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Monday, October 16th, 2006

Asa goes to see Spencer, Evangeline learns that Cris didn't start the fight, David and Dorian plot against his brother and Jessica worries about Nash

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Phil Carey

Spencer asks Asa what he's doing there. Asa demands to know why Spencer planted the picture at his lodge, asks him what he thought he'd gain by doing so. Nigel tries to get Asa to leave, but he wants answers from Spencer. Although Spencer doesn't admit to anything, he asks if Asa claimed to love his mother, then why did he walk away and leave her with nothing! Asa asks if his mother told him how much he loved her. Spencer says it was the opposite, says she died an angry, bitter woman because of Asa. Nigel backs out Asa's wheelchair. Asa leaves him with a few last words, warns him that if he tries to come after him and his family, that he'll kill Spencer!

David and Dorian talk about Asa being Spencer's father. David assumes that Spencer will want his share of the Buchanan fortune. David wants Dorian to help him come up with a plan to finagle some of Spencer's Buchanan fortune for himself. Dorian agrees, after David says he'll give her a cut.

Vicki asks Clint if he's talked to Dorian. When he says no, Vicki breaks the news to Clint that David's moved back in with Dorian, that he was walking around her house in his underwear. Although Clint tries to act as though it doesn't bother him, Vicki sees differently, says she hopes he's over Dorian. Vicki leaves

Clint goes to see Dorian, asks her if it's true that David is living there. Suddenly, something catches Clint's eye. It's David's book, the one with the sketch of the Buchanan family tree. Dorian rips it out of his hands, makes up a story about putting together some connections for a friend who's in need of a job. Clint comments how crazy it is that Dorian has taken David back in her home, in her bed, says that David is merely using her. Dorian accuses Clint of being jealous. Clint says he doesn't care, then leaves

Evangeline walks into Rodies, sees Cris and Nash fighting. She tells Cris that she came to make up with him, not to witness him fighting again. Cris explains that he didn't start the fight. Claudia verifies Cris's story, saying that Nash started the fight. Claudia convinces Evangeline that she over-reacted, that Cris was only defending himself. Antonio wants to let it all go, says that he knows that Nash had a pretty good reason for acting the way he did. Antonio explains that Nash is upset about Tess, about Antonio not letting him see Bree because of his drinking. Antonio feels sorry for Nash, wants to help him. Antonio takes Nash out of Rodies

Evangeline goes to Cris, says she's sorry for jumping to conclusions. Cris says he would never hurt her, that he loves her too much. They kiss and make up.

Antonio brings Nash home, sticks him in the shower and turns the water on cold.

Starr runs into Cole in Angel's Square. She gives Cole his clothes back, thanks him again for helping her. They share some small-talk, then part their separate ways.

Jessica comes up to Starr, comments that the boy she was talking to was cute. Starr says she doesn't really know him, but he did do something nice for her. Starr changes the subject, asks about Natalie. Jessica says that she's a mess, but that Natalie will get through this.

Vicki shows up, kisses Jessica, Starr and googles over Bree. Starr leaves, goes back to school.

Vicki wants to plan Jessica's wedding, but Jessica expresses that she feels bad about planning a wedding so soon after John's death. Vicki assures Jessie that the best thing to do is marry Antonio. Jessie hugs her, saying she's right. Vicki asks Jessica where Nash will fit in her life, asks if he'll be able to survive Jessica and Antonio, the fact that Tess is never coming back. Jessica says it'll all work out, that she wants to marry Antonio.

Todd tells Blair that the kids can stay but she can't. Blair starts to unpack, but Todd throws all her clothes back in the suitcase and throws it into the hallway. Blair says she's still not leaving. When she goes into the hallway to get her luggage, Todd slams the door and locks Blair out!

Starr and Jack arrive at Todd's, joining Blair in the hallway. He opens the door, tells the kids that they are moving back in but Blair isn't. Jack refuses to stay unless Blair does, too. Todd tells Jack that he'll be there for him, but Jack wants Blair. Todd agrees that for the time being, Blair can stay.

David goes to Spencer, asks him to sign some documents giving David power of attorney over Spencer's will! Spencer claims his innocence, says he'll be out of jail soon. David says that Spencer owes him. Spencer says he'll sign the papers if David tells him what's behind them David tells Spencer he knows he's Asa's son!

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