Dorian Gets A Dose Of Hemorrhoid Treatment!

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

David appears to be more trouble than he's worth to Dorian, Hank wants to help Nora, and Natalie and Jared make a decision...

Dorian Gets A Dose Of Hemorrhoid Treatment! image

From Hollywood, David calls Dorian and says, "Things are looking up! You're going to see me today!" Though David isn't home, he explains that he's booked a national commercial that will be airing in a few minutes!


As Dorian turns on the television, with Ray watching her, she boasts about her Hollywood husband. After a bit of tension-filled arguing, Dorian persuades Ray to stay and watch the commercial with her - but she's shocked to see the commercial… David promoting hemorrhoid cream! As Dorian watches David taking a seat, in agony, and talking about how hemorrhoids ruin the lives of many, Ray can't help but smirk! "One swipe with a wipe and you'll be sitting on top of the world!" David says from onscreen. After the commercial, when David calls back, Dorian acts as though she's proud of him, for Ray's benefit, then asks David to come home to celebrate! However, David says he has a contract and ends the call with Dorian to take a call from his agent!


Wondering if Ray is enjoying her misery, Ray says he's sorry that she feels bad, claims he was going to apologize to her at Capricorn - until he saw her kissing 'that other guy' - then claims he wants to make her feel better… Ray kisses Dorian - and she kisses him back!


Out in the foyer, Shaun answers the door to his sister, Destiny, who punches him playfully in the stomach! Destiny asks Shaun to talk to 'you know who', the one person who could help her paralyzed friend. However, Shaun refuses to call 'him' then sends Destiny on her way. Outside the mansion, Destiny vows to contact this person on her own.


At the gym with Bree, Jessica is stunned to see Brody, who wants to talk to her about what's going on with Gigi. Brody explains that he wants to be with Jessica - and that he's crazy about her - but Jessica reminds him of being with Gigi. Though Brody wants to tell Jessica everything, he can't break his promise to Gigi, causing Jessica to leave, thinking it's best that nothing happened between them.


Everyone arrives at the Buchanan mansion for the welcome home party Clint has prepared for Matthew. As Natalie looks around for any sign of Jessica, Jared wonders if she's changed her mind about keeping the secret. As Nigel announces Matthew's presence, everyone screams, "Welcome Home," but Matthew pulls back, apologizes to his Uncle Clint then says, "I just don't want to see anyone right now." After Matthew leaves the room, Natalie tries to comfort her father, as Jessica arrives with the children to hear about Matthew's homecoming. Over talk of Jessica's disappointment over Brody, she tells Natalie and Jared that she doesn't need a man - as long as she has her girls. Natalie and Jared pick this moment to announce that they'll be honored to be Chloe's Godparents!


With Matthew in the foyer, he explains to his parents that he doesn't want anyone to feel sorry for him - and that he only feels comfortable around Destiny, who gives it to him like it is. After Matthew wants only Bo to help him to his room, Clint approaches Nora to apologize, but she blows him off and asks for some time alone. Later, Hank appears to cheer Nora up - by bringing her daughter Rachel home!


As Roxy and Kyle enter the special care facility, she makes it very clear to Kyle that Stacy isn't her friend - and neither is John Doe! When Kyle asks if Roxy has the power of attorney, Roxy pushes him through the door - and orders Kyle to take what he needs then to say that the samples belong to Stacy! Inside, Kyle talks about how harvesting the stem cells can be dangerous then begins with the procedure.


Stacy enters Shane's room, and Gigi watches as Shane and Stacy excitedly talk about how she's going to save his life! However, when Michael arrives and asks Stacy if she's ready for a series of injections to prepare for the transplant, Stacy refuses to go with him! Gigi asks to talk to Stacy. As everyone awaits their return, Rex appears very suspicious!


In the hallway, Gigi demands to know if Stacy is backing out of their deal, but Stacy claims she hates needles. Just as Gigi insists that she go through with this, whether she likes it or not, Rex appears and tells Stacy how much he appreciates what she's doing. When Michael joins them in the hallway, he whisks Stacy away, leaving Rex asking Gigi, "How can you still be mad at her? She's saving our kid's life!" Rex storms back into Shane's room, and Brody calls to check in on Gigi. Crying, Gigi thanks Brody, and says he's the only one who can understand what she's going through - until Rex overhears, rips the phone from her hand and chastises Gigi for thinking about her boyfriend while her sister is out there trying to save their son's life!


Later, after a few text message exchanges with Brody, Gigi rejoins Shane and Rex in Shane's room. Shane picks up on the tension and wonders what's going on between his parents - and what it has to do with his Aunt Stacy. Though they don't let on about their troubles, Rex agrees that he and Gigi will be nicer to Stacy after this!


In the exam room, Michael explains how they have to get Stacy's stem cells to the correct level then leaves to get an injection. Though Stacy calls Roxy to get her out of this, Roxy refuses, and Michael reappears with a needle! As Michael gives her some more time to think about going through with this, Stacy fantasizes about how Rex will fall for her after she saves Shane then allows Michael to do the procedure!

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