Knocked Out Cold!

Friday, February 20th, 2009

Someone breaks into Cris's loft, John is shocked that Blair spent the night with Todd, and Marty is in trouble...

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After Tea taunts Blair into admitting that she was with Todd the night of Wes's murder, Blair is forced to confess that she is Todd's alibi - and Tea prompts her to admit she slept in Todd's bed! "Is it true," John asks. "You slept with him?" Suddenly, Marty reappears and asks, "What's going on in here?" Blair explains how she ended up at Todd's then hushes Todd's sarcastic comments - and John suggests that Blair was so drunk that Todd could have left without her knowing! Tea ignores a call from Ray, continues defending Todd then is shocked to hear that Marty 'can't remember' - and demands that she be arrested! After Tea leads Todd out of the station, Blair asks John if they can talk - but John pulls Marty aside to talk to her instead!


When Talia joins everyone to inform them that Marty's fingerprints were found on the murder weapon, Marty screams that she can't remember if she touched the knife - and Antonio is forced to place her under arrest. Though Antonio and Talia assure John they'll do everything by the book, John says, "By the book is crap." After Marty is taken away, Blair tries to plead with John - but he isn't hearing any of it and leaves!


Schuyler brings Starr to the hospital to work on his Master's project in the lab. He's very happy that the hospital trusts him enough to be there, leaving Starr to acknowledge how much he misses Dr. Joplin - and probably wishes he would've never met her or her dad. Over talk of genetics, Schuyler reminds Starr that she's very different from her father. Looking into a dual-microscope, Starr tells Schuyler what a great teacher he is, and he admits he almost went to school to be a doctor - but couldn't because of his drug addiction. Nevertheless, he is very satisfied being a teacher.


As Gigi and Rex approach the carriage house, they discuss how Shane will react to the news of his deceased grandparents and his new aunt. However, entering the house, they are shocked to see Shane and Stacey having a squirt gun fight! After Shane explains that he got home early from school, and that Aunt Stacey told him about his grandparents' death, Gigi sobs, "I wanted to tell Shane myself." Shane assures his mom that he's fine but is instructed upstairs by Rex after Shane begins rehashing all of the details of Gigi's past that Stacey divulged to him.


Once Shane is gone, Stacey turns the tables on Gigi and reminds her that she lied to her son about Brody being his father! Stacey quickly apologizes and says that Gigi did a brave thing to protect Shane - and that he is now lucky to have Rex. Trying to calm Gigi down, Stacey reminds Gigi of seeing her in Vegas then claims their parents were watching out for them, and brought them back together. Later, though Rex, Gigi and Shane have plans to go to a hockey game, Gigi gets called into work - and Stacey gladly accepts Gigi's hockey ticket! As Rex kisses Gigi goodbye, Stacey looks disgusted!


Over at the loft, Vanessa tries to chat with Lola about school and Cris, but just as Cris enters the room, Lola finally snaps and screams, "You don't want me to remember! Stay away from me. I know what you did!" Lola goes on to accuse Vanessa of shooting her father to keep him quiet - and to prevent him from telling everyone that Vanessa probably killed Lola's mother herself! Vanessa pleads with Lola that everything she's done was for her! Though Cris defends Vanessa, Lola continues to blame Vanessa for being parentless then storms off!


Alone, Vanessa explains to Cris, "Her mind's been poisoned against me - by Tea Delgado." After crying her worries to Cris, Cris promises that nothing is going to happen to Vanessa now - not with him as her husband. Vanessa and Cris then head upstairs, never realizing that someone has slowly opened the loft door! Later, while Cris and Vanessa are making love, they ignore a call - and from downstairs, a man's hand silences Cris's phone!


After leaving Vanessa upstairs, in order to bring her dinner in bed, Cris goes back downstairs and is knocked out cold by an intruder! The man then grabs a knife and heads upstairs…


Still in bed, Vanessa hears slow footsteps and calls out, "Cris, is that you?" However, Ray appears from the shadows, holding a knife, and says, "Hello Vanessa."


Back at Todd's, Tea is upset that Ray didn't leave her a message and worries that Ray is getting impatient with her. Over talk of Ray's case, Tea confesses to Todd that she thinks Vanessa set Ray up - and killed his wife! Worried, Tea leaves a message for Cris, saying she has to tell him something about Vanessa, then gets a call saying that Ray escaped from prison!


Langston arrives at the diner with a LU bag for Markko, it appears he wants to tell her about UCLA. Just as he starts to, Lola rushes into the diner and explains her unsettling feelings about Vanessa. "My father didn't kill my mother," Lola says. "Vanessa did." Markko and Langston beg Lola to go to the police, but Lola doesn't think they'll believe her. However, Lola agrees to talk to Tea!


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