Welcome To St. Blazes!

Friday, January 2nd, 2009

Alex confronts Dorian, Cole and John worry about Marty's actions, and Marty continues her revenge against Todd...

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Celebrating New Year's in St. Blazes, Dorian is approached by Alex and asks, "What're you, the new towel girl?" to which Alex replies, "Funny, I own the place." As the two vixens share a drink, and a few jabs, talk of David comes up, and Alex laughs about how she was broke - and how David thought he was marrying her for her money, when indeed it was the other way around! Laughing, Dorian reminds Alex that David didn't have any money, and Alex quickly changes her tune - and claims she married him for the sex, like her sister Addie did! When Alex hears about Dorian's B.E. takeover, she remembers the drama of the Buchanans then says, "I was so eager to get away from that ranch, I think I hit a coyote!" Dorian snaps, "You idiot, you hit me! You left me like road kill" Dorian threatens to sue Alex, leading Alex to offer Dorian some juicy information in exchange for forgiveness! "David Vickers," Alex says. "Is not David Vickers."


When Starr and Cole find all the research about Todd in Marty's room, Starr worries about how badly Cole's mother wanted to find out how her father really hurt her.


Still at Rodi's, John and Blair ring in 2009 with a passionate kiss. Though John suggests they head back to his place, Blair reminds him that he owns the place, sits on the pool table then provokes John to take her right there! However, before they can go any further, John gets a call from Cole, who fills him in on what they found in Marty's room. Once he hangs up, John explains what's going on to Blair. Though Blair wants to go with him, John persuades her to stay at Rodi's while he runs out really quick.


Once John arrives at the mansion, and sees all the research on Marty's bed, he asks the kids to search the grounds while he looks around the room. When John finds Marty's journal, he tries to figure out where Marty could be then calls Blair to apologize for having to call their night off. Suddenly, John sees the number '703' written in the back of Marty's journal!


On the roof of The Palace, Todd tells Marty how much she changed him then assures her that they can be together - if they just try. When Marty says, "Yes," Todd looks hopeful and goes to touch Marty's face, but she snaps, "I don't think so! I set you up, and you fell for it!" Clearly devastated, Todd listens as Marty describes reading about all the horrible things he's done. "I want you to feel how I felt," Marty rants. "This is what you've made me! This is what you turned me into!" As Todd pleads, "I never meant to hurt you," Marty slaps him across the face and reminds Todd of everything he's done to her! Todd says, "I can't live without you. I wish you'd just pulled the trigger," leaving Marty to urge Todd to jump off the roof! Marty pushes Todd to the ground, tells him he'll never have her then says, "Is this the only way out for you, Todd?" Todd goes to the edge of the roof, stands up on the ledge and listens as Marty begs him to let her be free of him! "Do it for both of us," Marty says. "Do it for me." Once Todd is sure that Marty will be happy if he jumps off the roof, he takes the plunge!


Downstairs in the dining room, Charlie and Viki fill Nora and Clint in about Dorian's involvement in making Charlie drink again - and how if it wasn't for Dorian, they never would have lost B.E. and Nash would still be alive! Later, while making a toast to the new year ahead, Viki and Charlie bring up how David is back in town, causing Nora and Clint to become jumpy - and Charlie and Viki wondering why! Nora and Clint quickly wrap up their night, and after Viki and Charlie leave, they vow not to let anyone find out the truth about David!


At the mansion, Addie is busting a move with Shaun and some friends when David arrives - to further cleanse his soul! After Addie gets rid of everyone, David explains, "I want to apologize for marrying you for the wrong reasons," then admits every little detail of the reasons why he married her. Addie already knows this, and says it's okay, and giggles about why they married. However, David reminds her that he's cleansed himself of all greed - and desires! David then confesses that he gave her gift - David Vickers the dog - away, because he was allergic, leaving Shaun to inform him that the jewels of Mendorra were stash on the dog - and that David gave up millions! Something in David's facial expressions appear to twitch! Suddenly, David starts meditating, convincing himself that he doesn't need the crown jewels or any other possessions. Once he is composed again, David says his goodbyes and leaves.


When David arrives at The Palace, Nora and Clint are shocked to see the new him, even though Charlie and Viki warned them that David's changed!


John shows up at room 703 at The Palace and finds the door open. Once inside, John finds Marty's purse and stares around the room in confusion!


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