What Was I Thinking?

Monday, October 23rd, 2006

Antonio questions his motives towards Nash, Jessica has a slip of the tongue, Starr confronts Cole and Nora wants to remove herself from Spencer's case

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Kamar de los Reyes

Antonio asks Cris if he thinks he was trying to hurt Nash by asking him to be a part of their wedding. Cris can't believe that Antonio is involving Nash in his wedding to Jessica. Antonio wonders if he did it to prove a point, to let Nash know that Jessica is his, that he won her. Antonio says he meant well, that he wants Bree to be close with Nash. Cris tells Antonio that he doesn't feel that Antonio deliberately set out to hurt Nash. Antonio talks to Cris about when Jess was Tess, how he was so confused at the time, and Cris wonders If Antonio is this confused, how must Jessica feel about Antonio and Nash. Antonio says he trusts Jessia, that everything will turn out for the best. He finally admits that subconsciously he wants Nash to witness him and Jessica get married so he can accept that Tess is gone.

Jessica goes to see Nash at the winery, tells him that the more she thinks about it, the more she doesn't want him to be a part of her wedding, says it makes her uncomfortable. Nash tells her no, says that he won't go back on his word to Antonio. Nash says that Jessica is putting him through a head-trip, that she already agreed to him being a part of her wedding. Jessica says the idea of Nash standing there at her wedding is very upsetting to her. If it'll make her feel better, Nash agrees to call Antonio and tell him he can't be a part of their wedding. Nash comes out and tells Jessica that maybe this isn't the time for her to be marrying anyone. Jessica tries to leave, but can't because she feels guilty for Nash. Nash accuses Jessica of worrying that Tess will come out on her wedding, and Jessica admits it! She begs Nash to call Antonio right now and tell him he can't come to the wedding, begs Nash to find something to do on the day she marries NASH! Yes, Jessica has a major slip of the tongue! Jessica says if Nash has to be a part of the wedding, then it ends there.

Jessica goes home to Antonio, holds him tight as she thinks back to her visit with Nash

Starr and Langston run into Britney at the coffee house, but they ignore them. Starr tells Langston about giving Cole his clothes back. Just then, Cole comes in. Cole waves to Starr, making Britney mad. Starr and Langston head to school.

Marcie asks Michael what she should wear to her meeting with a class of English students. Michael tells Marcie she'll be great, that she shouldn't worry about him and Tommy. Marcie leaves for her meeting.

Marcie begins to speak in front of Starr's class, sees Britney acting like a snob. When Marcie asks what the kids will be writing their essays about for class, Britney says "Rape," questions Starr about her father raping someone in college and Starr calls her a witch. The teacher gives Britney and Starr detention. Outside the classroom, Langston suggests that Starr ask Cole to the dance to tick off Britney.

Starr goes to Cole

Nora meets Evangeline at Rodies, asks her if she would take over Spencer Truman's case. Nora says she's not strong enough, physically, to handle the case right now, tells her to do it for John. Evangeline tries to talk Nora out of it, but on the other hand Evangeline doesn't want Spencer to go free. Just then, Spencer's lawyer shows up, takes a seat. Evangeline asks if it bothers him that he's defending a monster. Spencer's lawyer comments that Evangeline sounds like a prosecutor. He taunts Nora about her health a bit, then leaves, warning Nora that he won't play nice or grant her sympathy for her health. Evangeline stands up, calls Spencer's lawyer a scum, tells him to watch out because Nora will eat him and Spencer's case for dinner!

Just as Spencer's lawyer says that Spencer Truman is going to walk, Michael comes in, says that that'll never happen, not if he has anything to do with it, that his family will get justice! Spencer's lawyer leaves and Nora tells Evangeline to think about what she said. Nora goes Michael tells Evangeline to please take on Nora's case.

Cris shows up, tells Evangeline that she's the woman for the case. Evangeline calls Nora, tells her she'll take the case.

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