It's The Truth

Thursday, October 19th, 2006

David stands by Spencer's paternity, Clint and Vicki arrive at the same party, Todd expresses that he wants to save his lost child, and Antonio asks Nash to be a part of his and Jessica's wedding

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Tuc Watkins

In the courthouse, everyone is in awe when Spencer announces he's Asa's son. Natalie stands up, tells him to go to hell, Clint says it's a lie and Bo wants proof! Spencer tells Bo, Clint and Kevin that Asa had an affair with his mother. Blair stands up, calls Spencer sick, another calls him a monster Bo suggests that Spencer take a DNA test, and Spencer says "Bring it on!" Michael screams that Spencer better get what's coming to him for killing his father. Bo warns Spencer that he's going to spend his life behind bars.

The judge comes back in, states that Spencer's parentage has no bearing on the case, that it will presume. The judge asks both parties to proceed with the case. As Nora states the evidence to the judge, she starts to stutter, feels shaky. The judge asks if she's okay, and Nora claims to be fine and manages to plead the state's case against Spencer. Spencer's attorney stands, moves to have the case dismissed on insufficient evidence. The judge makes his decision, says that Spencer will go to trial on all charges!

When Bo goes to leave, David stops him, says that since Spencer is a Buchanan, then so is he!

At Capricorn, Nash runs into Vincent, looking for Antonio. Vincent questions Nash about his dedication to the vineyard. Nash says he's having a few personal problems, but they won't affect him from making his payments.

Antonio goes home, tells Jessica that Nash is in a tailspin, that he needs to straighten up so he can put all his energy into Bree. Jessica is frustrated that she can't help Nash,

There's a knock at the door. It's Nash. He tells Antonio and Jessica that he's sober. He looks down on the baby as she naps, apologies to Jessica for kissing her, thanks Antonio for not locking him up, for putting his daughter first. Nash wants to do that, too, says although he misses Tess he needs to move on for Bree. He tells Jessica that in order to let go of Tess, he needs her to make sure that Bree knows that Tess wanted her, that she loved her baby. Jessica says that Nash is the only one who can do that for Bree. Nash announces that aside from coming to see Bree, he'll stay away. He tells them to be happy, then goes to leave. Antonio stops him, asks Nash to help them with the wedding!

Layla reads the card from Vincent, asking herself how he could do this to her.

Adriana questions Rex about his case for Cris. Rex says that right now, he's concentrating on a case for Todd. Adriana remarks that she's working on a case of her own. Rex warns her not to do anything extreme, then leaves.

Adriana finds Layla very upset. Layla tells Adriana that HER boyfriend is out to get dirt on hers. Adriana tries to make things clear, tells her that Cris could've been killed because of what Vincent did. Layla implies that she wants to give Vincent a second chance, that Adriana gave Rex a second chance. However, Adriana reminds her of the dangers that Vincent put Evangeline in. Layla agrees. Adriana leaves.

Sitting on a bench in Angel's Square, Vincent tells Shaun that he cannot have anyone connect him to what happen to Cris Vega. Shaun reassures Vincent, gives him a signal that he has it all covered.

Rex watches their exchange until his informant shows up. After Rex questions him about Margaret, asks him if he's ever done any work for Spencer Truman, the man says he remembers a baby. He tells Rex about seeing Spencer going into the warehouse with a woman, coming out later with a baby. Spencer goes into a parked car with the baby, but comes out alone, the man watches the car leave. Rex thanks him for the info, says he'll be in touch.

As Layla goes to throw the flowers outside, she finds Vincent at her door. He says there's no proof that he was involved in Cris's fight going bad. Layla asks Vincent to come clean with her, but he doesn't admit anything. She throws him out.

Marcie runs into Rex in the park, tells him about what happened at Spencer's hearing. Rex is blown away! Marcie gives Rex the news that she and Michael are now Tommy's parents. Rex leans down, tells Tommy he's a lucky kid, says he hopes he can get another little boy back to his parents soon.

Rex goes to Todd, tells him about the info he found out. Rex promises Todd that he'll find his kid. Todd says he needs to be saved, that he wants to be a good father to his son. Blair sits on the steps of the penthouse, overhears Todd.

After Rex leaves, Blair tells Todd that she could be a good mother to his son.

Clint and Vicki arrive at Capricorn...

Back at home, Dorian goes into the closet to get her coat, anticipating a private, romantic evening with Clint. Just then, Adriana locks her in the closet!

Next on One Life to Live: Kevin and Bo wonder if Spencer is telling the truth, Adriana is out for revenge, Antonio tells Nash to do it for Bree and Spencer says when he gets out of jail, Blair will see who she really loves

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