The Neverending Search…

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

Oliver helps John with his case, Viki catches Todd lying, and Langston comforts Starr...

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Oliver shows up at John's to show him that he got his laptop back from the major's office. John's excited until he hears that Oliver's hard drive has been ripped out and rants that the woman he's looking for is no longer a mystery - but one with a face and a name! Oliver wants to know 'who', but John says he needs to get more proof - a witness who saw 'this person' in Todd's house - before getting anyone's hopes up. Though John refuses to give the woman's name, he does discuss the case with Oliver - and the hopes of finding Todd's old bodyguard. "I had a relationship with her," John admits and says he knows she would never allow her son to think that she was dead. After swearing Oliver to secrecy, John begins laying the case on the line - minus Marty's identity!


When Viki shows up at Todd's door, she asks after Jessica then accuses Todd of lying when he says, "No, I haven't seen or heard from her." Viki talks of John's suspicions, asks why John would want to get a search warrant for Todd's house then wonders why Jessica was trying to fool the police for Todd's sake. "Jessica wouldn't do that," Viki says. "But Tess would - in a heartbeat!" When Todd asks if Viki is suggesting that he knew Tess was back, Viki asks, "Well, did you?" Viki begs for Todd to tell him everything he knows, talks about Jared and Natalie being missing, then spots one of Bree's toys! Though Todd claims that Jessica left it there weeks ago, Viki snaps, "I gave this to Bree two days ago! This means Jessica was here!" Todd has no choice but to admit that Jessica spent the night with Bree, to get some space from Llanfair, but claims that she left that morning, appearing to be Jessica - not Tess.


Upstairs in the bedroom with Bree, who's sleeping, Janet listens to John's message then is joined by Marty, who asks if she's all right. After Janet assures Marty that she's fine, Marty looks at Bree and confesses that she's had images of a little boy. Janet pushes Marty into thinking that maybe her visions are an important part of her past, but Marty is afraid to remember and wants nothing more than to be with Todd and the new baby. Marty talks about how unhappy Todd told her she was, and how John McBain tried to hurt her, then assures Janet that she's very happy now. Changing the subject to Janet, Marty asks about her past, to which Janet admits she had to leave her daughter behind. "I couldn't be the mother she deserved," Janet says then claims that Marty may be luckier than she is - with no baggage or ghosts from the past haunting her. Janet hopes that one day Todd will tell her about her past - the good and the bad! Later, alone, Janet erases John's message, knowing that Marty is truly happy, then states to herself, "And cops lie…"


As Marty tries to calm a crying Bree upstairs, Viki hears Bree's cries through the monitor downstairs while alone, waiting for a glass of water from Todd! "Bree?" Viki says. "Where are you?" When Todd returns with a glass of water, he hears Bree through the monitor and rushes upstairs after Viki - who is now standing outside of the bedroom door!


Nora stops by Cole's room and finds him working on a college essay - about the most important person in his life, to which Cole admits he's thinking about the baby. While looking at a photo of Marty, Cole says part of the reason why he didn't want to let go of the baby was because he was trying to hold on to his mom. With Nora now holding Marty's picture, the two reminisce about Marty. Cole claims that Marty's memory, and feeling as though she's there with him now, is all that's helping him through his troubles with Starr. Now realizing what to write his college essay on, Cole starts with, "Letter to my Mom."


Langston visits Starr in her room and the two hug after Langston explains that she won't be leaving. However, after Langston sees a bag packed on Starr's bed, she worries where Starr is going, to which Starr explains that she's simply packing her bag for the hospital. After talk of Langston's ordeal, Langston looks through a book and rants off a checklist of things for Starr to bring to the hospital - and things for the baby upon its arrival home. Langston quickly stops and the two talk about everything from the delivery to Starr's relationship with Todd, to which Starr promises, "There's another side to him. I just wish there was someone out there who would help him be the man he's capable of being."


With Tess on the other side of the secret room, taunting Jared and Natalie - and their attempt to escape, she doesn't show them the dynamite in her bag but rather gives them some lunch. After Tess takes a bite first, to show them that the fancy food is all right to eat, she announces that it'll be their last super! As Natalie lashes out at Tess, about Nash, Jessica and about 'her' being a murderer, Tess screams, but Jared takes his shot at trying to convince Tess that he didn't mean to kill Nash!


As the screaming match continues, Tess asks, "Are you done blasting me?" then goes to her bag and continues, "Because now it's time for me to do the blasting!"


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John finds more proof that Marty may be alive!

Viki refuses to leave Todd's until Tess returns!

Tess has a new deadly plan for Jared and Natalie!

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