Roxy Visits Rex's Father!

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

Roxy thinks her secret is buried forever, Starr hopes Cole gets help, and David is forced to make a decision about his future...

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Roxy arrives at a special care unit to see Rex's comatose father - to tell him that she lied to their son and told Rex his father was dead. Even though the man is hooked up to many machines, Roxy rants about the hell she's gone through trying to hide Rex's identity. "I will do anything to keep the truth from our son - about you and me. Rex can never find out the truth, and we both know why," Roxy says, leaning over a hospital bed. "He bought it, and I think Rex is finally able to bury it," Rex continues. "He's such a good kid, and I don't know how, seeing as he came from two people like us." Roxy is assured that the truth will stay buried - and that Rex will never find out about his father from her - or the man himself!


However, after Roxy leaves the room, the man moves his legs!


Over at Rodi's, Rex tells Gigi what Roxy said - that his father is dead. Gigi can relate and talks about her dead parents. Wanting to know who his father is, Rex's informs Gigi that Roxy refused to tell him - in order to keep him safe. As Rex talks about Bo being David's father, Gigi acts as though she's heard the story of Bo and Emma before. When Gigi suggests that Rex talk to Bo about what Roxy told him, Rex says he can't because his mother killed his father! "Of course you couldn't tell Bo." Gigi now understands.


At school, after Starr tells Cole about Schuyler's drug problem, Cole begins screaming about it - until Starr reminds Cole of the issue at hand - his drug problem! Cole refuses to believe that Schuyler could see himself in Cole then accuses Starr of getting cozy with her teacher! Starr can't believe how different Cole is, due to being high all of the time, then begs him to get help - and not to be mad at her anymore. "I just want to feel something that doesn't hurt," Cole says then kisses Starr! After a bit, Starr pulls away, cries, "I can't do this," then admits that she's afraid - of Cole! Starr explains she wants what she can't have - Cole the way he is - but Cole brings up Schuyler again and blames Dr. Joplin for the death of their child, which made Cole the way he is today! Cole dismisses Starr to go find Mr. J, but Starr dismisses a relationship with Cole - if he doesn't get help!


After Starr walks away, Cole looks at the card Schuyler gave him then pops another pill!


Still in the school gym, Bo breaks the news to Matthew that David is his brother then tells him the story of how David came to be. "I made a real bad judgment call," Bo says. "Sometimes a mistake you made four decades ago could come back and bite you." Though Matthew gets defensive, thinking Bo's lecturing him, Bo reaches out to his son and tells him how much he loves him - and that's why he came down so hard on him about the pot. Finally, Bo and Matthew appear to be repairing their relationship - and Bo announces that Matthew doesn't have to go to military school, but he better straighten up. Matthew agrees, no more drugs, then the two call a truce! As Matthew talks about Becca, and how he wanted to ask her out, Bo sees the school dance banners and agrees to talk to Nora about lifting his grounding - at least for one night.


When Schuyler and Stacey run into each other at the diner, they fall into a hug. After the two catch up about why they're in Llanview, Schuyler assures Stacey that he hasn't done drugs since Vegas, talks about how he overcame his addiction then Stacey comments on how good he looks. Over talk of his mom, Stacey apologies for Schuyler's mother's suicide and wishes she were there for him during her death. Though Schuyler hoped Stacey came to Llanview to find him, she admits that Gigi brought her to town - and her son and cool boyfriend. Before Schuyler leaves, and after picking up on a vibe that Stacey has a new love interest, he tells her to go for it - and Stacey smiles and says, "Maybe I will."


At the Buchanan mansion, David informs Dorian that he's made a life decision - not to have part in anything 'Buchanan', to which Dorian frantically tries to change his mind. However, David doesn't want to scam or hurt Bo and plans to go back to Hollywood to pursue his acting career! Dorian pretends to understand David's need to follow his dreams, and even tries to get him to use the Buchanan money to make his own movie, but David wants to earn his way - and asks Dorian to come with him. Though Dorian doesn't want to end their marriage, she refuses to go to California with him, asks David for permission to continue destroying his new family and is shocked when he replies, "I'm sorry, Dorian. I can't let you do that." However, David finally gives Dorian permission to stick it to Clint, if she puts a good word in for him with Bo, kisses Dorian then leaves Llanview for Hollywood!


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Stacey is caught in a lie - by Gigi!

Cole continues doing drugs.

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