Tuesday, October 24th, 2006

People want answers to Spencer's paternity, Starr asks Cole to the dance and Dorian tells David that she's falling for Clint

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Paul Satterfield

Bo pays Spencer a visit. Spencer tells Bo that his mother told him everything he needs to know about being Asa's son. Bo doesn't believe him, asks Spencer for a DNA sample. Spencer thinks it's a great idea, even if his lawyer doesn't. When Bo asks for a swab of salvia, Spencer asks if he'd rather have his blood Spencer says he's out for blood! Spencer ends up giving Bo his DNA sample, and Bo thanks him, says that soon they'll know the truth. Spencer tells Bo that he was honoring his mother's wishes, that he promised to make all the Buchanan's pay. Bo reminds Spencer that Asa didn't have anything to do with all of the crimes that Spencer commented. Bo leaves

Clint, Nigel and Kevin decide that they must keep Asa out of the loop about Spencer's trial. Just then, Asa comes in, asks to see the newspaper. Renee hands it to him, says he has some explaining to do! The headlines include Spencer being Asa's bastard son. Renee pulls out Spencer's mother's picture, says that back in the day she was her best girl! Renee screams to Asa, says he had been having an affair with Emma and had gotten her pregnant! Asa denies that Spencer is his son, and Clint says there's only one way to prove it Renee is so upset because Asa was sleeping with Spencer's mother when Asa was involved with Renee. She demands the truth about Spencer's paternity from Asa! Asa agrees to give them a DNA sample.

Bo comes to collect Asa's DNA, shows everyone that he got Spencer's. Bo says that it'll only be a matter of time before they find out if Spencer is really Asa's son.

Starr approaches Cole, asks him if he'll go to the dance with her. He says he can't, that he's going with Britney, that no one else had asked him. He says that he's sorry, and Starr tells him not to worry about it. After Cole leaves, Britney gloats to Starr about being Cole's date. Cole comes back, tells Britney that he heard she can't go to the dance because of what she said about Starr's dad in class. He looks to Starr, tells her it's a date, that he'll go to the dance with her! Britney looks to Starr with fire in her eyes!

Rex asks Adriana what's wrong, asks if it has something to do with Dorian. Adriana says that she feels guilty that she DOESN'T feel guilty for locking Dorian in a closet. Rex comforts Adriana, says that she's everything Dorian's not. That's why she let her out of the closet. Adriana says it would be great if Vicki and Clint got back together. Just then Vicki walks in

Adriana goes to her, says she wants to know everything that's going on in her life. She goes on to question Vicki about Clint, and Vicki guesses that it was Adriana who set up the dinner the night before. Adriana admits it, says that she was trying to get back at Dorian, tells Vicki that she locked Dorian in the closet. Vicki warns Adriana not to become so obsessed with getting back at Dorian that it begins to change her.

Paige shows up. She and Rex talk about Hugh. When Paige thanks Rex for helping her find Hugh, Rex asks for Paige's help in finding Todd's baby. Paige goes over the events of Margaret's delivery, tells David she'll try to get more information out of Spencer. Paige leaves.

Paige goes to see Spencer, tells him it must be hard growing up without a father, hating Asa so much. Spencer wants to know what her point is. Paige begs Spencer to not to let Todd's son grow up without a father. However, Spencer says that Todd will never know his son

Dorian tells David that he's ruining her chances of getting Clint back. However, Dorian says she'll never give up on Clint. She goes on to tell David about Adriana locking her in the closet, about pushing Vicki and Clit together! David asks Dorian if she really likes Clint that much, and Dorian responds by saying she's falling in love with Clint. David pours a cold pitcher of water over Dorian's head!

Later at the coffee shop, Dorian sees Vicki talking with Adriana. When she's alone, Dorian goes to Vicki, tells her to stay away from her daughter!

David tells Clint about Dorian setting up the dinner at Capricorn, about Adriana sabotaging it. David says that Dorian was falling in love with Clint just as Clint dumped her. David wants Dorian's happiness

When Todd shows up at the Sun, he finds Blair behind his desk. Blair informs Todd that she'll be working there. Todd tells her to get out, calls security. However, Blair pulls the phone cord out. Blair reminds Todd of the fun they used to have working together. Todd finally agrees to let Blair work there again. He fills her in on Evangeline being the prosecutor in Spencer's case. Blair thinks that she is the wrong person to go after Spencer, that she doesn't have any experience in prosecution. Todd informs Blair that he'll be interviewing Evangeline.

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