The Gatekeeper Speaks!

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

Bess confronts Viki with a warning, Nora plans to make Todd pay for his crimes, and Sarah causes trouble for Cris and Vanessa...

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Clint meets Jared and Natalie at The Palace. After a brief talk about Jessica, Jared tells Clint that he's accepted his job offer, but Clint replies, "There may not be a B.E. to return to." Clint then fills them in on Asa's new will reading - and David being back in Llanview as a Buddhist - then Jared accepts a new job from Clint… to get David out of town!


At St. Ann's, Viki brings Jessica some pictures of her girls then listens as Jessica talks about Tess coming out - and how she doesn't accept Chloe. Viki brings up Bess and suggests that she may know something that neither Jessica nor Tess knows. Viki warns that Bess - the gatekeeper and main protector - could be more destructive than Tess, and Jessica wonders why she didn't come out when Tess almost killed Natalie - but has appeared now. "What could be worse than murdering my own sister?" Jessica asks.


As Viki starts to brainstorm with Jessica, Bess appears, puts on some black glasses and says, "You're badgering Jessica, and I will not allow it." As Viki talks to Bess about her past, Bess warns that Jessica has not forgiven her and says, "She just doesn't have the guts to admit it. Jessica wouldn't be here if it weren't for you." Viki assures Bess that Jessica can handle whatever she's hiding from her, but Bess rips off the black glasses, throws them against the wall then says, "We're finished here!" Once Jessica is back, Viki tells her about Bess's appearance then promises she'll help Jessica find out Bess's secret. Before Viki leaves, she secretly picks up the black glasses and takes them with her.


Looking in the dayroom at Brody, the doctor talks to Wes and asks him to encourage Brody to open up to him about Iraq. Talking to Brody, Wes assures him that he did what he had to do - since the kid in Iraq had a gun - and promises to see him through this. "I'm sticking around Llanview," Wes says then talks about 'this crazy chick' he has waiting for him back at the hotel room. Over talk of Brody's new friend, Jessica, Brody admits that they aren't that different. As Brody explains how Tess lashed out at him, Wes comments about how mean she sounds, then is surprised when Jessica appears behind him!


Ray calls Tea, who is at The Palace, and demands that she get him out of prison - so he can make Vanessa pay! When Tea brings up Lola, Ray warns Tea not to get his daughter tangled up in this mess, leaving Tea promising to prove his innocence.


When an immigration agent shows up at Sarah's, he wants to know if she's having second thoughts about reporting an illegal citizen. After Sarah thinks back to seeing Cris and Vanessa kissing on New Year's Eve, she quickly reports Vanessa as taking part in a marriage of convince but then tries to save Cris when the agent starts questioning Cris's illegal part in it! Sarah tells the whole story of Cris and Vanessa's coming to be then says, "Once you meet Vanessa, you'll understand why Cris did what he did."


Later, when Layla returns home from taking Sarah's little 'Cristian Vega' for a walk, Sarah admits that she reported Vanessa - and inadvertently Cris - to immigration! Although Layla understands why Sarah did it, Sarah is upset when she compares her to Tina and says, "You learned from the master. You really are your mother's daughter."


Cris wakes up downstairs in his loft to find Vanessa standing over him, who suggests he start sleeping upstairs with her in order to make their marriage look real! However, he replies, "I can't do it. I've pushed Sarah too far already." Though Cris doesn't want to, he finally agrees to sleep with Vanessa tonight! Suddenly, Tea arrives to take Lola out to brunch, so Cris and Vanessa can have some time alone. Though Vanessa is leery, Lola leaves with Tea.


Once alone, Vanessa and Cris try to get their stories straight - for when immigration questions them - but don't have a chance to because the immigration agent arrives unannounced, who explains that he's not there for a normal check-up visit but rather, "I'm here because your marriage is a sham - you've been reported."


Back at The Palace, after Lola tells Tea how smitten Vanessa is with Cris, Tea tries to be sympathetic to what happened to her mother. When Lola explains that she saw her father kill her mother, Tea pushes for more information - but Lola demands to know why she's doing so!


At the diner, just as Nora tells Bo about David's presence in town - and how he's a Buddhists now - David appears to prove Bo's objections! After David, Nora and Bo make nice, Carlotta appears - and David confesses that he burnt down her diner then offers himself to Bo for incarceration! "I burned these hollow flan-covered walls to the ground," David says, to which Carlotta clears his conscience by blaming the old wiring for the fire! Back to convincing Bo that he's changed, David claims even if he won a huge lottery he wouldn't take it! Nora privately tells Bo that she and Clint are trying to get David to leave town then heads off to work on incarcerating Todd!

Later, Jared finds David at the diner and says, "David Vickers, we need to talk."


Nora meets Viki and Clint at The Palace, talks about her case against Todd then asks to call Tess to the stand. However, Viki snaps, "Absolutely not!"


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Jessica and Brody have deep secrets.

Jared plans to stop David!

Rex grieves what he's missed out on with Shane.

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