Tea Covers For Todd!

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Tea saves Todd - again, Cole makes a confession to Markko, and Starr gives Langston an explanation...

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At the courthouse, Bo asks Talia if Janet talked about any friends she has who may be hiding her. Though Talia says no, Bo promises Nora that they'll find her! Suddenly, Bo gets a tip about Janet and tells Nora that a unit is on the way now! Later, after hearing they received a bum tip, Bo brings up Todd, wonders if maybe Janet went to him for money then sends Antonio and Talia to Todd's house!


When Tea walks into Todd's and finds him holding a bloody knife next to Janet's dead body, she says, "Oh, my, God, Todd," to which casually Todd replies, "She's dead." Though Todd says he didn't kill her, "But I wish I had," Tea questions why he picked up the murder weapon - but Todd was just stunned to find her dead in his house! As Tea starts questioning Todd about the second he got home, they go over everyone who had a vendetta against Janet - and Todd even suggests Tea killed her! Though Tea laughs, she suddenly appears thoughtful then says, "You're right, I killed Lee Halpern." Knowing no one will believe that Todd didn't kill Janet, Todd begs Tea to help him get rid of the body then is furious when he catches Tea calling Antonio, letting him know that Janet is at Todd's! Though Todd tries to leave, Tea stops him and screams, "You're going to shut up and do exactly what I tell you to do!"


Shortly after, Talia and Antonio arrive. As Todd answers the door, a bloodied Tea emerges from the living room, carrying a knife and confesses, "Lee Halpern is here, and I killed her."


Langston goes to Starr's room and asks how things went in court. After Starr talks about how she took the stand and betrayed Cole, then confided her problems to Schuyler, Langston reminds Starr to always come to her - then listens as Starr admits that she covered for her father and now Cole might never forgive her. "I don't blame him!" Langston says, furious that Starr lied on the stand, but Starr talks about how her father tried to kill himself - and admits that Schuyler understands how she feels because he has to live with his mother's death every day of his life! When Langston reminds Starr that she could go to jail for perjury, Starr doubts that Nora would go after her like that. Langston makes a snide comment about how much Schuyler seems to be able to help her, and Starr admits he does - then says, "Maybe if your father were alive you'd understand too!" Starr quickly apologizes, but Langston tells Starr that she's just like Todd - and now she'll have to live with what she's done! Langston storms out of Starr's bedroom.


Markko finds Cole sitting in front of the Angels Square statue and urges him to go home. However, Cole confesses that he's been taking painkillers then accuses Markko of wanting to nark on him too! Markko reminds Cole that he's his friend then listens as Cole admits that he wanted Todd Manning dead but never went through with getting a gun to do it! "But," Cole says. "Someone still needs to pay!" Markko hopes Cole doesn't do anything stupid, and Cole brings up the pills, says they make him forget then talks about all of the people who have pushed him away - including his mother who would rather live with a stranger than him! Wondering what'll happen if Cole's problems are permanent, Markko asks, "Are you going to stay high forever?" However, Cole doesn't want to think about the future but allows Markko to take him home.


Over at Wes's apartment, Wes finds Marty drinking and listens to everything that happened in court. When Marty brings up Janet, and how she escaped, Wes says, "Marty, I have a confession to make." Wes tells Marty how Janet seduced his father and ruined his family's life - including how they lost their house and his father never returned after Janet scammed them. Though Wes confesses he's always wondered what he'd do if he ever came face to face with her, he reminds Marty that she's gone now, so he'll never get the chance! However, Wes believes that Janet will get what she deserves then says, "There are more ways to make someone pay than by putting them in jail." Wes changes the subject back to Todd and assures Marty that she's a good person and everything will work out for her. Wes wants to take away Marty's pain and leans in to kiss her!


Schuyler goes to the cemetery, stands before his mother's grave and says, "Hey Mom, I got your letter." Realizing that his mother joined forces with Todd to protect him, Schuyler vows to now protect her! "I wish you had told me about this," Schuyler says. "That's why Todd Manning was able to blackmail you, because of me, because you didn't want my reputation ruined." Knowing that's exactly what'll happen if the truth comes out, Schuyler talks about what a good kid Starr is - and how she didn't rat her father out - then holds up the letter… The only piece of evidence left.


Suddenly, Starr calls Schuyler to thank him for going to the trial - because he's the only one who understands why she couldn't destroy her father. After Schuyler agrees that he does understand, he hangs up, starts the letter on fire, lays it on his mother's grave and watches it burn!


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