Téa Returns To Llanview!

Friday, December 5th, 2008

John gives Todd a little payback then Todd gets a visitor, Marty wants Todd to suffer, and Dorian gets involved in Vanessa and Lola's problems...

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Still at the diner, when Dorian butts her nose into John, Blair and Marty's business, John says, "Don't do this here." However, Dorian persists to want to know if he and Marty are starting over again! Marty snaps at 'Dr.' Dorian Lord, wanting to know where she gets off demanding answers from John then admits that she does feel safe being with John - but that she doesn't remember anything about her life, and only remembers Todd touching her and carrying her to bed! Marty promises Dorian, and everyone, that she won't rest until Todd has suffered! With a smile, Dorian says, "So, you have revenge in mind, and what part does John play in that?" In tears, Marty replies, "I'm not after anything! I just want to feel like a human being." Blair quickly tells John that she's sorry then pulls Dorian out the door! Marty tries to explain to John how she's feeling, and says that she can't just trust everyone else's version of her memories, then she asks to be left alone. John leaves…


Langston, Markko and Cole arrive home to the mansion to find Lola, who announces she's being sent back to Colombia! Everyone promises to do whatever they can to keep Lola in Llanview. Suddenly, when Blair and Dorian enter, ranting about Marty, Cole demands, "What did you do to my mom?" Though Dorian claims she did nothing, Blair informs Cole that Dorian was harassing Marty, leaving Cole to rush out after his mom - while Dorian screams at Blair for being unappreciative that she 'cleared the air' between her and John! Talk quickly changes to Lola and Vanessa's deportment, to which Dorian promises she'll be on their team! Dorian puts her lawyers on the case then the kids head out to share the news with Vanessa! Once alone, Blair comments on Dorian's generous heart then asks her to apologize to Marty! After Blair reminds Dorian of how her past interferences have backfired, Dorian vows that she'll never stop loving and protecting her - so Blair better just get used to it! When Dorian refuses to apologize to Marty, Blair stomps off!


Sitting in a booth, with her head bowed down, Marty feels a hand on hers, looks up and sees Todd - but it's really Cole! Finally realizing it's Cole, he wants to take her home - but Marty doesn't feel as though she has one. Though Cole wants to take her to all of the places she's lived in Llanview, Marty wants to see where she's buried!


Later, at the site of her grave, Marty finds the gift Cole left her - a metronome - then she thinks back about Todd telling her how she used to play the piano - but lies and says that John told her! Wanting to give her some time alone, Cole waits for Marty outside. With the metronome ticking, Marty reads the letter from Cole that she found with the gift. After she's done, Marty says, "Damn you, Todd. I promise you… What you did to me I'll do to you but worse!"


When Moe bursts into Foxy Roxy's and announces to Noelle that they aren't going back to Texas, because he's going to be Dorian Lord's personal chef, Noelle listens as Roxy talks Dorian up as a real social status queen! However, after Noelle hears about some of Dorian's past dealings, she can't believe Moe would give up the Bonjour for Dorian Lord! Moe voices his dreams of wanting to cook gourmet food and wanting to take care of her - and their future kids - but Noelle asks, "What I am supposed to do while you're cooking for Miss Dorian?" Moe confesses, "She likes pie too!" Moe paints a picture of them starting a franchise, Bonjour Enterprises, but says it'll take time - then suggests that Noelle go to work at the Llanview diner. Finally, Noelle agrees and says, "Looks like we're moving!"


At the police station, Nora asks for Todd to be brought in then is approached by Cris and Vanessa. While talking about Vanessa's deployment, Todd is brought in and Nora informs him that he belongs behind bars! Though Todd wants to know how Marty is, Nora refuses to give him any information then leads him away. With Vanessa and Cris left behind, Vanessa claims she'll do anything for the US government - as long as they allow Lola to stay.


Downstairs in the jail, Todd begs Nora to take care of Marty and claims Marty knows he never meant to hurt her - and says that she'll never testify against him. However, Nora thinks otherwise then leaves - and Todd repeats to himself, "Marty loves me." Todd then thinks back to how he and Marty fell in love.


Nora rejoins Cris and Vanessa and suggests they give the judge a compelling argument why Vanessa and Lola can't leave Llanview - then he might let them stay! Just then, John appears, and Nora instructs a cop not to share any information with him. John understands then talks about how Todd broke Marty down - and says he needs to be shown just how much! Though Nora doesn't think it's a good idea for John to confront Todd, she allows it!


Later, Lola, Langston and Markko find Cris and Vanessa at the diner and tell her the good news! However, Cris reminds them all that if they are going to stay in Llanview, Dorian's lawyers better come up with something quick - because Nora said they plan to move ahead with the case immediately!


When John approaches Todd in his cell, he says, "Marty's dead… she killed herself, Cole found her on the bathroom floor." John pulls out a letter - Marty's supposed last words to Todd - and reads how Todd took everything from her. Totally distraught, Todd cries, "I loved her John. I never wanted to hurt her." John drops the piece of paper, reading ''Now you know how I felt', and Todd screams, "What does that mean?" But John walks away, as Todd cries, "I need to know if she's dead!"


As Todd is lying on his bed, in the dark, suddenly he hears, "Well, Todd, a fine mess you've gotten yourself into this time." Todd slowly looks toward the doorway - and sees Téa Delgado!


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