was stabbed there last night. Stunned, Dorian briefly snaps about all that's gone on since Ray's moved into the mansion then picks up on Langston's tension, who snaps, "My cousin tried to steal my boyfriend, that's what wrong." As Lola lies, Markko tells Ray - and everyone - the truth about how Lola didn't just apologize, but she continued to hit on him! Before Ray can address his daughter, Lola vows to make Markko and Langston pay for turning her father against her!


Alone, although Ray explains to Dorian that he told Lola that what she was doing was wrong, he admits he can't ask his daughter to ignore her heart's desire - if he can't do the same with Dorian!


Over at the rehab center, Cole is shocked to meet his new counselor - Matthew's sister! Though Cole wonders how Rachel, someone who must hate him, can help him, she assures him she's there to do just that - from one drug addict to another. Rachel demands total honesty and commitment then Cole agrees to work with her. As Rachel talks, Cole thinks back to having Markko do his drug test. Rachel is amazed that Cole isn't going through withdrawals yet but gives him her number should he ever need her help. Before Cole leaves, he asks about Matthew, but Rachel informs that she's only there for him - but that he's free to give Matthew a call.


Just as Cole goes to leave, Lola appears at Rachel's door. Lola claims she's doing this for Cole's own good - then tells Rachel that he asked Markko to take his last drug test for him!


At the station, Bo calls Cris into his office to inform him of Talia's death. Bo tells Cris that Antonio is on his way home then asks for him to talk to those close to Talia - before her death breaks in the news.


Outside Bo's office, Marty can't believe that Nora is charging John with murder. After Nora makes it clear that she has to follow procedure, they talk about Matthew and how much Rachel is helping him. When Bo joins them, Nora says, "Someone will show up. I just don't see myself prosecuting John McBain," to which a voice says, "Why the hell not?" The mayor refuses to wait for the Llanview Police Department's press release about John's arrest and shows them the one he's come up with. "John McBain did not kill anyone!" Bo screams. "The murderer is still out there!" Bo asks the mayor to give him until the end of the day to release his own statement. However, the mayor informs that his statement has already been released to every media outlet in the country!


With John in jail, Zach hollers through the bars, wondering what he's in for. Tea arrives and goes over the charges on John, leading Zach to wonder why he's there if John's the killer. Though John thinks the cops have nothing on him, Tea reminds him that the mayor will be pressuring Nora. John lays out his theory on who's framing him, Todd - and Tea thinks he may have something! "How did you go from being his number one defender to wanting to see him fry?" John asks but doesn't wait for Tea's answer - he wants Tea to get him out, so he can find out who's framing him! John agrees to have Tea as his lawyer then she leaves to see what she can do.


As Zach is taken out for his arraignment, Marty appears to see John, and John grabs Zach through the bars as he rants about Marty and John being a killer! Once alone, Marty asks if Zach isn't the killer then who is, to which John replies, "I don't think it was Todd."


Viki arrives at The Sun and asks Todd to stop what he's doing to Tea. Though Todd claims that Tea doesn't need defending, Viki continues ranting - until Todd tells her about his romp with Tea - and how she turned the tables on him! After hearing Todd whine, Viki suggests that Todd has a thing for Tea! Suddenly, Todd gets a call, looks at his computer screen then says, "Seems I don't need Tea anymore." Todd is happy to hear that John has been arrested for murder then leaves to go get his kids back!


Still at the station, Nora admits to Tea that she's glad that she's helping John but warns that the mayor has released John's arrest. Just as Tea leaves to do damage control, she runs into Todd, who says, "Hi, honey, what's new."


From her apartment, Layla leaves a message for Talia, ranting that she promised to be home to walk the dog, Sarah's Cristian Vega, before Layla's big meeting then says, "If you are late, I'll kill you!" As Layla scrambles to get ready, Cris arrives to talk to her, but Layla just snaps at Cris until he says, "Talia's not coming home." Though Cris says that Talia was murdered, Layla thinks he's playing a cruel joke on her and leaves to walk the dog - warning that he better not be there when she returns! When Layla returns, she sadly talks to Cris about how Talia renamed the dog, Beloved…


In the morgue, as Bo is paying his respects to Talia, Antonio appears, and Bo says, "I'm sorry, Antonio."

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Cole ends up doing the right thing.

Antonio helps out John.

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