John, Did You Do This?

Monday, April 20th, 2009

The mayor wants John charged, Rex's father begins stirring to life, and Schuyler becomes suspicious of Stacy...

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After John pulls Talia from the pool at Dorian's, Fish appears and is shocked when John takes her pulse then says, "I'm sorry." John explains how he found Talia then asks Fish to check the grounds. Before Marty appears, John notices a ring on Talia's pinky finger, and when he informs Fish, who has returned, that it was Zach's ring, which was locked in the evidence room, Fish has to ask, "John, did you do this?" Fish explains how the lab found John's print on the knife found in Zach's room then admits that he doesn't believe John is a killer - but warns that the mayor is out for his blood! John demands that Fish call Bo, now…


Back at the station, as Bo continues to defend John, the mayor appears and again demands that they arrest John within the next hour! Suddenly, Bo gets a call from Fish saying that he has John - but they have an officer down. After Bo hangs up, he relays the news that Talia was stabbed - and is dead!


When Fish hangs up his cell, he informs John that Bo is on his way then urges him to run - to get away while he can - because the mayor is gunning for him. Though Marty begs John to listen to Fish, John hears the sirens and faces Bo and the mayor when they arrive. At the mayor's insistence, Fish is forced to arrest John for capital murder!


Outside Shane's room, after Roxy tells Gigi, "It wasn't Stacy's blood saving him," Gigi appears confused, but Roxy explains that Shane has all of their blood in him - because they are a family. Roxy then urges Gigi to tell Rex the truth! As Gigi watches Rex with Shane, she says, "Maybe you're right." Michael appears and everyone goes into Shane's room, where he explains that the procedure went well, leaving everyone with positive thoughts for Shane's recovery. As Shane gushes about Stacy, Roxy reminds him how much his mom and dad love him then runs off to find Stacy for Shane. While Shane rests, Rex takes Gigi in his arms and holds her close.


As Schuyler enters Stacy's examining room, he catches her throwing away her blood, but Stacy talks her way out of his suspicions and claims she was throwing away a tissue - in the wrong container. Over talk of Rex, Schuyler thinks that Stacy is up to something, causing Stacy to become irate! Just then, Roxy appears and says, "How ya doing, donor girl?" While Schuyler leaves to get Stacy something to eat, Roxy breaks the news that Shane's transplant went well - and now Gigi is going to blow her out of the water!


Gigi pulls Rex out into the hallway and starts to tell him about Stacy, as Stacy peers from around the corner, but suddenly, Shane screams in pain!


With everyone rushing to his side, including Michael, Rex and Gigi want answers, but Michael assures them that they will run tests to see what's going on. As Michael and Rex tend to Shane, Stacy appears and pulls Gigi out of the room. Stacy reminds Gigi that Shane's condition went downhill just as she was about to tell Rex the truth - breaking her promise to God - then says if Shane would have died, it would've been her fault! Just then, Rex interrupts to inform them that Shane is feeling better. When Gigi goes to see her son, Stacy smiles at Rex saying, "I just knew he'd make it through this one too."


At the special care facility, the brainwave machines hooked to Rex's father begin going crazy! Shortly after, Roxy arrives with champagne and bashes the man in the bed about not having to look at him ever again - because she got what she wanted. Suddenly, an arm reaches up and tries to choke Roxy! When a nurse appears, she sees the bottle of booze and doesn't believe that the man attacked Roxy. "I'm not drunk, I get plastered a lot… believe me, I'm not close," Roxy says then suggests she look at the monitors. However, the nurse doesn't see a change and demands that Roxy leave! After Roxy leaves, the nurse calls her crazy, says the man is brain-dead then walks out - never noticing the man lifting his hand from the bed!

When Roxy arrives back at the hospital, she pulls Gigi out into the hallway and demands to know why she hasn't told Rex the truth about Stacy!


Viki and Charlie sit at the diner, talking about Nora and Clint's issues, and Charlie surprises Viki by saying she's allowing Clint to pour his problems all over her! Viki tries to ease Charlie's upset about feeling like a third wheel among her and Clint, but Charlie wants to know why they don't live together yet? "I want to wake up beside you every morning for the rest of my life," Charlie says, to which Viki says she wants that too. Though Viki wants Charlie to move into Llanfair, Charlie was hoping that he could build them a new house - and Viki finally says that her home is wherever Charlie is. Charlie agrees to move into Llanfair.


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Todd uses John's situation to his advantage.

Viki knows Todd has feelings for Tea.

Lola plans to get back at Markko and Langston.

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