He Will Pay...

Wednesday, October 18th, 2006

Bo, Clint and Kevin vow to make Spencer pay, Nora worries about her case, Marcie and Michael finally become Tommy's parents, Natalie visits the jail and Blair stakes her claim on the penthouse

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Jerry ver Dorn , Robert S. Woods and Dan Gauthier

Clint, Bo and Kevin practice their golf swing while they discuss Dorian. Clint asks Bo why he would want to date Dorian, says that she is persistent - like a dog with a bone, and Kevin agrees that short of the witness protection program there is nothing Clint can do to get rid of her! However, Clint thinks Dorian will gather some dignity and give it up!


Robin Strasser and Tuc Watkins

At Capricorn, Dorian and David talk about her trying to get back together with Clint. David tells her she should save her money, stock up on beer and beef jerky instead! David tells Dorian about helping Hugh sign the contract. Dorian tells him it'll never stand up in court. David asks if he should go tell the Buchanan's about Spencer, Dorian says no, that David needs to do exactly what she says.


Trevor St. John and Kassie DePaiva

At the penthouse, Todd asks Blair what she is planning. She tells him she just wants to provide warmth and security for the kids, and she's making an effort but Todd tells her he doesn't want her there. He tries to get her to move back to Dorian's, but she refuses and kisses him! He doesn't respond, tells her they're not together anymore. Blair tells Todd she doesn't want to fight with him, that she just wants to work things out. Todd refuses to forgive her, says that she is crazy not to respect him, says that she's as insane as Margaret. Blair says that Todd will change his tune, asks him to go to Spencer hearing with her. Todd agrees.


Kathy Brier and Nathaniel Marston

Michael tries to calm Marcie down, who is worried that the adoption won't go through. When the social worker takes them inside the courtroom, she hands Marcie and Michael a paper stating that Tommy's been adopted before, by his previous dead parents, but that it's not a problem. The judge grants Marcie and Michael as Tommy's new adoptive parents. Michael assures Marcie that even though they don't know who Tommy's real parents are, they have nothing to worry about. That Tommy is their baby now.


Melissa Archer and Paul Satterfield

Nat visits Spencer in jail and shows him a picture of John. Spencer makes a crack about being sorry that he couldn't make his funeral. She blasts him, telling him that John was about to ask her to marry him and shows a ring on her third finger. Spencer accuses Natalie of felling guilty, saying that it's Natalie's fault that John is dead. He taunts her, says that John was a cold-fish, that she had to work so hard to keep him. He says that John didn't really love her, that he was just settling for her. Spencer says he'll get out of jail! Natalie says that Spencer will never make her doubt John's feeling for her! Spencer makes a remark that his father will pay for what he's done Natalie says, "Your father is dead"

Evangeline arrives at Nora's office to find the woman exasperated. She doesn't think that she'll be able to get Spencer. She has no help with the case, because everything she needs was in Hugh's head. Evangeline tells her it's a waste of her energy to be worrying. Nora asks a surprised Evangeline to work with her and Evangeline tells Nora that she's interested in the case, that she'd love to help her. Evangeline gives Nora a pep talk, tells her she'll handle the case just fine. Nora leaves

The courtroom fills up with many awaiting Spencer's hearing. Natalie comes in and the reporters hound her. Clint comes to her rescue, brings Natalie to her seat. Natalie tells Clint that Spencer said something very strange about his father not being dead.

Dorian tells David to calm down, to stay cool, to stay silent, but David is furious at the things that Spencer has done.

Spencer is brought into the courtroom, makes a comment to Michael and Marcie that Tommy is a cute kid. Michael tells Marcie not to worry, says that Spencer will get what he deserves.

The judge comes in, asks for Spencer Truman to rise. However, Spencer just sits there. When told again to rise, he finally does, apologies that he didn't stand right away because his name isn't really Spencer Truman. Spencer turns to the crowd, says that everyone should know that his name is not Spencer Truman, that his biological father is Asa Buchanan! He looks to Bo, Clint and Kevin and says with a smirk, "I guess that makes me one of you Buchanan boys, doesn't it!"

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