Thanksgiving In Llanview!

Monday, December 1st, 2008

Llanview celebrates Thanksgiving, Sarah snaps at Vanessa, and Charlie surprises Viki...

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After Charlie brings Viki to Carlotta's new diner, she's in shock to see that it's a complete replica of the Bon Jour Café! "Did we just go back in time?" Viki asks, to which Charlie explains, "We're not in Texas, and this is not the Bonjour. This is the Buenos Dias, and I built it for you." With tears of happiness, Viki seats Charlie at the booth by the window, remembering the first time she saw him. Charlie hopes the new diner will give Viki some new hopes and dreams, and Viki agrees that it already has.


Suddenly, Gigi, Moe and Noelle enter the diner, and Viki runs into their arms, as Charlie whispers, "Happy Thanksgiving, Viki." Hearing that the surprise was all Charlie's doing, Viki rushes into his arms and says, "Thank you!" While Moe and Charlie talk in the kitchen, Viki agrees with Noelle - that a girl would be a fool to let Charlie go! Later, Charlie asks Viki if they can start over…


Over at LaBoulie, Dorian is ordering around a chef and giving Langston the rundown on truffles. When Lola appears to know about them as well, Dorian calls her father - and her - a con artist! Dorian apologizes to everyone then includes Lola in all the preparations. Once their dinner is ready, Jack notices that the turkey is missing, to which Dorian chats off her fancy dinner menu - minus the turkey and mash potatoes. Though they appreciate Dorian's gesture, Blair and Addie agree that Dorian is driving everyone crazy!


Just then, there's a knock on the door, to which Dorian rushes to get the fancy dessert she ordered. When she sees that it's her guardian angel, Mel, who suggests that she just order a pizza and enjoy her family, Dorian thanks her - but is shocked that Mel ate her chocolate covered strawberries! Once Mel leaves, Dorian goes back inside, apologizes to her family for being so over the top then suggests they head to Carlotta's diner for a traditional Thanksgiving meal.

Still at Cris's loft, Vanessa suggests that she and Lola leave, for fear of hurting Sarah any further.


Sarah arrives back to the apartment ranting and raving to herself about Cris and Vanessa then apologizes to Carlotta, Layla, Talia, and Antonio with a shy, "Happy Thanksgiving." In private, Sarah shares her worries with Talia and Antonio. When Cris calls, Talia quickly answers it, hands it to Sarah then the two apologize and agree to Thanksgiving dinner at the apartment - with Vanessa. After Sarah hangs up, Talia makes Sarah promise she'll stay quiet then confesses that Ray accused Vanessa of framing him - and may have shot him to shut him up!


Once Cris and Vanessa arrive, Sarah can't help but spurt out little jabs at Vanessa - and blurts out Ray's theory, the one she promised Talia she wouldn't breathe a word of! Talia and Antonio begin to argue about Talia telling Sarah police information, Cris apologizes to Vanessa for Sarah being drunk, Layla yells at Cris for being rude to Sarah then Carlotta loses it and demands that they all stop fighting on Thanksgiving! After everyone apologizes to each other, Carlotta announces that the new diner will have its grand opening tomorrow then suggests they all head over there now to remember the place that her husband built so many years ago.


When Matthew talks amongst everyone, at the Buchanan mansion, about some memories of Asa, Shane asks Rex, "Who's my grandpa?" Rex sarcastically leans toward Roxy and asks the same question! Roxy avoids the question and heads off to make a Thanksgiving concoction!


In the foyer, Nora briefly consoles Cole for his loss then stands back when Clint appears wanting to apologize to Cole. After Clint apologizes for putting Cole in the position he did, he claims that Asa would really like him - and would be happy that he and his mother are living in his house.


With everyone gathered in the living room, Nora assures Clint that their catered dinner is on its way then they listen as Bo gives his thanks to Rex, Matthew, Roxy, Cole and Shane. "I want to thank you for helping my friend, Balsom, for finding his way back." Just as Renee begins her thanks, Jared and Natalie appear in the doorway! While Jared apologizes and agrees to leave, with Natalie warning that if Jared goes she goes too, Nora answers the door - and Renee hugs Natalie and tells Jared, "You may not be a Buchanan, but you sure as hell behave like one."


Nora then returns to the living room, with the caterer, who was just in an accident - and is covered with their Thanksgiving diner!


At the Buenos Dias Café, Viki, Gigi, Charlie, Noelle and Moe prepare a Thanksgiving diner, as Marcie and Michael arrive, followed by the Buchanans, the Vegas and their crew, as well as Dorian's family. After Shane introduces his dad, Rex, to Moe and Noelle, Llanview celebrates Thanksgiving as one.


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