People's true colors come out...

Thursday, August 10th, 2006

Adriana finally meets her stalker, Antonio and Claudia have a close call, Todd’s feelings for Evangeline are exposed, Starr shows signs of improvement.

People's true colors come out... image

Claudia tries making Antonio realize that the Tess part of Jessica is still in love with Nash. Jessie hurts Nash when telling him they are now calling the baby Bree, not Brennan.

John welcomes Bo back when he returns to the station, to his job as Commissioner.

It's a new day and Rex is still searching for Adriana. Adriana is with the mysterious man who gave her a ride... Bruce, Nash's lawyer! Could it be...

Todd and Blair argue about Spencer at Starr's bedside. Blair's jealousy shows when talk of Evangeline arises.

Dorian expresses to Clint that she's grateful to Rex for protecting Adriana. Adriana asks Bruce if she can use his phone to call home.

Jessica explains to Nash that they didn't change her name, just gave her a nickname.

Star talks, calling out to her mom and dad, then falls right back to sleep.

Bruce tells Adriana that she'll have to wait to use his cell phone until they're back on the road, until they can get a signal. Clueless, Adriana lets Bruce in, tells him her story of the stalker.

While the doctor examines Starr, Blair leaves after seeing the picture of Spencer in her purse. Bo fills John in about Rex and Adrianna. Rex chases the homeless man, wanting to talk. Adrianna tells Bruce that she thinks Rex set up the whole stalker scene. Bruce says she's better off without him.

Nash and Jessica share a conversation about how Tess would be handling Jessica calling the baby Bree. Nash tries probing more of Tess's memories to come back to Jessica.

A man pulls a gun out on Antonio and Claudia at Capricorn. Rex calls Dorian, tells her Adriana is missing. Adriana thinks she knows why Rex did what he did, but she has no idea how much danger she's really in being with Bruce.

Blair tells John she left him the picture of Spencer at the main desk at the station. She then goes to visit Evangeline in her hospital room. Blair asks Evangeline if she thinks Todd's having real feelings for her.

Antonio distracts the burglar, then knocks him out.

Evangeline assures Blair that Todd knows she loves Christian, that they're just friends, but Blair's not convinced. When Blair leaves, Evangeline wonders if what Blair said has some truth to it.

Rex finally stops the homeless man, demanding to know when he last saw Adriana.

Todd goes to Evangeline. She tells Todd what Blair said, asks him if it's true. He doesn't admit it, but it seems he has more than admiration for her.

Dorian expresses to Clint that she is sadden by all the turmoil her girls have been going through as she worries about Adriana.

Starr wakes up to see Blair, asks for Todd.

The homeless man tells Rex that Adriana left the island by boat, that she wanted to get away from Rex. Bruce hands Adriana a bottle of water, a bottle of drugged water! Bruce tells a drugged Adriana that Rex didn't make up the stalker, that it was him, Bruce! Adriana passes out.

John has the photo of Spencer holding the gun in question tested, hoping it'll help them prove that Spencer shot his father.

One the next One Life to Live: Bo and John are close to getting g everything they need to nab Spencer. Jessica's integration is almost complete, Starr thinks her parents are still together, still in love.

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