Playtime In Llantano River!

Monday, February 9th, 2009

Blair gets Marty back, John becomes leery of Wes, the stripper watches Gigi and Rex, and Tea has to tell Lola the truth...

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After Blair falls into the Llantano River, Marty screams, "Blair!" When Blair finally resurfaces, Marty reaches out to help her - but Blair pulls Marty in the river too! Once both women get out of the river, Blair warns Marty to stay away from her and John but surprisingly orders her to get up - so she doesn't get pneumonia! When Marty ignores her, Blair walks away…


Over at Rodi's, John eyes Wes while Vanessa worries to Cris about why Lola isn't answering her phone. Cris tries to reassure Vanessa then points out the ICE agents watching them from across the room. Now on the dance floor, Cris and Vanessa slow dance and kiss.


When Wes approaches John's open laptop on the bar, and reads the background check on him, he's shocked - and John confronts him, wanting to know about his connection to Janet! Wes replies that it's none of John's business then is interrupted when Blair, with Marty close behind, appears - asking for blankets!


As both women throw blame on each other, Marty rushes away - and Blair admits to hearing John say 'Forget about Blair'! Having had enough, Blair talks about how much John means to her, but says she can't take this hold that Marty has on him anymore - Blair storms off! Marty and Wes leave as well, and John again looks at the background check on Wes!


At the courthouse, Lola approaches Tea just as she hangs up with Ray - and Tea admits it was Ray on the other line! "The truth is," Tea says. "Ray is my client." Tea explains how Ray hired her then says, "I don't believe that he murdered your mother, and I don't think you do either… Your father and I think Vanessa murdered your mother - and we need your help to prove it." Sitting down, Tea begs Lola to try to remember something from the night of the murder - and Lola admits that she lied about finding the murder weapon, and says that Vanessa suggested that Lola open this special jewelry box of Lola's, which contained the knife. Vanessa urged Lola to find the knife! As Lola begins to panic about living with a possible murderer, Tea promises her that she'll help her!


Still in Vegas, the mysterious stripper, watches Gigi and Rex… Suddenly, Stan appears and snaps that 'Gigi' missed her spot! However, the stripper replies, "I have bigger fish to fry! A place called Llanview is calling, and I'm on my way. Oh, by the way, my name's not Gigi."


Rex and Gigi bust into a chapel, and Rex screams, "Stop the wedding!" However, it's not Dorian and David behind the door - but Noelle and Moe with a James Brown impersonator officiating! Though Rex thinks that Moe and Noelle are just helping Dorian get them off her and David's trail, Noelle tells them about Dorian giving Moe their house - and Rex gets discourage when he finds out his credit card tip was Moe using Dorian's card! After Rex apologizes to Gigi for blowing their chance at $100,000, Gigi convinces him to stay and help her stand up for Moe and Noelle. After a soulful wedding, Moe and Noelle are pronounced man and wife!


After Moe and Noelle retreat to their hotel room, Gigi reassures Rex that they don't need the Buchanan money - and the two agree that their love is all that matters.


In another chapel, David asks Dorian to marry him, to which she accepts. After David goes to check on something, Dorian confesses to Buddha her real reasons for marrying David, but claims she adores David - and worries that he'll leave her once he's found out what she's done! "Perhaps we should call this whole thing off," David says from the doorway, thinking that Dorian's getting cold feet. However, Dorian assures him that she's not then the two get married in true Buddhist fashion! Though David isn't supposed to kiss his bride, he says, "Karma be damned," and does so anyway! As David starts talking about the travels he plans to take her on, Dorian halts him and says, "I have pressing matters to take care of in Llanview." Dorian brings up the Go Red Ball, and how she's chairing it with Viki, then reminds David of the grand entrance they’ll make!


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Viki worries about the trouble yet to come.

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