Who Killed Wes?

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Brody acts suspicious, Blair causes trouble for Marty, John thinks Todd killed Wes, Bo gets a sample of David's hair, and Starr and Cole find out about their parents' brawl...

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Blair places a call to the Llanview PD, alerting John and Marty to her presence outside of Wes's door. From the other end of the line, Talia asks who's dead - and Blair says Wes then announces Marty as the murderer! Talia assures Blair that they're on their way! Once Blair hangs up, John rants about Blair jumping the gun then claims that Marty didn't kill Wes! When John keeps defending Marty, Blair challenges Marty to tell John that she's not a murderer!


Just then, Talia and Antonio arrive with the crime scene unit, and Talia takes Marty to get cleaned up. Marty briefly looks at Wes's body and says, "He was my friend," then leaves John telling Antonio what he barged in on. As Antonio asks if Blair was with John, Blair remembers waking up with Todd then deters the question about her whereabouts by saying how badly Marty was pleading with John to help her! Suddenly, Marty and Talia reappear, and Marty admits that she doesn't remember what happened last night! "Damn, Marty," Blair rants. "That memory loss of yours is so convenient!" Though Blair asks John to leave with her, John ignores her and suggests that Antonio question Todd about Wes's murder! Antonio questions Marty about the likelihood that Todd slipped into their room during the night, but Blair blurts out, "It's impossible!" As Blair stutters, Marty goes to Wes's body and says, "I'm so sorry, Wes."


When Cole arrives at the diner to find Starr reading about their parents' brawl in the tabloids, they read about what happened together, to which Starr thinks Cole would have been happy had Wes killed her father - but Cole replies, "All I know is I hate Wes Granger." Cole explains that he went to see his mom last night but heard Wes's voice from inside their room. Cole claims he left, not wanting to get into it with Wes, then shows Starr why he went to see his mom - because he got accepted into Llanview U! Spontaneously, Starr hugs Cole then quickly pulls away for fear that he still hates her. Cole assures Starr that he could never hate her then listens as Starr begs him not to take any more pills - before he does something he'll regret!


Tea shows up at Todd's and finds him looking at the reports of their brawl online! After the two throw blame back and forth, Tea announces that she's there to say goodbye. "Unless you commit another crime," Tea says, handing Todd his bill. "I'd say our business is a wrap." As Todd is writing Tea a check, she finds an earring on the floor and remembers that Blair was wearing it at the ball last night! After Todd admits that Blair spent the night there, Tea burns with jealousy but claims she's just happy that she and Todd are friends. Todd then agrees to go out with Tea for a 'friendly' bite to eat.


Jessica goes to St. Ann's to visit Brody - just to find out that Brody never showed up for breakfast. Just as Jessica and a nun find Brody's room empty, he appears and claims he just went for a walk and made his bed before he left! After the nun instructs a nosey patient to leave Brody's room, she warns Brody not to take off like that again - then leaves as well.


Alone, Jessica calls Brody on his lie, and he finally admits that he snuck out last night because he couldn't take being locked up anymore - and needed some time alone. Brody talks about how Wes hasn’t been back since he told him the truth - then claims if Wes would have told him sooner, maybe Brody wouldn't be in St. Anns right now! Jessica wants Brody to be able to go for a walk anytime he wants then Brody, feeling comforted, says, "I'm happy you came by."


Throughout Llanview, Tea, Brody, Jessica and Cole hear the news that Wes was murdered last night!


After David announces for the Buchanans to vacate the mansion, Clint tries to reason with him but they're interrupted when Matthew arrives home - and David and Dorian suggest he start calling them aunt and uncle! Dorian informs Matthew that her family will now be living at the mansion - while his will be living elsewhere! The family promises Matthew that they have their lawyers working on the issue, but Dorian barks, "We have Marshals outside who are ready to evict you in an hour!" Nora instructs Matthew to go upstairs then David reminds Clint to stop calling him Vickers and says, "It's Buchanan, Bro!" The family tries to take a different approach and offers to help David run Asa's Empire - and to learn some Buddhism - but David knows they never wanted him and says, "For once in my life, I'm going to look out for myself." Renee is happy that at least they can all move into The Palace - until Dorian informs them that Asa's Will had a loophole, and that The Palace is David's as well! Nora rips the papers from Dorian's hands and says with disgust, "She's right." Dorian smiles and says, "No worries, perhaps they'll have room at the Angels Square Hotel! Start packing everyone!" Everyone except Nigel, who Dorian and David want as their butler! Nigel not only turns them down but also confesses that he chose not to tell the Buchanans about David! Though Clint and Bo want another DNA test, Dorian objects - but Bo pulls out a piece of David's hair anyway!


With the Buchanans finally kicked out of the mansion, David and Dorian toast to their new digs - and Dorian's new name: Dr. Buchanan!


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