Why Do You Care?

Tuesday, October 17th, 2006

Nash asks Antonio why he's helping him, Cris and Evangeline get romantic in an elevator, Natalie gives Vincent some advice and Spencer admits he's Asa's son...

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Kamar de los Reyes and Forbes March

Nash asks Antonio why he's helping him, why he didn't arrest him. Antonio says he doesn't hate him, that Nash is Bree's father and she needs to know him. Antonio encourages Nash to clean up his act and be a father to Bree. Nash appreciates it, tells Antonio he's the only person in the world who knows how he feels where Tess is concerned.

Natalie visits Clint, tells him about becoming Tommy's Godmother. Clint comforts her, says that'll make Natalie a part of John's family forever.

David accuses Spencer of terrorizing the Buchanan's because he found out their mother had an affair with Asa. However, Spencer tells David that their mother told him that Asa was his father, that she begged Spencer, on her deathbed, to make all the Buchanan's pay. Spencer reveals his entire plan, says that if he wouldn't have fallen in love with Blair all the Buchanan's would be taken care of by now! David tells Spencer he has a plan to get to Asa's fortune, that all Spencer needs to do is sign over his power of attorney to David. Spencer yells for David to get out of his sight, that if he dies, his son Hugh will get everything. David leaves

Spencer vowes to make Asa and the rest of the Buchanan's pay


Sean Ringgold

Shaun goes to Layla, brings her flowers from Vincent.


Tika Sumpter

On their way to visit Layla, Cris stops the elevator, passionately kissing Evangeline. Evangeline and Cris try to comfort Layla, who in turn wonders if maybe Ted was lying. However, Cris assures her that Vincent was involved, says that he's going to get the proof he needs to get Vincent. Evangeline and Cris tell Layla that she'll find someone who deserves her, then they leave Layla alone


Michael "Mikey" Jerome and Tobias Truvillion

Ted pleads with Vincent to believe him, says that he didn't mean to rat him out. Vincent reminds Ted that he had nothing to do with Cris's fight having been fixed. Ted takes the hint, agrees, then leaves.

Vincent joins Shaun at a booth where he hears that Layla wasn't all too happy to get his gift.

Vincent goes to the docks, thinks back on being with Layla. He hears something, turns around and sees Natalie standing behind him. Natalie asks him what's wrong. Vincent doesn't want to bother Natalie, but she insists, says it'll make her forget her own problems for a while. Vincent tells Natalie about Layla. Natalie says that she, too, had a bad rap when coming to Llanview, that if it hadn't been for Cris, she wouldn't be the person she is today. Natalie expresses that if anyone ever hurt Cris, she'd make them pay. Natalie asks Vincent if he's talked to Layla. When he says that Layla won't even see him, Natalie reassures him that he has time to make things right.

Rex stops Ted, asks him if he'd like to help him bring down Vincent. Ted worries about his safety if he talks to Rex. Rex hands him a card and tells Ted to do the right thing for once!


Melissa Gallo

Dorian talks to a woman, says that she needs to make up with a Buchanan, that she needs her help in planning a grand gesture. Adriana waits till Dorian is done talking, then goes to her, acts civil toward her mother. When Dorian leaves, Adriana goes to talk to the woman who Dorian was talking to, asks her for an invitation to the party.

Adriana tells Rex of her plan to ruin Dorian's party for Clint. She also tells Rex to watch out for Vincent, to not cross him.

Dorian is at Asa's, almost gets caught when Clint hears a noise. David calls, tells her that Spencer admitted to being Asa's son. Dorian tells David that she wants no part in getting Spencer's money, that she wants Clint back too bad.

Clint finds an invitation that Dorian left for him.


Alexandra Neil

Paige is at Hugh's bedside when Bo arrives at the hospital. He takes Paige in his arms. Paige says that although Hugh's in a lot of pain, he's going to make it. Bo and Paige lean over Hugh's bed. Bo says hello, and the man under the bandages says, "Bo." Paige goes to get a doctor, and Bo sits by Hugh's bedside, tells him everything is going to be okay. The nurse comes in, gives Hugh a sedative. Bo convinces Paige to go with him to get dinner.


Robert S. Woods

After they leave, David comes in, holds out the documents to Hugh, tells him that if he signs the documents Spencer will pay for everything he's done. David holds Hugh's hand to the paper and helps him sign

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