The Mannings Are Together... For Now.

Friday, August 11th, 2006

Starr has a memory lapse, Jessica is getting close to integration, John and Bo are on the hunt for proof and Spencer is on the brink of losing it all.

The Mannings Are Together... For Now. image

Antonio accuses Nash of having something to do with the robbery. Clint shows up, telling them that Jessica is getting close to integration. Jessica finds Tess's journal.

Mickey Jerome, winner of I WANNA BE A SOAP STAR, appears today, as Ted, a former cop, offering to help Natalie study for her exams. Vincent eyes him from afar. Turns out, Vincent sent him to Natalie to help her out, but what will Vincent want from her in return? Natalie tells Vincent to mind his own business, to stay out of her life.

John and Bo are in the lab, analyzing the picture of Spencer and his gun. Bo needs to get the picture back to Spencer's before he knows it's missing.

Todd overhears Spencer making a house purchase for him and his 'new family.' Starr wakes up thinking her parents are still together, having no memory of the last year of her life.

Kelly tells Hugh that Kevin knows about the baby. Kevin goes to Jessica for support, wondering how he's going to look at his new grandson. Jessica assures Kevin that he'll be able to accept the baby. But will he be able to accept Kelly? Kevin holds baby Brennan, realizing he may be able to love Kelly and Duke's baby if he lets himself.

Paige arrives at the station to congratulate Bo on getting his job back. John is at the shooting range, images of Spencer flashing before his eyes as he plugs bullet after bullet into a target. Suddenly, John realizes where Spencer's gun is!

Starr questions her condition, asks Blair why she's not wearing her engagement ring. She puts Todd and Blair's hands together.

Clint warns Nash not to manipulate Jessica, tells Antonio not to pressure her into remembering things. Antonio says he wants to go back into law enforcement. Clint accuses him of doing so just to bust Nash.

Jessica shows Kevin Tess's journal, admits that she started reading it as a way to remember what happened when she was young.

John brings Bo the photo enhancement, shows him the name in the photo. Ned Truman, Spencer's father, is the clue they've been looking for.

Kelly books a one-way flight to Arizona. She needs to space herself from Kevin and Llanview.

After Kevin leaves, Jessica sits down with Tess's journal. The memories of Jessica's past come back!

John locates a safety deposit box registered in Spencer's father's name. Ted Truman. Could it be possible that the gun they're looking for is in it?

Starr pleads with her parents to kiss. Spencer witnesses it!

Next on One Life to Live: Antonio asks Bo for his job back, Nash encourages Jessica to let Tess out, Natalie tells John to ask Blair for help in getting the gun from Spencer, Spencer demands to know if Blair is leaving him for Todd.

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