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Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

Antonio tells Natalie it's too soon for her to return to work, Rex asks Bo for a favor, Dorian and Vicki have it out and the man underneath the bandages calls out to Michael, says, "Michael, it's me"

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Melissa Archer

Natalie returns to work, stops in front of John's office. Antonio comes out of John's office, asks her what she's doing. Natalie says she needs to get back to work, that John would want her to. Antonio tells her she's wrong, that it's too soon, that John would have wanted her to take time to recover. Natalie disagrees, but Antonio says he understands why she's acting the way she is. Antonio thinks that Natalie should go talk to someone, says that she's lost so much. Natalie says her pain is her business and she'll handle it on her own! She opens the door, and Antonio says that John was his friend, that he believes that John would want her to take time to heal. He tells her to go home, that she's not ready to be at work.

Rex goes to Bo for a favor, asks him to look up the license plate of the car that took Todd's baby away. Although Rex can't reveal his source, he tells Bo of his findings. Bo is impressed that Rex found info that the cops couldn't. He agrees to help Rex out.

Just as Natalie tells Antonio he's wrong, Rex is standing behind her, saying that Antonio is right, that Natalie needs to go home. Natalie screams that she needs to be back to work, to make something of her life before something happens to her, too. She storms out

At her desk, Natalie finds a picture of her and John. Rex asks to see it and she shows him. Natalie says she's tired of being treated like she's going to break. Rex kneels in front of Natalie, tells her that the guilt will always be with her, but she needs to let it go and grieve. He again asks her to go home and she leaves, stopping briefly to look at John's picture on the wall of the station

Rex goes back to Antonio, gives him the info on the car, says that Bo okayed the license check.

Dorian accuses Vicki of trying to takes everything from her. Clint shows up, confirms that he, too, knows about everything that's happened, but he says that Dorian needs to take responsibility for everything she's done to Adriana. Vicki says that if Dorian doesn't admit that she's wrong, Dorian will lose Adriana for good. Dorian thinks that Vicki just wants to take Adriana and Clint away from her! Vicki leaves

Clint agrees with Vicki, and tries to leave, too, but Dorian asks him to hear her out. He says okay. They go back to Dorian's house where Clint asks her why she set up the dinner at Capricorn. Dorian expresses that she did it because she wanted to be the one to tell him about Spencer, that she didn't wanted him to think that she was involved in some scheme with David. Surprisingly, Clint believes her.

Natalie goes home and tells Vicki that she tried to go back to work. She says everywhere she turned, she saw John. Natalie breaks down, asks how she's going to let John go. Vicki says she needs to keep John in her heart forever. Natalie thinks her life is gone Vicki says she needs to find a way to cherish John without living in the past, that maybe she should take off her engagement ring. Natalie shakes her head, cries, says she can't, asks Vicki why she hasn't taken Ben's ring off. Vicki says that she'll take hers off if Natalie does, too. Vicki goes first, and Natalie follows both rings are removed.

Michael sees Paige outside of Hugh's room, says that although Spencer shot his father, Paige is the reason he's dead. Marcie apologies for Michael's statement, tells Michael that this isn't the place and Michael apologies, too. Marcie goes in to see Hugh, leaving Michael with Paige.

Paige comments how lucky Tommy is to have Michael and Marcie, and Michael says that now that Tommy is a McBain, nobody will ever take him away again. Michael admits that Paige has suffered enough, even offers to help her if she or Hugh needs anything.

Nora and Bo go to see Paige. They tell her that all the charges have been dropped regarding her involvement in Thomas McBain's death, that they found out that Spencer was the one responsible for what happened, that Spencer was the one who killed Thomas McBain on the operating table.

In Hugh's room, Marcie talks to him, wonders if he can hear her. He nods, tries to say her name. Michael comes in and Marcie tells Michael to look Hugh over, tells him that Hugh was trying to saying her name! Michael gets emotional, talks about his dad, about John, says that John will never see Spencer pay for what he did! Suddenly, the man under the bandages groans. Michael says he's there to help, but he needs Hugh to stop moving around. Suddenly, the man calls out, says, "Michael, it's me" Then he falls silent again. Michael feels that Hugh was trying to tell him something...

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