I Don't Even Know Where To Start!

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Gigi doesn't like Stacey's behavior, questions surround David's paternity, and Rex demands the truth from Roxy...

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Downstairs at the carriage house, Gigi is surprised to see Fish appear at the door, with flowers, and looking for Stacey! Gigi heads upstairs to get Stacey.

Upstairs, Rex has a nightmare about being in a crib - with Daddy David and Step-mommy Dorian standing before him! When Stacey hears Rex moaning in his sleep, she enters his room, wakes him up then tries to calm Rex down with a soft hand to his chest. Just then, Gigi appears at the door! After Gigi snidely informs Stacey of her visitor, Stacey leaves, and Gigi tries to comfort Rex about David being his father.


Back downstairs, as Fish tells Stacey that he broke up with another girl - for her - Rex rushes past them on his way out, and Gigi listens from the stairs, as Fish talks about the sex they had all over the carriage house! After Stacey breaks the news that it was just sex, Fish leaves brokenhearted - and Gigi comes downstairs and snaps at Stacey for having sex in her house! "On your first night in Llanview," Gigi yells. "In my dress, and you didn't even like him? I don't even know where to start!" While Stacey thinks a one-night stand is perfectly normal, Gigi is appalled, but Stacey claims that she doesn't have room for a guy in her life because she wants to get to know Gigi and Shane - and Rex!


At Moe's mansion, Moe tries to stop Langston from leaving, for fear that Ray will get to her - at Dorian's instruction. Just as Moe is questioning Langston about her issues with Starr, Starr appears. Moe quickly pushes the girls together and encourages them to share their news with each other, causing Starr and Langston to exchange news of Marty being in jail and Ray being back in town. Through it all, Starr and Langston rehash their issues, forgive each other then Langston talks about feeling as though she's ruining Markko's dream of going to UCLA. Starr and Langston wish things could go back to how it was being 'the fantastic four' - Starr, Cole, Langston and Markko.


In the living room at the Buchanan mansion, Bo questions David about being Rex's father, but David assures him that he did not have sex with Roxy! Out in the foyer, before Cole leaves the mansion, he tells Nora about his worries for his mom then suggests he bring her breakfast. However, Nora informs Cole that Marty does not want any visitors. Suddenly, David appears and makes a crack about Marty slicing and dicing Wes, which causes Cole to rush out - and Nora to lash out at David for being cruel. "I guess it's the Buchanan in me," David claims.


While Markko is working at the diner, he rants to Noelle about Langston and UCLA, but Noelle thinks Langston will feel as though she's holding him back from his dream - even if he's the one who decides to stay in Llanview! Later, Noelle waits on Layla, who beats herself up for the drama that took place at the Go Red Ball then gives Noelle a warning: to watch her back around Dorian! Back at the counter, Cole arrives and vents to Markko about his mother shutting everyone out and admits that he went to see his mom the night Wes was killed - and how he heard them arguing inside Wes's room! However, Cole claims his mom didn't kill Wes then the two talk about college and their relationships with Starr and Langston. I'm still holding out for the original plan," Markko says. "The four of us back together."


Over at the Angels Square Hotel, Dorian confronts Roxy - about Rex's father - then warns her not to dare take a slice of the Buchanan pie! "How in Heaven's name did you ever get David into your spandex?" Dorian asks, leaving Roxy confused and saying, "Dorian, keep your thong on!" Once Dorian is gone, Roxy wonders how the Buchanans got a DNA test to prove that Rex is David's son.


With David and Nora back in the Buchanan living room, Kyle appears, and Dorian follows, with news on the DNA test. "I made a terrible mistake," Kyle says about a computer error. "Rex is not David's son… David Vickers is a Buchanan." While everyone's faces drop, Dorian and David's perk back up! "Asa Buchanan is not David Vickers' Father," Kyle interrupts. "Bo Buchanan is."


Later, Rex rushes into The Angels Square Hotel and asks if David is his father - and Roxy says, "Yes." Roxy claims it's about time she came clean, but Rex reminds her of her past lies. "I didn't tell you because I thought I was doing you a favor," Roxy says, but Rex wants to know, "How old was David? Twelve?" Suddenly, Rex gets a call from Bo saying that he's not David's son - and Rex relays the news to Roxy then demands the truth!


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